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  1. JH - where is the ring SH - right here, I had it on me everyday so don’t get angry JH - ohh.. you are loyal SH - it’s love not loyalty.
  2. He messed up all her hair! Driver Nam is wondering what is taking her so long to return to the car.
  3. JH tells her to accept the photographs because it’s the version of SH that she wanted, a happy SH. She won’t accept them, he pushes it in her hands and tells her that she must.
  4. My stream worked for a minute Driver Nam - let’s be happy JH - of course, there is no place for sadness in my life.
  5. Relying on everyone else today, my stream isn’t working at all. Wrap party
  6. Great project by Hyebaragi and SHK Baidu (Korean and Chinese Kyo fancafes) Candles, energy tonic and electric hand warmers which also serve as power banks for the entire team. Cr hyebaragi
  7. The supporting cast looked very amazed during the photo session, most of them had got preofessional makeup done ( P.O. even posted his picture from the beauty shop). It wasn’t just the overwhelming media presence, the number of fans is amazinh. They’re so many of them that people at the back are climbing on structures to take pictures. Same request today, if you’re live-streaming today please log in a little early so that the stream can be stable. Otherwise it will be absolute pandemonium in there.
  8. thought the same thing maybe her ninja mode was to avoid spoilers before the final episode. SHK DC ordered this gorgeous macaron tower!!! The details are amazing
  9. @stardustvoid it’s been combined, some crews get together even before the series ends to have a viewing party but BF team was shooting till last minute so they combined the wrap and viewing party. Bogum is wearing Vans Checkered Sherpa slip on, they have been out of stock for some time.
  10. Like all of us huddled on live stream! I want so many selfies from this party, don’t disappoint me BF team.
  11. If she weren’t an actress Kyo should have joined an intelligence agency. I have never seen any celebrity hoodwink the paparazzi like she does. She must have entered the building from the back entrance.
  12. BF team is going to watch the finale together!!!!! I got my second wish. I’m feeling lucky, dear BF team lurker make my Cuba wish come true too!
  13. SHK’s ( also SongSong) fans prepared a gift for Kyo for the last episode to congratulate her and acknowledge all her hard work, a flower bouquet from the same store that SJK buys flower for her. The fans very sweetly also gifted PBG a bottle of champagne to thank him and congratulate him on his hardwork in the drama on behalf of SS couple and their fandom. Cr coke.6125
  14. JH, whom I adore still heartbroken over his crying scenes, I needed all this pretty. Let’s hope WS finds some happiness in his life.
  15. Don’t get angry, I think @caileysmiley is doing what a protective fan would do. I get that you were trying to verify if she is pregnant. White tulips are used to goodbye, I think if at all she means to say goodbye to her character in the drama. YAI had sent her a banner with red tulips around 1-2 weeks ago. Additionally she really loves flowers, she is always posting pictures of flowers. While it’s okay to want her to have babies, in my personal opinion I don’t think fans should speculate about such a private matter until she and her husband feel comfortable enough to share such news, in Korean and other Asian cultures one does not reveal pregnancy until the first trimester is over, it is doubtful that she would declare it in such a public way. A new pregnancy rumor every few months will be stressful to her, shippers have believed she was pregnant since 2016. Kyo would have the longest gestation period in entire animal kingdom of that were the case. Her private account has been hacked in the past and we all know who it was even though he denies it. She is too careful these days to announce such a thing as pregnancy by changing her picture because she knows even her private ig is scrutinized on an hourly basis by fans. @dukesa1122 your professional assessment? If she were actually pregnant would she be shooting scenes in high heels, especially that staircase in the moon village with no assistance. Could someone be prettier? Popular nickname for Soohyun is “Soohyun before flowers” because of all the flower references.
  16. Could someone be prettier? Popular nickname for Soohyun is “Soohyun before flowers” because of all the flower references.
