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  1. I’ve seen him in Sweet Home, Navirella, and snippets in Love Alarm. My overall consensus about him is that he’s an okay actor. He is great in the emotional aspect like crying but his line delivery is rather stiff. He’s isn’t quippy in terms of his face/eye acting either lol.
  2. The unwanted advances & touching makes me want to (ง'̀-'́)ง PJE. He needs his patootie handed to him lol. Like a fish on a cold platter. The men Na Bi attracts so far are repulsive. All she needs is her gal pals lol.
  3. I hope the cast & crew are doing fine. Pretty excited for this one. The set location are really nice. Wow, I hope we get to see all these places in the drama! Choi Daniel looks dashingly handsome as always. I like that there isn’t an onset photo of KHG. I assuming they are keeping her appearance a surprise for the drama premiere.
  4. I don’t mind romance if it’s well written, light, & not the main focus. I love slice of life dramas & the setting sounds like it will be very energetic & fun. I know a lot of people are apprehensive about the age difference between Kim Hyang Gi & Daniel Choi but KHG is an adult. I doubt there be any romance between the two but if there is, I’m sure it won’t be heavily written & most likely implied.
  5. I’m really excited for this one. Kim Hyang Gi’s first role that’s not a highschool setting. Nice to see her venture into more mature roles now that she is older. She such a precious bean. It’s a kind of drama that I would watch because I love slice of life genres. The cast looks great so far. I don’t think I have to worry about Kim Hyang Gi because she always play her roles well. It’s been a while since I watched Daniel Choi so I’m looking to see him since he’s the lead here. August is just around the corner yet so far lol. I look forward to promotional pictures & teasers! Se
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