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  1. So Kyo is not in Korea... lol.. her squad really came out in full support today.
  2. Her squad posting these pictures today. Hehe so prettttyyy!!
  3. When one of your best friends is the editor in chief of a major fashion magazine, how does she celebrate your decision to file a series of defamation lawsuits? by releasing fabulous pictures of you of course! Kyo looking gorgeous!!! With Antoine Arnault, Chairman of Loro Piana, CEO - Berluti and Head of communications and image at LVMH. With Jean Marc Mansvelt,CEO-Chaumet
  4. I can’t stop myself! Translating another article with more details. All the Youtubers who slandered for money and views, bye bye bye!! https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/213/0001120916 Actor Song Hye-kyo has filed a series of complaints against the people who spread rumors. On Saturday, Song's agency UAA filed a complaint with the Bundang Police Station against a number of people who were very clearly accused of defaming and insulting the actress by releasing false information to the public. UAA had appointed Kim & Chang's law firm as their legal representative on June 28 to prepare for legal action. "We will also file criminal charges against all remaining communications, comments and YouTubers as soon as evidence is secured," UAA said. "We will take a hard-line approach without any leniency or agreement” continued UAA. "The practice of fabricating and spreading things that may be hard to imagine is continuing, and this is clearly beyond the level of social acceptance and causing unbearable pain to the party." ■ The following full text of official position: Hello, this is UAA. Actor Song Hye Kyo’s agency, UAA, filed a complaint with the Bundang Police Station on July 25, 2019, against a number of people who have been accused of defaming and insulting by releasing false information to the public. UAA first filed a complaint with Bundang Police Station on behalf of Song Hye Kyo, we have completed the collection of evidence against wrongdoers for their malicious acts, the spread of plain false information, and malicious slander and abuse. We will also file criminal charges against all remaining communications, comments, and YouTuber as soon as evidence is secured. The UAA appointed Kim & Chang as its legal representative on June 28 in connection with the complaint and has been preparing for legal action. In addition, regarding the treatment of the complaint, we are determined to take stern action without any prior consent or agreement. We reiterate that we will proceed without agreement in the second round of legal action following this action. With regard to actress Song Hye-kyo, there is a constant stream of groundless false comments, malicious swearing, and spreading of false information that has not been easy to imagine, which is certainly beyond social acceptance and causing unbearable pain to the party. In the future, we will continue to take strong legal action against the reckless production of rumors by people who hide behind anonymity and spread them. We hope that others will refrain from further acts that might hurt and we will have no further cause for pain and suffering. ———————— this commenter got it so right 기자 유튜버가 이래서 급 태세전환을 했구나. 딱 봐도 모르면서 어그로 끄는것 같았는데 그거 믿고 다들 “ㅇㅇㅇ 기자가 그랬는데!” 이러면서 송혜교 욕하더니. 꼬시다 so this is why the “journalist” on YouTube suddenly changed his position. Without knowing the truth and just by listening to him everyone kept saying “reporter ______ said so” and this is why SHK kept being abused and called a temptress/seducer of men.
  5. Hahahaha!!! Kyo just went medieval on their ___es. They’re all $crewed.. oops I meant sued!! @leedonghaek @stardustvoid @dukesa1122 @thepixies @applegirl2 Everyone please spread this news. https://n.news.naver.com/article/001/0010981137 SONG HYE KYO TO SUE ALL WHO SPREAD RUMORS ABOUT THE DIVORCE WITH SJK. Actor Song Hye Kyo has filed a series of complaints against the spread of malicious comments and rumors after the divorce from Song Joong Ki. According to police on Saturday, Song Hye Kyo filed a complaint with the Bundang Police Station against the majority for defamation and insults caused by the Divorce incident. SHK’s side reportedly told the police that it wanted to take a hard-line stance without any leniency or agreement in connection with the complaint. Earlier, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki had been dogged by various malicious comments and rumors, as they were reported to have started divorce proceedings after a year and eight months of marriage. Song Joong Ki's management agency also said it would take legal action against the rumors.< They actually mean action on behalf of PBG not SJK> The divorce settlement between the two was established on Tuesday, making the two legally separated after a period year and nine months of marriage.
  6. @jjeennyy19 yeah, NB likes it stir drama but not clarify however they usually can be made to post responses that will drive traffic to their site. Given how the top comment has 15,000 upvotes and a lot of the comment actually show a swing in opinion might make NB reconsider and make a post.
