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  1. Being new to kdrama last quarter of 2018, it was kind of a shock for me to discover how delusional and obsessive fans can be esp. shippers. Seems to me that among global actors, Korean actors and actress suffer a lot from controlling fans.
  2. I am a silent lurker here in Soompi since Sept. 2018 and this is my first time to post. I enjoyed and loved HPL and now, I am a follower of JKW in addition to PMY. I can go and on about what I like about the whole series, the characters and the actors but the raves and sentiments you've shared already represent how I feel about everything. Since HPL has ended and yes, i am in withdrawal too, I wanted to express how much fun I had reading your creative posts, replies and comments. There were plenty of times when I would literally laugh out loud because of your witty remarks and I also had my brains exercised reading your several plot analyses. I always went to this forum after every HPL episode and now that it has ended, I still check everyday for updates because I enjoy the atmosphere here. So, here's hoping the DVD/blue ray pushes through and we still have plenty of topics to discuss. 'Hoping for the best for our Labit couple in their next projects as individual or as a couple/team. Keep on posting
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