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  1. Same. Really adore DM optimistic nature. Not fond of pessimistic characters so I love that DM is bright/outspoken and has alot of personality. I find her enthusiasm endearing, although like you said, I hope the drama explores the upside/downside to fandom/fan obsession and the psyche behind it. The first drama of PMY I watched was WWWSK. Was never a fan/care much for her acting/filmography. She really won me over in WWWSK. I like/enjoy her character in HPL much more because she's imperfect and relatable(in terms of fangirlism /passionate hobbies) and has alot more agency as an individual who does things for herself. PMY really carries the show here. I'm really happy KJW finally have his first lead role and hes quite fun here too. Not overly cartoonish/brash and loud for a male lead.There's a balance to RG's characterzation which is nice, since most male lead in romcoms tends to be frustratingly annoying/offputting to me.
  2. Agree, I really hope the drama explores and put emphasis on her passion + ability as a curator. She did graduate from art university. Although her fangirl life is quite enjoyable and fun to watch, I would love to see more sequences w/ her diligence+ capability more in the art process/curator/exhibition aspect in the show. The other thing to note is how she wanted the art piece by Lee Sol not because of it's own values/merits but because of SA. So I do hope the writing delves into her art passion. I think she can learn from RG as well. DM can definitely help him w/his internal conflicts. He seem really at ease when she stay by his side in the hospital room. RG realizing/finding out DM fangirl life is going to be so outrageously funny. I love the part when she was repenting imaginatively in her head when she had to lie about hating idol boys.
  3. In episode 2. He refers to DM's mother as 'your' mother when they had a conversation in the cafe with SJ. It mentioned that he is DM childhood friend. They both grew up together and he lives her parents up to now.
  4. She does have relationships/engages well with people, like w/her two friends SJ and EG, her coworkers, meeting clients, w/her former idiotic/incompetent boss and the old painter whom she worked with and even somewhat w/ RG. I never really saw her fan obsession w/SA clashing with her ability/efficiency in her work life or engaging with people. Maybe her personal life like dating (although she doesnt really need a dating life since she's pretty independent) but the show hasnt touch upon that yet. She still manages quite well with her busy work life/curating exhibits & auctions/has a passion for the arts/doing things for herself while finding time to go to fan-events/fangirling around only when she can. Although her fan obsession with SA is questionable like taking HD shots of him like how fansites usually do with idols or reenacting SA moments in that hotel room, she hasnt reached to extremities. With only 2 episodes out, I'm curious to see how everything unfolds. I honestly dont think she's obsess with SA in a romantic way, more like a fanatic noona fan who's a very devoted and passionate fan.
  5. Just watched the first 2 ep. on Viki. Surprisingly, it's fun. I dont watch too much romcom since they tend to be run of the mill and redundant but I like what I've seen so far. I did try watching WWWSK with PMY and PSJ but I wasn't a fan of it. I like SDM. She's far from perfect, which I like. She's an idealist and outspoken/a bit brash in comparison to her character in WWWSK who's more rational/realist in demeanor. She's independent and enjoys/does what she wants who sometimes acts/thinks on impulse/on her heart/desire. Her daydreamings and illusive thoughts cracks me up. Her being a SA fanatic is hilarious and questionable, same w/her friend. I do hope the drama explores the unhealthy fan obsession with celebrities and how that can be detrimental to one's life. I also like that she has friends/others she interacts with. It makes her character feel more well rounded. Her parents are kind of quirky? Although they both read like every other parents. I hope they show her parents more in future episodes. Discussing their obsession/hobbies like rock collecting and knitting is cute/nice touch in characterization. I thought Eungi was her brother? But hes actually a childhood friend who lives w/her parents? As for RG, I like him too. He's quite stoic but not too stern. There's a bit of softness to him but also has a somewhat protective nature, like a wall built around him. He has some internal conflicts that needs to be resolved. KJW is so handsome here. I'm happy he finally has a lead role. The styling here really suits his character. He's levelheaded and more of a realist, in comparison to SDM. He's adopted so I hope they explore that part of his character and his relationship to other people. The overall directing + pacing is fine. There was an odd editing/cut for ep 2. There isnt much of memorable music composition(bgm) besides the cutesy ost, although the humor and comedic sequences really sells the show(engaging acting + funny sound effects) which is more tone down here than WWWSK. I like RG and SDM interactions so far. Both KJW and PMY are great here. The drama definitely takes it's time telling its story.
  6. Agree. If you've ever seen dramas like Mr. Sunshine, its filled with slo mo effects and dramatized music. These are fine in melodramas or panoramic/scenic views but for an action/thriller w/ close up shots, these kinds of sequence cause scenes that's suppose to have high octane energy to lose impact/tension.