  7. Everyone please help us tweet at netizenbuzz , they reported the initial post which was distorted by the Korean journalists but still haven’t posted the actual clarification which has garnered almost 15,000 likes on the top comment which is 5 times more than the top comment on the defamatory article... Many international kdrama and kpop fans rely on sites like NB to update them with news. Them covering only one portion of the story hurts Kyo. I believe Kyo’s squad and UAA would want as many people to know the truth behind this. Many netizens have apologized to Kyo and even started actually understanding how the journalists manipulated the entire coverage of all the stories at the behest of someone since the divorce news broke out.
  8. Go Jenie!! The mysterious “J” in the article is Jenie and I’m glad that she decided to set the record straight. I love how that now that the divorce proceedings are out of the way that UAA is taking charge; first with the statement and now with Jenie hitting back at the blatant manipulation by Korean journalists vis a vis the interview given to the Tatler HK. translating the top comments. 1. There are a lot of problems with the Korean press. Making things up and making a fool of people. This is really bad. Hye-gyo, I'm worried that you might get hurt again. 2. Oh, I was so dumbstruck yesterday that I had to actually read the original article in English. People only read the Korean articles and cursed at her....she was asked the question for a Chaumet event but people attacked for having a Princess disease because of her tiara comment..it’s unfair and too much. 3. Our country’s press is extremely cruel. 4. I thank you for this article. I was so upset yesterday when I saw the articles distorting the questions answered during the Chaumet jewelry event. 5. Reporters, let’s please report news based on real facts. 6. She really answered about “fate and work” which was then distorted/misreported into an answer about “fate and divorce”, this is really scary....this is how rumors spread and becomes bigger. Song Hye Kyo, I am hurting for you. @sunflower91_ yesterday a bunch of Korean journalists right after the divorce announcement was finalized distorted her entire Tatler interview and presented in to Korean audience as one where she was giving a sit down tell all interview after her divorce when in fact she was giving an interview as the Chaumet Ambassador. It used her answers about fate and made it seem like she was flippant about marriage, the journalists said her one big wish this year was to wear a tiara on her birthday which made the netizens think she was really shallow to want to celebrate her birthday like some little princess with a tiara given how she just had a divorce. So a lot of netizens left loads of negative comments, today Jenie has hit back at those journalists , clarified everything that actually happened which is what is stated in this interview.
  9. Fingers crossed. I know we can do it! Good feelings and good vibes about this.
  10. First of all I would just like to clarify, this “reporter” is not a good guy and he isn’t doing this for Kyo, to clear her name. He is still doing damage control for the other side.... I am sure by now all of you know that this reporter is SJK’s senior from the same university. It’s just that he is taking precautions to clear his name and stance as much as possible. A brief summary of the YT video, as always please note that the italicized text is either my additional opinion or an even briefer summary of a larger text. It’s difficult to type all this in first person without the text flying all over the place. “Hello everyone, This is entertainment reporter _________ . SS couple has finalized their divorce, the proceedings have reached their final conclusion. Even though this is a just a YouTube channel, I am breaking this news for all of you < I believe he was the first person to break this news, even before the major News channels>. <the reporter starts to read a pre-prepared statement from his screen which gives a brief background about how the two started their romantic relationship while shooting the drama- marriage in 2017 to the eventual divorce in 2019>. The two are well known and loved korean stars therefore I think this was unfortunate news. I would like to clarify some of the earlier reported facts/news. That SJK party was the first party to file divorce proceedings in a sudden manner that took her side by surprise, but from what I have found out this is not the case - SHK was the person who suggested divorce. However SJK was the first party to announce his decision to divorce to the press and inform them about the proceedings of the divorce mediation. This led to a lot of negative speculation about SHK < what a hypocrite... this journalist was the one informing and feeding the people all the speculation> To conclude, SHK was the party that wanted divorce so SJK did not surprise her. Also, I would like to add that no party was at fault in this divorce which is why they have been able to achieve divorce. The SS couple divorce is different from the cases of Hong Sang Soo and the SK Chairman’s case because in those cases one party was guilty of adultery so the cases are still lingering with no divorce finalized. <I wonder why he is emphasizing no fault now? Now that everyone will once again wonder what is the real reason for the divorce and why it was Kyo who wanted the divorce , this journalist tries to clear SJK’s name both as the party who initiated sudden divorce and also conclude that no party was at fault in this divorce.. where was all this a month ago??> There have been various speculations; SHK affair with PBG, Chinese sponsors etc. In my past live streams I have always maintained that these were untrue and not the reasons for divorce <you’re trying to act like you were professional and spoke the truth? Then when you knew all this why did you spend 45 minutes gossiping about her co-stars, where you met them and other rubbish stories about China and North Korea. > I believe this was a fall out of them being famous and popular stars, in addition SHK’s past scandals may have attributed to the spread of such speculations < so...you made videos on YT doing the exact same thing!> . This might lead people to ask why was there only focus on her past relationship scandals, why was their no reporting about his scandals.. does he have none? After my discussion with other entertainment reporters, I believe he too has had such friendships in the past but the difference is that his were never officially recognized < so this is Kyo’s problem how?> < then he goes off on this tangent about how their private grief has become public consumption, how the two must be the most affected by all this news and tries to act like he wants everyone to give them some space. Then he ends the video with saying Kyo has already been seen attending professional events and is considering Anna; SJK and his movies>
  11. Hahaha. the jokes on him and all the people who called Kyo names. She was a dignified queen. The truth is out now, even his lackey had to admit it on YT. It was Kyo who started the divorce proceedings, he just felt the need to announce their private matter. The public announcement was just another way to manipulate the public to blame her and they got away with it for a month. For a month everyone argued that the party who moves first is the “party in the right”... so now what do they have to say? do the netizens appreciate being manipulated? Conned? Used? Mislead? So now who is The Adulterer? but I’ll stick to what Kyo said - personality differences. Unlike his camp, she doesn’t stoop to such lows and neither will I.
