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  1. Did suecommabonnie’s website crash? I saw the link of one of the queen sneakers but now the site says it’s under maintenance. I hope it crashed because there was a lot of traffic on the site. Everyone please support this fall/winter line! This one has extra special significance if you know what I mean, she was shooting this campaign when someone decided to make an announcement without her knowledge. So if we could all show our support it would be great!! last time it took less than 3 weeks for all the shoes to sell out, let’s do even better this time. please remember to buy shoes from Suecommabonnie’s official site and not from any other site.
  2. Warner Brothers needs to give her a ring and cast her as the next catwoman. I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.
  3. Please help get Kyo nominated as a nominee for “Most beautiful face” - world edition. Just follow these instructions posted by TCCandler. NOMINATIONS TIME - https://www.youtube.com/user/tccandler/videos Nominations Deadline - November 30th1. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel.2. Find the Correct Video 3. Comment with Your Nominations.4. Nominate as Often as You Like.5. Follow Us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tccandler/6. Check Instagram to See Who We Accept.Notes & DisclaimersTry to be Original and Have Fun.Friendly Commenters Are Given Priority.Rude Nominations Will Be Ignored / Blocked.Not Every Nomination Will Be Accepted.Celebrities Only Please (Minimum 5k Insta Followers).TC Candler / Independent Critics Vote from Noms Pool.TCC / IC Can Also Nominate w/o Restriction.Please Be Patient -- We Get Pretty Busy!
  4. Please participate!! Kyo has been nominated for the title of Asia’s most beautiful face. This is just the nomination stage but we need more likes and comments because we are about 13000 likes behind the top contender.
  5. Kyo is online and wrote a comment on her friend Lee Jin’s IG picture. Please leave lots of love on the comment, posting a screen grab of Kyo’s comment (which translates to “that’s so good”) in case you need help finding the comment in the post.
  6. Could everyone please help in alerting Jenie or any other members of Kyo’s team about the weird suspicious trend in her IG follower numbers. A bunch of us are already sending DMs to them, hoping that they are more likely to pay it attention if more of us bring it up. She didn’t lose followers despite all the negative publicity in the last month and a half but suddenly the last 13 days she has been steadily losing followers and the number of followers lost has exceeded 6500 followers at this point which is very weird, people with 9.8 million followers don’t suddenly have negative growth like this. To put it in context how serious this is, the only other Korean celebrity losing followers in the last two weeks ( he lost around 15,000) is someone who has been involved in prostitution mediation, embezzlement, sexual crimes etc. and his numbers have been falling since his scandal broke out months ago, so while his numbers falling makes sense ... Kyo’s IG trend on the other hand does not make any sense. This is her IG trend from July to August. This is very serious, so please don’t ignore it.
  7. Korean fans will be organizing a Song Hye Kyo cafe in honour of her birthday. Please support this campaign.
  8. Jamsan just posted, a coloring book of all the gorgeous drama illustrations has been released.
  9. Kyo was online and started following her friend Alice J Chung, she is the founder of Carpe Diem special events and design which is an event management company. She is not a wedding planner. Please make sure your account is still following Kyo on IG, earlier this year Instagram had acknowledged the use of certain program bugs that could reduce followers on IG. It’s very surprising to see Kyo lose that many followers yesterday and today considering she gained more than 100,000 users since last month. How very unusual.
