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  1. 2 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    the one with short hair is not park na rae, she is  a much senior comedian. on another variety with mung hun


    Sorry, I wrote Park Na Rae but I meant Kim Sook. Got their names mixed up:sweatingbullets:


    It would be so great if SHK also attended MAMA in Tokyo, good opportunity to promote the drama during this critical stage by the main leads.

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  2. My two cents is that it’s a little too premature to like or dislike the ex husband.




    When CSH goes to meet him in episode 3 in the background there are several mirrors with wooden frames hung on the wall behind them. After watching the scene a second time I noticed that all the frames aren’t the same and they’re actually not all mirrors, since they’re empty and because of the lighting it looks like they’re all mirrors. Since paintings and wall art have been used in the drama to show some sort of connection to the characters,  this use of empty wall frames must have also been done deliberately.




    The last shot of the scene is a mirror reflecting him sitting alone after CSH leaves the restaurant. The mirror is being used as a device to remind the viewers that the only concrete knowledge available to us at this present moment is that he loves her, that his feelings are one sided and not reciprocated by CSH.


    The empty frames hide both the past and the possible future between the two , as the story unravels we will learn more and these empty frames will become obvious to the viewers. 




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  3. 12 hours ago, foolmoondance said:


    who is the official artist's drama? no wonder it was such beautiful work. an old fairy tale book coming alive with so much richness in it.

    Jamsan . The artist has a YouTube channel and SNS 



    When your own daughter chooses CSH over you. Mother asked her daughter twice who she found prettier, CSH or her. Daughter pointed to the TV both times.



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  4. Don’t get too bummed by news about ratings, it might improve next week. Instead leave positive messages for the cast and crew who are still shooting the drama. In one of the Dots interviews I read SHK say how she would read the responses of foreign fans after each episode. It’s possible that she might be looking for feedback again. 


    SNS links for actors 



    Alternately you can also leave messages on PBG’s agency Blossom Entertainment 



    Alternately you can also give feedback to her Makeup artist and Stylist.




    Jang Seung Jo




    The song that everyone is looking for is an unreleased OST for the drama. It’s by a Korean American singer called Saltnpaper who was formerly known as MYK. Linking his post on IG confirming himself as the singer.




    CSH’s owl doll is available for pre-order now.



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  5. Dongsaeng says it’s his dream to end up with a woman like CSH. Mother says she forbids her son being with two kinds of woman - a divorced woman or a single mother. 


    Uh oh.


    the father is silent during the entire conversation, I think he suspects that it’s KJH in all the news reports with CSH. 


    I am fast loving Park Han Gil, he was the PR team member who got drunk last time. He and CSH share the same birthday, later when everyone in the PR team is discussing the dating news and the horrible comments left by netizens he says it’s all because of envy and jealousy towards CSH. Goo Eun Jin agrees, says CSH has it all but adds that she is pretty too and  being younger has a slight advantage when it comes to age .GEJ says CSH probably feels very lonely ,  Team Leader defends CSH  and then Lee Jin Ho, the traitor snidely remarks who can really tell the  true nature of people like CSH.

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  6. KJH’s brother asks if CSH is really as pretty as people say. KJH answers in the affirmative, his dongsaeng is shocked because KJH is not the kind of person who notices if a girl is petty or not. Dongsaeng tells mom that CSH must be a real beauty for his brother to have noticed her, KJH’s mom is not impressed, she thinks CSH is in the wrong for having divorced her husband. She thinks a woman’s rightful place is beside her husband.


    It seems like ALL the mothers are going to be problematic.

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  7. 24 minutes ago, gumtaek said:

    @ahdrianaa and @autumnight: Muchisimas gracias!


    The views for the Ending Naver Video Cut increase exponentially! And surprisingly, mostly from teens, 20s and 30s!


    I get a feeling that the ratings will increase by quite a bit. The episode kept me at the edge of my seat. 