  12. Fanart of Kyo wearing a Chaumet tiara. So pretty! I legit want to make stickers out of this and stick it on all my stationary. Cr owner on Weibo.
  13. Same journalist, new article. Coincidence that he’s written twice about Kyo in two days? http://m.asiatoday.co.kr/kn/view.php?key=20190719010012627 This article states how Kyo and LYF were guests at the Chaumet event, according to him while they’re very different but their common point is that they’ve both broken up with Korean Men. The reporter cattily points out “물론 그녀는 송승헌과 법적으로는 크게 문제될 것이 없었다.” <unlike Kyo, LYF doesn’t have any legal troubles with her ex boyfriend>. He wonders if the two spoke to each other and had a “meaningful conversation” and commiserated given how they’ve experience such “similar pain”. This journalist is nasty in his language with his passive aggressive writings and also clearly delusional since he thinks LYF who broke up with her boyfriend in 2018 and Kyo who has been been separated from her ex since 2018 would approach each other at a gala dinner, only to mope about their exes. Oy vey! In addition he wrote two more articles completely unrelated to Kyo about Chinese entertainers who have divorced or are divorcing but he kept dragging Kyo into these stories http://m.asiatoday.co.kr/kn/view.php?key=20190704010003460 http://m.asiatoday.co.kr/kn/view.php?key=20190712010008126
  14. A Chinese portal was talking about actresses who like to consume alcohol, 4 names were brought up - the reporter went into details about how everyone knows their love for drinking - some of them smoke. Kyo and her friends name was dragged into the article and he even used their names in the caption even though the portal site was talking about other actresses, not them. The motivation of the article was to make Kyo seem like an alcoholic by putting her name along with the other actresses who the reporter claims have a reputation of “loving” alcohol .
  15. Dragging Kyo, her friend ,other Chinese and Taiwanese actresses into an article like this about alcohol and smoking. http://m.asiatoday.co.kr/kn/view.php?key=20190718010012144 Everyone can see this isn’t a coincidence. Someone just made enemies dragging famous people from c-entertainment into an article which was completely unnecessary, he can thank Hong Soon Do- Beijing Correspondent from Asiatoday.
