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  1. Hi dillycat, would you mind sending me a copy of the epilogue too? I've been searching all over for it without any luck. How do I send you a direct message with my email? I very much appreciate it.
  2. Hi, I finished reading the Amazon version. Can you send me the epilogue? Much appreciated! I finished reading the Amazon version of To the Sky Kingdom. Can someone send me the epilogue? Much appreciated! Also, does anyone know if Love and Destiny, a spinoff, has anything in content to do with Mo Yuan or other characters from Ten Miles Peach Blossom?
  3. Hi, I just finished the drama and bought the book. Would you kindly send me Ye Hua's epilogue and the english translation of the Pillow Book? Thanks!
  4. I like it alot! I might suggest for the Royal Prince of Jinshi should be named "HeLian Yi" (Yi= 义, which means righteousness) as a tribute to both fathers. Their meeting in Tiansheng would have been on the outside productive for increasing trade between Tiansheng and Jinshi. But in fact it kindles their feelings for each other. After this initial meeting, they decide on a mutual location for secret meetings somewhere in the middle of nowhere--maybe on a ship that connects Tiansheng to Minhai. In the desertedness of the ship, NY and FZW and their son is able to get some privacy and time together. WIth both FZW and NY in powerful positions, perhaps would be fun working together to defeat DaYue or some other neighboring bad guys, which requires a large amount of scheming, politics, and interactions. Any ideas? One thing I would've wanted to see in TROP is some more interaction between FZW and Gu Yan, as Gu Yan is probably the closest living family to her (eventhough Gu Heng wasn't biologically her dad). Perhaps in season 2 Gu Yan has more interactions with her. Maybe he gets sent to Jinshi for various trade negotiations, and through it FZW learns more about Gu Heng. She also gets some solace from Gu Yan since he too had to give up Da Cheng aspirations.
  5. Skibbies, thanks for these videos. I wouldn't have been able to find these on bilibili. I really liked the Happy ending one!
  6. How fun to dream about a possible S2! I like the idea of developing the story of Emperor Ai and FZW's birth mother. I also really like the idea of her becoming pregnant! My take on S2 would be something like this: - Cliff Scene and Wanderers: GNY saves her at the cliff scene. They spend the next 5 years with new identities, traveling around the country and exploring. She raises the baby (it's a boy!) with GNY's help. At one point they stayed at Minhai with the remaining DaCheng subjects for some time, and there she learned more about Ai Emperor and her birth mom. Ai Emperor was a corrupt emperor and her mom was the daughter of an official. She doesn't feel as bad anymore about DaCheng being overthrown. With Yan Huai Shi's help, the DaCheng subjects live a decent life, so no one wants a rebirth of Da Cheng. -Ruling the Nation: Meanwhile, NY continues being Emperor. For the next 5 years, he focuses on uniting TianSheng with Jinshi (after HLZ's death). Also, the DaYue crown prince was really happy about Prince An's death and they continue to increase their trade between the two countries. Secretly, NY is also scheming to take over DaYue. In those 5 years, NY was "forced" to marry a few consort (including Yao Yangci) and have a few sons/daughters, but didn't have an empress. -Family Life: 5 years into NY's reign, his emperor dad finally dies. Unbeknownst to NY, the ShuangSheng Gu didn't completely become undone before by GuGu, so NY is in grave condition too. The country goes into 28d mourning for his improved health. During this time, FZW travels to DaYue to see Jiarong to understand what might have happened. It turns out one of the key ingredients to break the spell was missing. So FZW, GNY, and Jiarong travel back to to Tiansheng to bring the missing ingredient and fully break the spell. -Reunited: When FZW returned, NY asked her to stay with him and help run the country in disguise, even if she couldn't officially be his Empress. She says she can't do that, but they can be together if he leaves his Emperor position. When she introduces him to their son, he breaks down crying and decides that he will abdicate the throne to NJ. Officially, the people think NY dies, but really he runs off with FZW and their son for a few years. -Jinshi Revolt: They live as wanderers peacefully for a number of years until Jinshi plots a revolt against NJ. By this time HeLian Tu (who was was exiled from Jinshi along with the Queen Dowager) is 18 and wants to take back Jinshi. FZW feels responsible for the death of HLZ and goes back with NY to secretly talk with NJ. By this time, NJ is older and was misguided by his advisors, and no longer cares about the opinions of FZW/NY. NY's own sons (now teenagers) start fighting each other for the throne as well. -NY Reinstated: NY feels compelled to go back to ruling the nation to "remove all evil" like NJ, and to rehabilitate his sons to the good side. FZW (remembering her oath) remains a common person and continues to raise her son like a commoner. Her son resents FZW because he wants to be a prince too, and she's conflicted of whether to allow him to live in the palace with his dad. NY tries to negotiate with HeLianTu to end the revolt, but instead HeLianTu and his troops plan an attack on NY. FZW comes out of hiding to appeal to the former Queen Dowager, with which she previously had established a close relationship. Together, they all agree to a compromise in which part of Jinshi is returned to HeLianTu. Would love to get more suggestions or subplot ideas!