  10. Thank you to everyone who requested for the previous slanderous post be deleted from the thread. SHK.SJK divorce —— Drama contracts <divorce penalty clause added> https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0002943542 The divorce of actors Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki has also caused a stir in the drama industry which has lead to a change in drama contract clauses. Song Joong Ki returned to the small screen for the first time in three years with TVn's weekend drama "Arthadal Chronicles." This was his return to the small screen, Having last seen him in drama "Descendants of the Sun”. It was a 59 million USD blockbuster project which reunited him with producer Kim Won Seok, they’ve also worked previously on KBS 2TV drama "Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal." The new drama was no anticipated that all 3 seasons were pre-produced. Despite famous name of the actors and producers, the ratings fluctuated between 6 to 7 percent. Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki reported the divorce settlement with Song Hye Kyo on June 27, ahead of the airing of the ninth episode of the "Arthadal Chronicles." They were married in a grand celebration, but chose to part due to personality differences that they failed to overcome differences in just one year and eight months. The two sides reached a smooth agreement and went through the divorce process. The final divorce was signed last Tuesday. More than anything else, Song Joong Ki’s decision to announce his divorce was unprecedented, as the drama was still on air. "Arthadal Chronicles" was a drama with 3 seasons , the last season was to be broadcast in the second half of the year 2019 after the first two seasons were aired in the first half of the year. However he announced before the end of the 2nd season, after which Song Joon Ki’s personal life became hot news in South Korea. Although it may not have a significant impact on the ratings of the drama, it could not have had a positive impact either as there was more focus about the divorce announcement while the show was still airing. The drama industry has reacted quickly after observing this experience so that the same thing should not be repeated. All drama contracts have now added a "divorce" clause. There was no provision regarding divorce before the divorce of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki in the actor contracts, which is written between production company and management agencies. However, after the announcement of their divorce, the “divorce" clause was added to the contract. If issues related to divorce occur after the contract is signed and it affects the work, the actor will have to pay up to three times the penalty fee. _________ REACTIONS 1. You don't have to put a divorce penalty in the drama contract, but when you drop out of the drama by committing a crime in the middle of the shooting, the production company should be able to get penalty fees and refund. 2. Ratings weren’t good as it is, why should one have to pay penalty fees. 3. It seemed irresponsible for the Main actor to announce during the broadcast, I was saddened that the work or hundreds of employees and blood sweat was buried under his private stories. Maybe he was very troubled but he was getting paid several millions, is it not? 4.I'm sure the investors are pissed off. The production cost is 54 million USD. If he made the announcement because he thought it would be in his favor because of the advice of close aides and lawyers...hehehe...One side is quietly trying to finish everything up, and the other side is all in. 5. An act that affected fellow actors too, he’s an actor who doesn’t know how to carry the weight of the title of a top star. 6.At that time of his announcement , I felt that that he had no professional consideration. If I was a powerful producer, I would have sued him whether the audience ratings were low or not, and the news is being dominated by his own private life instead of drama coverage. If the drama productions costs are not recalled then the people who are affected is not the main actor but the powerless staff, the subcontractors. Whether he is a divorce or not,I’m not interested because that’s his private life but as an actor he really dined and dashed < it means he abandoned responsibilities towards the project after receiving the payment>. 7. If you think about it, SJK really wasn’t top class. 8.Divorce is a private matter, which is why the media and the public need not know. If one had acted wisely, there would be no such clause. It’s the responsibility of SJK, his lawyers and father for not handling this quietly. 9. The main actor received several tens of millions of dollars for acting and was so irresponsible. You're gonna get paid for it but if I were a drama staff or investor then the drama would have ruined me. 10.The selfishness of taking care of one's own interests without caring for one's work or other related people is the worst. I guess a person like this shows the irresponsibility to the very end and has a lot of desire for money, “What kind of entertainment business are you and your brother going to run?" 11. Couldn’t he have waited for his drama to end like Song Hye Kyo did, what was need for such urgency that the announcement had to be made during the drama. I feel sorry for the other Arthadal actors. 12.The divorce became a bigger news than the drama, it’s not even like production volunteered the news about the divorce. Why couldn’t it wait and be announced after drama? In addition they had already been living separately for a long time so why the urgency.
  11. Don’t believe random links posted by trolls.
  12. Posting translation for a part of an article about the expansion of Korean duty free stores across Asia that mentions Kyo on @gigivillaceran s request. https://n.news.naver.com/article/011/0003594600 Please give me the lipstick Song wore in the drama “Boyfriend”. The one Cha Soo Hyun wears in the first episode when she first met Park Bo Gum in Cuba. Lotte Duty Free has opened for the first time in Vietnam's capital Hanoi on the 26th was crowded with local Vietnamese. If Chinese people and Russian customers were the main customers for transfer to Danang and Najang duty-free shops in Vietnam, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and therefore use by locals is very high. A Vietnamese woman who visited Lotte Duty Free's cosmetics section asked for “Song Hye Kyo lipstick" in slow but clear Korean.