    Hye In is a really good friend, she is in love with KJH and genuinely worries for him. She is loyal to him and refuses to help the reporter.


    Secretary Jang is the best friend every girl needs.CSH reaches home and JMJ starts teasing her about the lipstick, CSH tells her that the KJH gifted it to her. JMJ is worried for CSH but she still indulges her friend for a few minutes letting her enjoy the privilege of some sort of normalcy. Afterwards she tells CSH it’s time to snap out of it and face reality. CSH invites her to have breakfast with the family but JMJ tells her she has to meet someone. That someone is KJH.


    He calls her to the snail restaurant, some comic relief here between the restaurant owner and JJM. She wants coffee, he says sorry we don’t sell coffee. She is not impressed and asks for a cola, he tells her she should go to a nearby cafe instead. They start arguing, KJH walks in and owner mistakenly thinks that this is the woman KJH has been meeting. His attitude changes and he walks after politely speaking to the two of them. 


    JMJ tells KJH that he needs to stay away from CSH because the only person who will end up hurt is her. KJH wonders why CSH can’t meet up with a friend, secretary says things that seem ordinary and normal for people like her and KJH is a luxury for CSH. She has no privacy, hands over her phone to KJH. There is a sns post by the driver involved in the car accident, he had slyly taken a picture of CSH and KJH when he was supposed to take a picture of the car plate. “ I got into an accident with CSH last night, she’s out of this world beautiful” . Secretary says it’s a relief that the driver didn’t pay attention to KJH or they would have had more trouble. She walks out. 


    KJH runs after her, he tells JMJ that he isn’t the sort of person who gets into things just to amuse himself. He believes that when any two people encounter each other in life no matter how short the moment might be, there is a significance to that meeting. * goosebumps*


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  8.  cute! 



    CSH gets into an accident outside the office, KJH runs to the car and talks to the other car driver asks him to call KJH instead of troubling CSH for insurance purposes.


    CSH is embarassed and angry, tells KJH he’s taking too many liberties. KJH says he’s going making her even more angrier by taking another liberty, pulls her into the car passenger seat. He says he’s angry because of the danger of the entire situation. He gets in the car and tells her that she can be angry with him at a later time. She starts laughing because he’s wearing that zipper tie.


    they reach his house, he doesn’t leave and says he needs one more minute. CSH wonders if he’s physically hurting or sick but he’s looking at the car clock. It turns 12 and he wishes her a happy birthday. 


    Hands her a present, says it’s not expensive  but when he saw this lipstick he thought it would look better on CSH than it did on the celebrity advertising the product. This part was funny because SHK is the celebrity advertising the product.





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  9. Spoiler 



    Restaurant owner tells the rest of the friend group how KJH woke him up and raced away with the car. He says that a guy only acts the way in two situations if he’s got an emergency involving a parent or if he’s meeting a girl. 


    CSH’s Birthday is coming up, her ex calls her secretary and asks if it’s inappropriate for him to give her a present. The secretary ends up telling him to keep away from CSH . 


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  10. Spoiler

    Ex husband sees the two of them and is really shocked at the site of CSH in a truck.


    the ex has a meeting with the artist, he tells her that the artist is like the sun and CSH is like a sunflower. She gravitates to the artist and is a huge fan, she even opened the Sokcho branch because the artist lives in Sokcho. The artist finally relents and agrees to sell artwork to CSH.


    CSH is surprised when the artist calls her, she asks why the artist changed her mind? The artist says “let’s say it is a fan service”


    evil MIL is enraged at the way her son is behaving but he says he’s done with his mother interfering in CSh’s Life. If she causes any more trouble he threatens to leave the family  


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  11. Spoiler



     He puts a piece of radish kimchi on her spoon. She pauses for several seconds and ultimately dips her spoon into the bowl.


    KJH insists that they have coffee, CSH says she is tired. He won’t take no for an answe, he leads and she follows.


