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  1. Wonder if the restaurant/chef will manage to get a picture with her https://instagram.com/thewhiterabbitsg?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=19sdbghdp2jup
  2. Heart attack visuals! They are at dinner at the White Rabbit restaurant.
  3. @rahma92 the male MC asked the female MC who she would choose if he appeared before her - very well groomed and dressed and the other option was a casual PBG, she replied that it wasn’t really a tough choice which is why everyone laughed and the male MC admitted it too.
  4. Lots of media coverage, there was representation of media houses across Asia and a reperesentative of all the Sulwhasoo regional offices excluding US. Which is really bizarre if you ask me, they would rather use Aimee Song to introduce and promote Bloomstay line.. from a business point of view it makes little to no sense to me.
  5. Remember when everyone got the Soohyun hair? They’re all going to rush for extensions now.
  6. No, she seemed pretty sure that she was not taking on any new projects this year but she said she is always looking for new projects/scripts if they’re interesting.
  7. More pictures I really hope her staff posts some more HD pictures, if she posts it will be the best! This beauty blogger is a real fan girl
  8. I think the second dress didn’t photograph too well under the lights on stage. In a fancam it looks really pretty and it’s really white.
  9. I hope she does more CFs in that case. waiting for more HD pictures of the second dress but I think I like the first look more. Gorgeous! A fanboy shared this, he was at the dinner
  10. Kyo said she will not be working on any new drama this year, she is taking time off for herself. I think most of us expected this.
  11. Edit - It’s live!!!! @dukesa1122 watch it on the official korean IG. They have a better camera angle.
  12. The event hasn’t started yet, guests have arrived and everyone seems to be following a color scheme of either pink or white. Kyo has probably gone for an outfit change.
  13. https://instagram.com/sulwhasoo.singapore?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1vrl8b7tf8dui Follow them and your IG will notify you when the live coverage of the event starts.
  14. Many fans probably didn’t turn up because Sulwhasoo Singapore made it seem like she would only attend a closed door session.
  15. The original video has more than 3,000 views and it’s been 40 minutes since it was uploaded. Fans have been starved, let’s bump up the views and it might get featured on one of the netizen portals!!
  16. Kyo mistakenly walked into TopShop! She then laughed her embarrassed laugh and said outloud, “this isn’t it?”
  17. It’s the first time I’ve seen Kyo wear a dress in that style and it suits her so much. She looks like she has lost even more weight, it’s almost like she’s taller
  18. She is already there and she looks like a GoDdess!! Wearing long hair extensions.
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