  13. Hi, is anyone on this thread who is a fan of Kyo and living in the U.S or more specifically NYC. Could you please DM me. Thanks!
  14. Korean mom says she watches full house reruns every morning because her 8 month baby son likes Song Hye Kyo a lot and has no interest in other female celebrities. This baby has a more superior taste at age 8 months than most adults.
  15. A little gift for the netizens who believed the words of the earlier “reporter” and this creep - Kang Yong Seok( read all about this man to understand just what we are dealing with ) . 9 media outlets have been fined for reporting the crass rumors circulated by him. Be careful who you believe. Hahaha!!!!! For posting edited pictures of Song Hye Kyo; Chosun, Donga and others received warnings. https://n.news.naver.com/article/006/0000098000 Kang Yong Seok in the beginning of his YouTube video shows an edited picture, the newspaper ethics committee has said, "Very unscrupulous and vulgar expressions, careless gatekeeping."<Gatekeeping is the process through which information is filtered for dissemination, whether for publication, broadcasting, the Internet, or some other mode of communication> Media companies that aired edited photos while covering the divorce of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki were slapped with heavy penalties for not exercising self-regulation. Recently, the newspaper ethics committee said on its official website that it has released the results of the July meeting and imposed "warning" sanctions on nine media outlets, including Chosun.com, which released an edited edited photo of the men who have allegedly been in relationship with Song Hye Kyo as playing a game to topple the flag together on the beach. The newspaper ethics committee said it has imposed severe sanctions on media outlets for publishing photos that exploit the pain of an individual on an extremely private matter. On June 29th various media outlets posted articles with titles like “ The men that SHK Met..” and posted the edited picture while reporting on the video posted by lawyer Kang Yong Seok including hankyung.com, Chosun.com, Donga.com, Moneytoday, Kookmin Ilbo, Segye Ilbo and Asian economies. Lawyer Kang Yong Seok in his video showed an edited photo of male actors playing a game of topple the flag game on the beach, while referring to Song's romantic relationships on the YouTube broadcast. The flag was on the verge of collapse during Song Joong Ki’s turn. Nine media outlets, including Chosun.com, aired the composite picture as a capture scene while referring to the content of lawyer Kang Yong Seok. The newspaper ethics committee pointed out that the setting in which the men who are alleged exes of Song Hye Kyo gathered together and joking that Song Joong Ki was ruined by describing Song Joong-ki as the person on whose turn the flag came down was vulgar and insulting to Song Hye Kyo. The newspaper ethics committee said that media outlets had posted Kang's YouTube comments which were not verified, neglected gatekeeping, insulted and encouraged ridicule from a sexist viewpoint because SHK is an actress. The Korean Newspaper Ethics Committee is a media self-regulatory body established by media organizations and has established a newspaper ethics code and holds reviews based on the code.
  16. Wow! She looks gorgeous in the modified hanbok dress. Symbolizes her and Sulwhasoo perfectly. Let’s make the videos go viral!
  17. Any Kyo fans interested in participating in social campaigns for Kyo, please DM me. Thanks! A few fun facts about Kyo and her amazing relationship with Vogue Magazine. 1. Kyo was the first Korean Actress to be featured as the cover of Vogue Korea; she was their cover model for the June 2007 edition. 2. Kyo is the only actress/actor to be featured more than once on the cover of Vogue Korea; in fact she hold the record of having the maximum covers because she has been featured 4 times as their cover model (June 2007, December 2011, September 2014, November 2017) Fellow famous Korean actors and actresses like Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Min Hee, Bae Doo Na, Ha Jung Woo, Kang Dong Won, Hyunbin and Yoo Ah In have all been featured once. 3. Kyo’s last two Vogue editions have actually had more than the customary single cover; Vogue November 2017 had 3 covers and Vogue September 2014 had 2 covers. 4. Kyo holds the distinct honor of being the first and only Korean actress to ever grace the cover of Vogue China as their cover model for the December 2009 edition.