    She is sitting on a bench at the beach, he brings coffee for them and places his parka around her shoulders. He’s exhausted and falls asleep. CSH starts talking to herself about her lonely childhood. Her mother never allowed her to be close to anyone and she allowed herself never to get close to someone because of the fear of the ultimate separation from a friend.






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  12. spoiler 



    CSH says hearing the words “ I miss you” would make anyone happy to hear them but she thinks he doesn’t undertand the implication of his words so she will pretend like he never said them. 


    KJH says that the world is full of many countries, what are the chances that two people belonging to the same country meet in another country. Their paths keep crossing multiple times. What would you call this? 


    CSH is at a loss of words and says let’s Continue to eat. 


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  13. There are roads I want to take when I am told not to.
    There are people I want to see when we agreed not to.
    There are things I want to do more when I am told not to.
    That is life and yearning.
    That is you.


    Proof shots of the book and poem posted by viewers after last night’s episode.




    I’m so sure at this rate with everything the drama touches creating such a buzz the book sales will see an increase. 


    Edit - does someone have a really dependable streaming link that they know of?


    Vedi Vero stores in Korea have been promoting the drama.


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  14. @NongpeeP not because of the hotel or her father but she’s worried about all the baggage she would bring to the relationship. CSH is considerate to a fault, she can’t even bring herself to impose on her best friend when she wants to eat ramyun or visit malecon beach. Having come to terms with the lack of privacy and control over her own life , she tries to protect those around her from the same fate. 





    Have the ratings for the 3rd episode really slipped? :huh: 

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    @gumtaek @mellinadear @NongpeeP :thumbsup: 


    Last spoiler


    The last line of tomorrow’s preview is powerful. 


    CSH to KJH  “stop right there ... don’t try to come any closer”.


    So KJH has already confessed but CSH attempts to draw the proverbial line in the sand. Implying rejection of both physical and emotional proximity. 




    Heavy stuff. Get ready for lots of angst. 

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  16. Spoiler


    They’re in the garage, he runs ahead and says he needs to grab something. CSH notices the delivery truck. KJH grabs his phone and tells her he’s ready to leave. CSH tells him she wants to go in the truck and KJH says it won’t be comfortable. CSH insists that she wants to go in the truck. KJH smiles , says they ought to do what CSH wants. 


    He goes to open her door, the door is locked from the inside realizes his mistake and runs to the driver’s side. When she is getting in the truck he notices that she might have difficulty getting in and he extends his arm, his gesture is extremely natural but she is touched. 




    This is my favorite moment of the episode, both of them putting the other before themselves. KJH suggests they take the car because he thinks she won’t be comfortable but it’s not because he’s ashamed of the truck. CSH insists they go in truck because she doesn’t want him to think she’s embarrassed to be in his truck. Pulled at my heartstrings with the simplicity yet profound meaning of their gesture. 

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  17. I missed this part. Spoiler  



    CSH spots Nam Driver at the pier, she ask him if he’s done meeting his friend and suggest they eat dinner. then all three head to the beach. KJH challenges her to a game of forklift, Nam driver watches them and gets a call from her dad. The dad is worried about CSH and Nam Driver says she is doing better. 

     He smiles while looking at the two of them having fun on the beach. 


    All three are back at the hotel, CSH tells them she will stay back for the night. Nam Driver says he will keep her company, CSH says Nam driver should go back to Seoul because it’s his father’s death anniversary and she is sure he hasn’t done any preparations.


    CSH is about to take sleeping pills to go off to sleep, Nam Driver takes away her pills and she says she can’t sleep without them. KJH looks worried but doesn’t say anything, suggests she listen to music. Then they leave her in her room. 



    The reason why KJH drove all the way back to Sokcho, he was worried that she couldn’t sleep. CSH listens to music but she can’t sleep, the doorbell rings and she looks through the peephole and is surprised to see KJH. She opens the door and asks him why he’a Back, KJH says he never got to take her to some restaurant. They head out to eat 



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