  7. My Beautiful Bride has great flashback sequences accompanied with solid music composition. OCN's other shows like Life in Mars, the director does a superb job/keen eyes for flashback/dream-like sequences that serves as a metaphorical symbolism for the lead character's state of mind. The directing for Kill It is fair but for an action/thriller, it doesn't have the grit/intensity of BadGuys 1&2/MBB in terms of fight choreography/cinematography. But then again, there's only 2 episodes out. It seems the director is from the same department that directed 100 days My Prince? Things I've noticed about SH as an assassin so far is that he appears/cuts into places too seamlessly. The process of him conducting himself for a task/hit(ex:getting ready, retrieving weapons/tools, infiltrating whereabouts, investigating, analyzing) needs a bit more depth/detail. He lacks a sense of flair. The same thing can be said about the detective/ procedural part for Hyun Jin's character.
  8. There's definitely romance here and there in some OCN dramas. The thing is Soohyun is a assassin/killer. I prefer Soohyun and Hyun Jin as platonic pair who confides in/help one another.
  9. I dont think there will be any romance. More like a close platonic relationship that's built on trust/friendship/angst? Although I could be wrong. Most OCN dramas with this genre usually never allude to any romance between leads. By the way, the actress is Nana. She's from an idol group Afterschool who venture into acting a few years ago. Yes, she's indeed really beautiful.
  10. Just finished ep 2. The dialogue here fairs much better, although majority of the things happening feels like heavy exposition. Not much action/movement sequence happening with the characters. The physical fight sequence is decent but with really odd camera angles/editing. Falls short on impact. The episode here did a better job fleshing out Hyun Jin. I was worried there wasn't going to be any prominent female character interaction so it's nice to see scenes between Seul Gi and Hyun Jin talking/bantering especially since Hyun Jin can relate to Seul Ki on a personal level. From what I can conclude, Hyun Jin was an orphan adopted by her current parents to live a false life? She's loosely tied to Soohyun somehow as a child before. The unknown client lady is her father's assistance. Is it weird that Hyun Jin hasnt realized that Seul Gi is the little girl connected to Hyuk's death, unless her name was changed/adopted by the deceased grandpa after that incident? HJ did a background check and nothing about that came up. SH/HJ's quiet interactions/small talks is nice. I dont think they properly introduced themselves to eachother? Nana and KY are doing a fair job. The chemistry is there but the writing just needs a bit of spark/depth in characterization/interaction. The odd cuts for this episode really stunts the flow along with pacing issues. The detective/procedural aspect of the drama is not engaging as other OCN's shows. Its probably the drier/weaker part of the show. The villian/Kamirov is really uninteresting /bland. With two episode so far, the show still lacks tension/energy. The atmosphere/tone isnt quite there for a drama that position itself as a action/thriller.
  11. Anticipated for this OCN drama since last month. My overall impression of the first episode is it is somewhat underwhelming. In terms of characterization, writing, music, acting, and overall directing of the first episode, it doesnt have quite the finesse as OCN's slicker shows like Bad Guys or even My Beautiful Bride. Although MBB suffers from it's prolongue/dragged out 16ep length, hopefully OCN returns with more shorter length dramas with 12ep like Killit. The writing/characterization isnt as polished/tight. Pavel and Soohyun's relationship/interaction isnt established with enough depth, so Pavel's death doesnt really hit any emotional core. Soohyun's characterization follows a typical trope of stoic mannerism partially due to his upbringing/hitman occupation. I really like the idea of an assassin living a dual life but the writing/execution here is not exciting as it can be to allow Soohyun be more interesting, like fluctuating personalities to embody that dual life persona. The story arc that's set up for his character is somewhat dull, with the memory wiped/kill target for unknown lady client without question? The execution of the first onscreen kill was uninspiring. Unnecessary rope drag when all he had to do was kick the target from the behind.Taking hints of Hollywood's usual fashion, the explosions and guns/snipers feels a bit gimmicky in the first half. The action sequence isnt too bad. There's some fast paced shots that's really good, although there is some odd editing. Hyun Jin seems to be the counterpart/opponent to Soohyun. She's the level headed and intuitive detective. Seul Ki is definitely a key aspect of the story. The Red Mafia is bland/cartoony, mostly because the actors for the villains is offputting. The cast's acting as a whole is alright. Nothing too notable. Cant recall any memorable music composition in the background. The pacing is rather decent, not enough energy. Things happen too seamlessly. There's alot of mystery to the story.
  12. I'm so excited to see her as Su Tang in the drama. These are really lovely shots of her.
  13. Alright. Thanks. I'm definitely okay with both CFY & DE's character being platonically tied to each other. I think it will allow for both of them to develop if the writer handles them well. I also think because of the age difference, the director does not want any romance between CFY & DE 's character.
  14. DE has a natural aura that's appealing. I'm not familiar w/ the book but what's her relationship w/CFY in story? From the bts, I saw him piggyback her. I think CFY's character was chained. Are they former slaves? DE is so tiny. It's funny that she had to stand on blocks. I think there was a bts/scene where she & CFY had to fight and she stood on a block so they could film her to be taller. She made this cute fierce stance like she's ready to kick butts. It was adorable.
  15. I hope they both interact w/eachother & become friends/aquintances. What's CX role? She doesnt seem to wear a uniform similar to the others? DE and CFY wore a similar outfit. Must be a school attire?
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