  18. If you see anyone spreading falsehoods that Kyo is more vocal after the divorce was finalized because there is a confidentiality clause in the agreement which stops him from revealing the truth. Please show them this article. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/comment/117/0003251376 MBC section TV has revealed that the divorce agreement doesn’t contain any confidentiality clause; which means either party can talk about the details of their marriage and divorce if they want to < unlike say the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman or the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorces which contain strict confidentiality clause>. So the reason the other side is quiet isn’t because of any legal reason, it’s just that they never had anything to reveal. It was all just one big media play to attack Kyo.
  19. If someone has a Weibo account or Chinese friends ask them to spread this on Weibo. This is the original article https://news.nate.com/view/20190725n21640?mid=n1008 This is the English translations from NB. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/07/song-hye-gyo-to-take-legal-action.html?m=1 It’s alarming how much these netizens can lie and now they’re blaming the Chinese for making up all the rumors. Yes, they’re actually saying she should be suing them instead of Koreans; thereby implying that she favors a foreign country over her own people making this an “us versus them” debate. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/213/0001120992 this article reported Kyo’s decision to sue all the accused was trending in China. So the netizens started telling her to leave for China and asked her if she was also suing the Chinese. The purpose of sharing this with the Chinese is to show just how rumors start in South Korea, nobody fact checks so even those in China who might have doubted Kyo because of the rumors will know the real truth ; which is that all the chirashi were fabricated by a few people who wanted to harm her reputation.
  20. W Korea feature - Translation with pictures. I’m glad they clarified that Kyo isn’t just the Korean ambassador but the Ambassador for the entire Asian Pacific region. True Hallyu Queen. http://www.wkorea.com/2019/07/25/인간-쇼메-송혜교/ CHAUMET HUMAN PERSONIFIED, SONG HYE KYO. Jewelry that glitters. Usually the jewelry one wears is more eye grabbing than the person wearing the piece but Chaumet and Song Hye Kyo’s meeting was one with a difference. Pastel-toned tourmaline, diamond and bright blue opal glistening paired with matching necklace and earring. At the launch of Le Ciel de Chaumet Passage Collection boasting a 230 year history. The new APAC (Asia Pacific) ambassador of the high jewelry brand; Song Hye Kyo was a perfect match for this collection. On the 11th of July, Chaumet hosted a gala dinner at the Monte Carlo Casino where APAC ambassador made headlines when she attended the dinner wearing pieces from the passage collection. Chaumet CEO Jean Mark Mansvelt and President Antoine Arnault of LVMH Group attended the event to celebrate the launch of the Jewelry collection.
  21. @applegirl2 yes, everyone should do that! UAA and Kim&Chang law-firm even mentioned the vast amount of inputs/screen captures and proof sent by fans in their latest article. Youtubers are trying to delete their videos so don’t forget to screen cap! Lol.. these people never saw this coming. Brief translation of a part of the latest article https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/109/0004056387 When asked by journalists why they were announcing their decision to take such action after almost a month of rumors being spread, legal officials pointed out that the focus should be placed on the fact that litigation has already started by the filing of several lawsuits and not on the date of announcement of the lawsuit. <what they mean is that unlike say for example Blossoms which announced their decision to file complaints on behalf of PBG a month ago but no announcement has been made on any actual complaints being filed , Kyo’s lawyers who had been hired on the 28th of June thought they would only make an announcement once they had finished collecting all the evidence and finished making legal complaints against all the accused>.
  22. If Raymond’s constant Rimowa posts are his way of hinting that he is part of team working on the campaign for The Korean celebrity who will be endorsing the brand then I hope him tagging Suecomma means that it’s Kyo! Which would mean that this would be her second brand under LVMH. I know she has been using Rimowa and the last time when we saw her pushing her own luggage it was Rimowa. Can’t find the name of the her luggage model but found a small screen grab of the same luggage model. Rimowa is the foremost luxury luggage brand in the world, endorsed by celebrities who are seen as world travelers like Roger Federer, Lebron James ... and Kyo definitely fits the bill of a world traveler. The CEO of Rimowa is Alexander Arnault, son of Bernard Arnault - Chairman LVMH and younger brother of Antoine Arnault, CEO Berluti. Apart from belonging to the prestigious LVMH brand, Rimowa is such an interesting brand on it’s own that I would love it if Kyo ends up as their brand ambassador!
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