  7. I sympathize with you. I felt the same way too. You can read bits of the novel ending translated in English from ninjareflection.com . The YouTube behind the scenes also helped. After rewatching it a few times, it starts getting less painful. I recently was finally able to move on to some of Ninis other movies, although none were as good.
  8. Welcome Diaroadic! I'm glad you found this forum! Actually, a fan on TROP twitter page posted a translation of an interview of the writer of the drama recently, as it was the one year anniversary since the filming completed last Dec. When asked whether FZW really died in the end, she hinted that they intentionally didn't film her dying was to let viewers have hope that she might not have died. While this is comforting to hear from the writer, I don't think Season 2 will happen (unless somehow Neflix decides to commission the movie as a Netflix production). In the novel, Nanyi is indeed Chief Gu's son. In the drama it doesn't seem like they're related, as Chief Gu had acknowledged that his entire family died at the hands of Crown Prince. You can read ninjareflection.com's novel translations to get some bits of the novel. There are many things in the novel that's different from the drama. Honestly, the whole harem scene was just terribly edited. Some people felt that scene was "forced" and there was very little chemistry left between them. In terms of what happened that night we don't know. I'm glad you interpreted that they rekindled their love for each other. The novel ended is a happy one--you can read it from ninjareflection.
  9. I totally empathize. It feels like me too. This was the first historical drama I've watched in over 15years, which by chance I happen to check out on Netflix during a period of frequent air travel. And now I'm obsessively checking out the twitter feed and the weekly novel translations from ninjareflection.com, and braving the manga translation when I have enough time to waste. I'm still rewatching my favorite parts over and over again. It feels like I can't move on to another show! I don't think I can't get into any more emotionally investing movies for a while. Maybe I should go back to watching Friends reruns for an emotional safehaven for a while. One thing this movie did get me back into are OLD SONGS, both English and Chinese ones. Around the time of the drama's ending, I found myself really connecting with this old song by Richard Marx, Hold On To the Night. It reminds me how their affections of love love were mostly evident in the dark (ie, explosives scene, cave scene, water scene). This song is like the battlecry for their love to endure despite an unlikely fate. The other song I've been re-listening to is from Faye Wong, "Wo Yuan Yi" (I'm Willing For you). The English lyrics are so beautiful and capture the spirit of loving someone utterly and unconditionally. This nicely depicts how NY and FZW feel for each other. The English lyrics can be found in the you tube video and at https://lyricstranslate.com/en/wo-yuanyi-wei-ni-我愿意为你-im-willing-you.html.