  16. Exclusive Interview: Song Hye-Kyo On Fame And Fate By Charlene Co July 18, 2019 South Korean superstar Song Hye-Kyo speaks to Hong Kong Tatler in Monaco, where she gets candid about fate and self-care, and reveals one of her birthday wishes . It’s a glorious day in Monaco and we’re in one of the suites of the famous Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, waiting for South Korean superstar Song Hye-Kyo to arrive. As I’m told it’s Princess Grace of Monaco’s favourite hotel, I look to admire the suite’s Murano glass chandeliers, sleek wooden floors and Louis XIV-style carvings on the walls and think that it’s a perfect place to meet South Korea’s very own modern-day princess. Ranked 6th in Forbes magazine's Korea Power Celebrity list, Song has made a string of successful TV dramas, but is perhaps best known for her role in the series Descendants of the Sun. Today, she is one of South Korea’s most sought-after actresses, whose fame has spread feverishly across Asia. I had a brief encounter with Song the previous day, during a photo call at the Grimaldi Forum where Chaumet had just opened their patrimonial exhibition and she is a special guest, and again later that evening at the extravagant gala dinner held at the Casino de Monaco, where she stunned in a simple but sophisticated white lace dress that she paired with a suite of diamond jewellery. Constantly surrounded by people, she seems understandably guarded, but at the same time exudes elegance, confidence and a sense of calm that makes her appear approachable but also rather enigmatic. She arrives at the suite wearing a rose-pink dress and diamond jewellery. “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you; I remember you from yesterday,” she says smiling, stretching her arms for a handshake. I’m admittedly giddy at the recognition, and at the same time pleasantly surprised by her candidness. We sit across from each other and Song gets into the conversation with ease, and right away I understand why everyone is enamoured by her. Read highlights from the exclusive interview here. Is it your first time in Monaco? I did a shoot many years ago in Europe where I was travelling from Italy to Nice. Then I only passed by Monaco very quickly so it’s the first time I’ve really spent time here and I am having such a great time! It’s a beautiful city—its buildings have a lot of beautiful details, and a lot of history. I like it here. And you were also at the Chaumet exhibition—what did you think of it? I’ve worn a couple of tiaras by Chaumet at photo shoots and I’ve also seen their beautiful jewellery in books, but it’s the only time I’ve seen that many pieces in one place. It was an amazing experience for me. There was so much history and beauty. One day, I wish I will be able to wear one of the tiaras I saw! (laughs) See also: Sneak Peek: Inside Chaumet's Royal Masterpiece Exhibition In Monaco Was there a particular piece you liked? There was so much variety—from classic to modern pieces—but I am personally into more classic jewellery. One part of the exhibition I particularly enjoyed was the section that featured the pieces the Empress Joséphine wore. Those pieces really spoke to me. If you were allowed to wear one of the tiaras, when would that be? If I were allowed, I would love to be able to wear a tiara on my birthday, on November 22. When I put on a tiara, I feel like a princess. What kind of jewellery do you like? My style really is very understated. Of course when I’m working, I wear a lot of luxurious jewellery but for every day wear I keep it minimal. I think I am personally simple, and so is my style. I particularly like the Chaumet collection with an “X”—I think that is the Liens collection—because of its simplicity. How do you decide on what projects to work on? With any project that comes my way, or does not come my way for that matter, it’s because it simply was meant to be, or not meant to be. And I find this is true with any project in my life. They happen because the stars align for me, the timing was right. Fate comes without any big effort, it just happens. And this how you came to work with Chaumet? Yes, apart from the fact that I’ve always had a good relationship with the brand, and I like the brand, it happened very naturally and it was just good timing for everybody. What are you plans for the rest of the year? This year, I will take some personal time off. I need to have some time for myself. Apart from events like these, I will take it easy. And next year, I will start a new project—maybe—but nothing has been fully decided yet. Let’s see if the stars align.
  17. Kyo for HK Tatler, still can’t get over how gorgeous she looked!
  18. @dukesa1122 IKR. I’m disappointed at some fans who keep insisting Kyo shouldn’t work for a while and take some time off.It’s obvious she wants to work and it’s also obvious that for the time being she wants to work in C- entertainment as per her interviews in Korea and Hong Kong. She really does love being an actress, don’t forget after she visited Art Basel 2016 she changed her IG picture to this painting by Chen Ke with the caption. “I used to think as I looked out on the Hollywood night — there must be thousands of girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming a movie star. But I'm not going to worry about them. I'm dreaming the hardest.” ― Marilyn Monroe.
  19. Please leave lots of positive comments and upvotes on this video, it’s a beauty program hosted by two ex Korean idols and a makeup artist <Eng subs are available! >. Their comments are very complimentary towards Kyo and also share some makeup tips. It’s the brand that often posted by bjoeun , so I believe she actually uses this product when she does Kyo’s makeup.
  20. He’s a huge star!! I remember reading an article that’s he’s one of the 10 highest paid Chinese actors, all the others in the list are of course Chinese veteran stars who are also much older than him. Source https://sg.news.yahoo.com/eddie-peng-denies-insulting-south-korea-031100114.html He says he’s been a fan of Kyo since AIMH, 2000 and I have a feeling that since one of his closest friends fellow Canadian Shawn Duo <who still follows Kyo on IG> worked with Kyo in The Queens, he must have had loads of questions about her.
  21. Did everyone know that Eddie Peng has said he wanted to work with Kyo back in 2013? What!!! Then why hasn’t any director made this happen!! Movie gods of Hong Kong please hear my prayer and make this an actual thing. They’re even ambassadors for brands under the same house - LVMH ; she for Chaumet and him for Berluti.
  22. SHK DC does an annual birthday project for her, fans collect their wishes and make it into several albums and send it to her. These are pictures of past year projects.
  23. Haters: Natalie and Kyo just took a picture, I doubt they talked. Reality :
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