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  1. Filipino Fandoms of PBG and Kyo have organized a joint project! Get ready to meet JinHyuk aka Marco and SooHyun aka Pauline.
  2. So let’s get this straight after going through all the rumors dumped on us in the past one week, we are supposed to believe that 1. Kyo’s “sponsor” is a super powerful Chinese politician and yet he can’t keep a few journalists in Korea quiet? 2. Kyo has a secret child somewhere and her boyfriend since 2015 who later became her husband didn’t know? 3.The same guy who was attached to her hip since 2015 till 2018 didn’t know about a secret child? 4. Her sponsor and she didn’t need to meet up for years? At least not from 2015-2018 when the husband “left her”. 5. Her powerful sponsor allowed her to get married? 6. Her super powerful sponsor doesn’t seem to be getting her any work in China or Hollywood. 7. Kyo can’t speak Chinese, How do they communicate about the terms of the relationship? Maybe they have a special translator for jobs like this. 8.Then the husband was so angry about a “secret child” with a “powerful Chinese politician” that the couple stopped living together in later part of 2018 but his anger finally exploded in the month of June 2019? 9. Many “journalists” know about her “secret child” ( which btw isn’t even a very good secret since so many people seem to know) which must mean that this is common knowledge in Korean media circles and not one of these good, honest journalists thought to warn the boyfriend/husband. 10. Despite having a husband, “a sponsor” and a secret child.. she also had time to have an affair with her co-star? WOW 11. She has a secret child that everyone knows about but apparently Korea is such a nice place that nobody has exposed her out of “respect”?
  3. A few fans have been asking me if Kyo is back in Korea, though I have no confirmation; some reports say she is still in China. She was accompanied on this trip by her Manager, Jenie, Ms Lee and Bjoeun...HyunKyoung did not travel to China on this trip.
  4. Bjoeun would tag and caption posts like Kyo-lwhasoo, Kyo-comma etc. depending on what she was endorsing.
  5. Kyo’s manager just posted! You can leave your support comments on the post. Kyo-lwhasoo looking Kyo-rgeous! What do I say, Bjoeun’s hashtags are rubbing off on me. Please like and leave comments to show support!!
  6. Chinese fans were amazing! Kyo couldn’t stop smiling. They even made the photographer smile! Things they said to her in Korean. 1. Pretty, very pretty. 2. The best! 3. I love you! 4. Look (at me) over here! just for a second! Look (at me) over here!
  7. She is so cute! She called her translator to ask him if the event was over and I loved how before she left the stage she shared a few words with the female MC. It was obvious the female MC was very grateful for whatever Kyo said to her. I think the female MC understands Korean or might be Korean because during the livestream she kept saying a few phrases in Korean and her accent sounded very clean. Kyo, always classy and always professional.
  8. Kyo couldn’t help but laugh, the fan screamed “Unnie, look (at me) over here!” Full of smiles for the fans
  9. All the fans at the event were amazing- the support boards were very visible even on the IG livestream, they kept cheering for Kyo and she even waved at them several times. I’m going to say this again, she looked gorgeous!!!!
  10. Grateful to our fellow fans from Baidu Song Hye Kyo Bar. They are waiting with these support boards and will be there for Kyo.
  11. The event is tomorrow but the timing was taken down so maybe they plan to make changes for security reasons. K media says she has already left Korea, no pictures of her leaving or arriving in any airport as of now.
  12. In Korea there is no provision for a no-fault divorce, the exception to this law is a divorce by mutual agreement between the parties SJK and Kyo have agreed to a divorce by mutual agreement however since they disagree on a few points they will be using mediation to reach a complete agreement which means all that legalese being spouted out by netizens about her definitely being a guilty party because he made the announcement first? Well that is not true at all because he has not approached the court for a Judicial divorce. A Judicial Divorce is different from what they’re doing and can be only filed for by an aggrieved party if the other party has committed a crime of adultery,mistreatment/abuse, desertion. Therefore netizens have got theirs laws mixed up and area therefore blaming Kyo. This was further made clear this article. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/109/0004043747 Today MBC Section TV interviewed a lawyer, Mr. Lee and he had this to say “In most cases, applications for divorce mediation are made in order to reach an amicable agreement with the other party. It is too much to say that the other party has a reason to blame just because they applied for a divorce settlement”. The lawyer further added , “Regarding the expected timing of the divorce ruling if it is established on the first arbitration day, the court could conclude the trial within three months. Since they have no children and the parties have reached an agreement on divorce, we can expect that there will be a smooth agreement in the divorce settlement process between three and six months”.