  10. That could be true, but it seems kinda strange that even among the Princes only Nng Qi was married. Since NY was probably 26y, then the Crown Prince being the oldest was probably no more than 10y older. I'm guessing he was probably between 30-36y in age, but wasn't married yet. Why weren't the older princes married yet? Meanwhile the first thing the Emperor did after NY got out of the temple was to have him marry Qiu Yu Luo. I was also trying to pinpoint at what point did NY and FZW realize they loved each other? Of course Minhai was when they consciously admitted it . But subconconsciously they probably knew earlier on. For NY, I feel the subconscious realization probably took place sometime after the killing of Crown Prince but before the pseudo kissing scene after the failed explosion attack. It would have been really out-of-character for him to do that if he didn't have romantic interest in her by that point. For FZW, I find it harder to tell. I can't really tell if she fell in love with him before Minhai or not. During the Crown Prince killing incident, it seems she really cared for NY--otherwise she wouldn't have run to the scene of the shooting while Huai Shi and Gu Nanyi advised her to stay away. But probably she didn't love him at that point yet. At the prison cell before her sentencing when NY presented 2 options, she'd rather die than to entangle NY into the mess as way to repay him. So I feel her earliest subconscious expression of love for NY was probably during the excursion to town right before Minhai when she bought him that statue gift. By the time they were on the boat heading to Minhai, when she referred to the fog blocking her ability to see clearly, I think she was already realizing that she loved him. But at that time she was confused about her emotions towards him.
  11. I'm still in denial that NY will need to propagate with someone else.... Actually, doesn't Sec Yao look like he's almost 60? Assuming his daughter is in her 20s, doesn't it mean he had her at a very old age? In fact, the Emperor seems pretty old too, compared to the age of the Princes. Is it that common back then for men to marry young but bear kids much later in life? Even for Dahua who seems to have been married to XZY for a long time, she was barren until the miscarriage. Or was it that it was actually biologically difficult to bear children back then (ie because of plagues or disease?
  12. I really like the scene when Zhao Geishi expressed to the Emperor his feelings of sympathy and sadness for NY's life as a commoner after experiencing life as a royal. He summed it up pretty nicely by chronologically stating his solitary life in the temple, then being shunned by his siblings, then having the love of his life shipped to Jinshi,turning into a commoner, and then to have his mother killed. I was totally feeling like, yeah that's why turned out the way he did! Thanks everyone for helpine me understand the 'remnant' concept. I totally get it now. By the way, does anyone know if the manga (https://ac.qq.com/ComicView/index/id/636445/cid/16) is actually based on the novel or not? It's alot less daunting to read the manga, than trying to understand the electronic version of the book using translation (http://big5.quanben.io/n/huangquan/list.html). Is this electronic version an abridged version of the actual novel?
  13. @Pollen AinneI completely agree that they really fell in love only after their own transformations. However, it seemed pretty clear they were attracted to each other from the very beginning. I think it was the early realization that "this person is so different from anyone I've met." That's why FZW carried the clothes that NY gave her when she was running away from Qiu residence for her life. It's also the reason for why he couldn't stay back when the masked men went to save her from Chang Hai's soldiers. I still find it so funny that NY was so frank in responding to FZWs question of why he saved her in the first place by saying it's because he likes girls like her. And for a split second she debates whether any of it could be the honest truth. @niniandkun I'm still pretty confused about the history of the Da Cheng "remnants." I had assumed a remnant referred to the children of Gu Heng. Did Gu Heng have multiple consorts, and was Mama Qiu one of them? Since she gave birth to twins, shouldn't the twin kids be real remnants too? If Mama Qiu isn't FZWs birth mother, who is then? And presumably the Fourth Prince was also a child of Gu Heng from another consort? And is Yueling also a child of Gu Heng too, or a more distant relative? The Da Cheng story line was so disorganized compared to the beginning of the series. I find it hard to believe that, with all the Da Cheng subjects around, that Yueling (assuming she was a princess) had no protection from people like ZC and had to be sold to a brothel. Even ZC seemed to have made a decent humble living being a teacher.
  14. Hi Everyone, I joined just to be able to follow this forum! Like all of you, I'm also a HUGE fan of TROP! I've probably rewatched the series at least several times! I know there are big differences between the drama and novel, but can some of you help me understand how you figured out whether FZW is really the remnant or not? I was confused with the flashback that showed Gu Hen with 2 infant boys and presumably a girl wrapped in the yellow blanket. I thought Mama Gu gave birth to twin boys. So does this mean that either Mama Gu isn't really her birth mom or that she's not the real remnant? I also heard that Feng Hao isn't really her brother. Can someone help me with this confusion? And also to clarify the differences in her identity in the drama vs novel? Thanks so much!
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