  17. Oh no, that picture got leaked. well if it is leaked already, I’m going to leave this here. if they really have two kids then this is excellent foreshadowing. The elevators symbolizing the actual birth canal, there is a sign in English between the two elevators that says for visitors only. Maybe they are getting two visitors, their own kids. The drama did this in another episode too, when SH openly revolts against her mom for the first time, there is this tight shot of a flight of stairs and it stays on the mother while SH walks away after cutting ties with her mom. That scene looked like it was symbolic of the severing of the umbilical cord between a mother and her child. This was another effective use of art, the wind trying to blow away KJH and he is trying to fight against it. This time for reals, adieu. Too drained after this episode. @vvpal shooting in Cuba finished on 23rd October, he was only finalized on the 25th. I think DB got wrong information.
  18. I still don’t know when this rumor started but the actor who plays her ex husband was only confirmed on the 25th of October and the shoot in Cuba was over by then. So I don’t think it’s true. @utkim lots of kissing and at least two babies? Enough to start with?
  19. SH’s been a broken bird this whole time and JH has been that one person in her life who truly understood how and when she needed to be tended. Their whole relationship has been her reclaiming her life and power over it, by taking the first step to truly forgive her mother and wanting to have her in her life shows that JH has been successful in giving SH enough love and security to work through her problems. Now the final issue is something that they both need to work on, stop being too kind. Like Sec Jang says “stop blaming yourself”. Both SH ,JH indivually and together need to realize that while it’s good to be kind and sensitive to your family but you need to know when your family is in the wrong, making demands that don’t do any good to anyone but satisfy one person’s immature feelings. No more analyzing posts for me until the next episode. Too many feels. Adieu.
  20. @bubblechoco I think they kept the script right, they didn’t spend too much time on needless things and gave screen time to everyone. Like it made sense that WS would want to reach out to SH but there is character development since their last conversation, he respects the fact that he shouldn’t overstep. So no regression and positive growth. SH’s mother realizing her mistakes but very realistically done, no immediate hugs and words of love between mother and daughter. The entire exchange didn’t insult the viewers intelligence, things aren’t hunky dory but there is progress here. JH seeking out the old widow because she is the only one he can speak to, it was interesting to note that the widow didn’t tell him about her and SH’s conversation. It shows she knows more about JH’s personality than his mother, I think if she felt any real doubt that JH wouldn’t be able to overcome this trial she would have told him despite breaking her promise to SH. JH’s dad reprimanding his wife but not betraying her by telling JH, he has an honorable personality and one could see how disappointed he was with her.Driver Nam holding a mirror to SH, telling her to be brave. Sec Jang and JM continue to be good supportive positive characters to the lead couple. JH’s mother being troublesome made a lot of sense, though it wasn’t pleasant at all. If SH gets her love for paintings from her mom, I guess JH gets his stubbornness from his mom. It wouldn’t do for her to take such a drastic step of confronting SH only to be normal in one episode. His mom has decades old biases that she is battling, I only wish they had shown this an episode or two earlier. Slightly worried how they’re going to tie it all up into a tidy bow in a 60 minute episode.
  21. We have not had a kiss in soooo long! It’s all because of the horrible winter in Korea, makes people want to cuddle and nothing else. Need to drag them back to Cuba
  22. JH especially touched my heart today. The scene where JH is heaving on the floor because he is crying, it actually sounded like the real thing. When you cry so hard that you’re fighting to breathe properly. That sound he made was heartbreaking. When he asked her why she was throwing him away, the hurt in his voice. Him looking down at his mother but unlike his mother who was selfish wanting her own happiness, he sat down for breakfast the next day and acted Iike he was all normal. Sec Jang, solid friend who also speaks her mind. When she told SH that she was being stupid in blaming herself for everyone and their problems, only a true friend would do that and then worry the next minute about SH not eating enough. JM who is the youngest in his family but showing more sensitivity and maturity in his little finger than their mom at this stage. @stardustvoid he should move to Cuba.
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