  13. We need to improve the likes and views for this Elle HK IG post. She could be working there very soon and we need to show that she still has everyone’s support. Elle Singapore also posted, please like and share
  14. Another effective way of helping her and showing the companies who have chosen her as their brand ambassador that she enjoys our support is to help increase her IG followers because the number of followers/social media presence she has will be strictly monitored . Recently a major makeup brand under Amore replaced a top Hallyu actress with a Kpop star and it is rumored that a big part of their decision was that the Kpop star has almost 19 million followers on IG which means she has a huge reach to consumers via SNS. As of today Kyo has 9.7 million followers which makes her only the 22nd most followed Korean celebrity, the 9th most followed Korean female celebrity and the 3rd most followed Korean actress. < the other two actresses might have been called idol-actresses but they identify more as actresses these days>. Let’s try to increase these numbers and at least make her the most followed Korean actress. Please share her account with other fans and in case you still don’t have an IG account please make one and follow her. This is her IG account https://instagram.com/kyo1122?igshid=1m6i4419e3dmf
  15. Please help to spread this video, it’s very convenient that a video which is trying to provide a second perspective to this scandal has barely any views while the videos that slander Kyo have millions of views. The title is “SHK and SJK related blind items...surprising even for reporters” The vlogger starts off by saying that since both parties have not released any concrete reasons for separation rumors are getting out of hand. He was especially surprised when he started to see major news networks reporting SJK’s hair-loss being because is distress caused by marital problems as if it were real facts and news. The vlogger points out that though it may be a strange thing to point out but it is common knowledge that SJK wasn’t an actor with a lots of hair even prior to his marriage <he posts pictures of SJK’s head and I’m sure many of you can google pictures and see the truth>. Therefore the vlogger says in his personal opinion he found it very surprising that such things were being reported. He therefore interviews 3 journalists who share their thoughts in an anonymous fashion. 1st journalist is a woman who says that she was very surprised when she started reading about SJK’s supposed hair loss caused by marital problems, mainly because he is an actor and such news is too sensitive for someone to share with the public < what I understood from this is that she didn’t think anybody who means well for SJK would share such a story about him because it can severely affect his career... after all there aren’t many bald Hallyu superstars>. She said hair-loss is a private issue and can have lots of reasons, therefore to say with such conviction that his hair-loss is because of one such reason seems to be irresponsible. She also added that both parties must be going through a very tough time as it is and people ought not to indulge in self made sensational theories. 2nd journalist spoke on the issue of a rumored Chinese sponsor, she said that when she first heard of the rumor she found it ridiculous. After all SHK is a Hallyu star so where is the question of someone like her having a sponsor but with all these videos popping up on YouTube and seeing how so many people actually believed such outlandish rumors was a shock for her. SHK is a top star since the day she debuted, such actresses don’t need sponsors < sponsors are actually needed when someone needs help with their career>. She is a star who has received love calls < love calls in Korean means when people want to hire you for work opportunities> from Hollywood and China, definitely doesn’t make any sense for someone like her to be attached with rumors of any sponsor. 3rd journalist says that the most popular theory seems to be that SJK is furious because SHK and PBG had an affair. In her opinion this rumor sounds like the creation of someone writing a drama or someone who has watched way too many dramas. She also added that PBG was first cast in BF and when it was announced that Kyo would be the female lead, SJK called the former to tell him to work without feeling uncomfortable < in my opinion the journalist is sharing this since a lot of Korean and International netizens are criticizing PBG for being thoughtless in accepting a drama with such an intimate romance with SHK. The journalist is pointing out that PBG himself was already attached to the project from the beginning and even SJK never had any problems regarding the project and it’s story>
  16. Please do not misunderstand, the article actually says that Sulwhasoo has decided to be loyal to Kyo and their 2 decades worth of relationship. It gives details of the beginning of her relationship with Amore Pacific and her present endorsements under the label. An industry insider has said that Kyo knows the extent to which Sulwhasoo has supported her and that even though she is ongoing divorce proceedings she is actively looking into projects like Anna so that she can repay the faith in her by Sulwhasoo < I believe that the 10 days is in reference to this ... her side will choose a new work for her to appear in during this period> Sulwhasoo after all is a company and they need visibility, for that they need their artist to work in productions that make both her and their product more visible. Also given the nature of backlash she is receiving both she and the company need to show that her viability as both an actress and brand endorser have not been affected. Personally what I did not like about the article was how the journalist made assumptions that companies would be adversely affected by an issue such as divorce and they will wait for the remaining contract period to finish - do women stop wanting skin like SHK because she is a divorcee? — The article was the only one of it’s kind so it seems more like an op-ed with it representing the writers personal views and comments which strangely seem to only focus on the divorced woman, I guess divorced men make no difference to sales? I do not think even one company needs to be TOLD by anyone journalist or otherwise that they need to drop her, they will do so once their relationship is no longer profitable and if fans/purchasers stick by her then that will not happen.
  17. We don’t have to get into fights with people but we can contact the companies via SNS ..these companies that she is representing and let it be known to them that us fans who spend money on their products is because we support and trust the product quality because of Kyo. I for one would not like it if Kyo loses a single penny because netizens who probably don’t even support or buy the products are running their mouth. like @thepixies mentioned, Kyo is still an ambassador for Chaumet. thanks to all the fans who have been so actively supporting Kyo during this time. You’re all absolute rockstars!!
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