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  1. CSH asks him what is the real reason for him running all the way to her place, he says he had been looking at his phone gallery and he had no pictures of them together. She says it’s always him running to her, he wonders if he seems like a stalker to her. CSH says it is something a boyfriend would do, there we have it first time they use the drama title. :wub:

    He takes many pictures!

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  2. Momster calls daddy Cha and screams at him demanding damage control, he goes to meet MIL for dinner. She is hoping to coordinate a merger between the two political parties, CHa daddy storms out telling her to stop meddling in their lives.


    KJH out for a late run, a montage of all past scenes . KJH looks at his phone and decided to run all the way to her neighborhood. She takes him home, he’s really thirsty. CSH says it’s a strange feeling to have him at her place because she nobody comes to her place. Secretary Jang drops in for a short while from time to time. 

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  3. Nam Driver pretends like he has a diarrhea attack to give them some time alone. Runs to the bathroom, makes a call to KJH saying he’s too sick to drive her home. Haha


    KJH worries about MIL spy’s warning that Taekyung group will take Donghwa hotel away from CSH. I think he’s thinking of distancing himself from CSH to protect her dream, CSH asks him why he’s acting all weird. 

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  4. I missed most of the dinner date. Terrible lag.


    CSH wants to go on an ice rink date and amusement park date but says it will be impossible to go on one. CSH asks KJH if he’s angry because the ex husband still has concern for her. 


    pr team planning an event for Christmas, KJH makes a suggestion of a masquerade ball and team leader ends up telling him to handle the event.  


    I am having a mini celebratory session myself thinking about the masquerade ball!

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  5. Some comic relief, Pr team members fighting to work with KJH but team leader ends up telling Hye In to help KJH.


    Hye In says she thought CSH was really cool, she finally tells KJH about the reporter who contacted her with information about KjH. KJH wonders why they got in touch with Hye In since she is only a friend.


    CSH texts him suggesting they grab a meal. He’a Waiting at the bus stop, ex husband wants to meet him but KJH says he has plans already. KJH asks ex husband why he is interested in their business, ex husband says it’s “concern as  an oppa”. Later in the car, ex husband talks to his secretary and says one could interpret “concern as an oppa” to be a feeling of love. 

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  6. Momster yells at CSH, wants to go to MiL and wants CSH to apologize for the momentary lapse in judgment. Says she is going to live for herself now. 


    CSH is coming to meet KJH. He says the entire Pr team is there but she says she will come down and greet them too, since they have all been working so hard.


    KJH is worried about the repercussions for CSH, but she is worried about how he would have felt without admitting to their relationship. KJH smiles and says it looks like they were worried for each other. 

    CSH is hungry and teases KJH if he has more squid in his pocket, he says he has a piece of chocolate and it’s a coincidence that it was Mr Park who gave him the squid last time and the chocolate this time too. CSH says she is grateful to Park, KJH  wonders if Park is a a fan of his or CSH. CSH eats the chocolate, KJH says  he thought she would share. CSH asks if she should spit it out. KJH laughs and says he was teasing her.

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  7. 14 minutes ago, dukesa1122 said:


    Am I the only one surprised why many people are not familiar with the “ssum” stage because that is something really common where I come from. Most lovers here dont automatically be lovers. They go through a process and thats what the koreans call it the “ssum” stage. In the “ssum” stage there is less to no skinship, so no kissing yet. This is where holding hands and maybe hugging happen. In this stage, the guy mostly does the effort of wooeing the girl. :wub:


    It’s not that the YTber doesn’t undertand “some” relationships but usually in k dramas where the girl and guy finally admit to liking each other there tends to be a kiss, especially with all the build up . CSH had been crying, KJH was restless while thinking of her and then they end up in front of this painting with a romantic poem and it’s in the middle of the night. The set up is all romantic so the writer could have used this opportunity to show more passionate emotions  between KJH and CSH. 


    I don’t think anyone has to worry though if there will be kiss scenes, just go to TVN’s YouTube channel and look at the list of most viewed videos - it’s all kisses. The TVN audience seems to love kisses so I am sure the network will have to oblige. ^_^

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  8. I watch this korean youtuber who does reactions to every episode on Encounter and  she began the last reaction sort of complaining  about how there should have been a kiss scene when CSH agreed to start a “some” relationship with KJH during the ending of episode 5. 

    The YTber jokingly wonders if this drama is going to end up having any kissing scenes at all. 


    If the writers are trying to build up anticipation for the kiss scene then it’s working. 



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  9. 12 hours ago, roshzanna said:

    Just my silly curiosity:D

    1.Why do JH,  SunJoo( pr dept) and mil are all KIM? This is a just a drama and the writer can name them in anything out there. If this is something real, nothing can be done, it just happened that they are the same.


    I think your question is really smart, Kim is the most common surname in Korea. It’s so common that in a population of 50 million, one in five people are named Kim. One in 10 are named Lee which is why the drama also has two characters with that surname.


    Origin of the surname Kim




    So there is a section of the present day population in South Korea who are direct descendants of this family hence implying royal blood. These are the “royal” Kims.


    The rest of the people with that surname actually adopted the name Kim since it was not common amongst the commoners to have surnames.



    These are the “common” Kims. 


    Since MIL and her son belong to the the most elite circle , they can be seen as the “royal” Kims and given KJH’s family background, they would be the “common” Kims. 


    Drama writer probably used the name Kim to point out the irony that CSH’s Prince Charming isn’t the “royal” Kim but the “common” KJH. 


    I also just realized something that had been staring us all in the face this entire time, Donghwa means fairytale in Korean. The writer really commits to the fairytale theme! So it becomes significant to note that when MIL threatens to take away Donghwa from CSH, she is actually threatening CSH’s fairytale. 

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  10. The director’s cut dvd will not have subs, if you are interested in purchasing a copy then I would suggest placing country wise group orders. After making a tentative list for the number of orders then choose a representative per country to get in touch with Boyfriend Daum Cafe. 



    Edit - Zipcinema sent churros to the cast and crew. Thanks @khxy


    The churros look so good!





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  11. 15 hours ago, gumtaek said:

    Difference between the 1st ranked and Boyfriend is .45%


    All of us can help by retweeting all @CJn tweets about the drama.


    Checking all related articles of the drama, Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo in Naver and Daum.


    Counting on your support for the drama! 




    I wanted to re-post this. It would be much appreciated if everyone could show their support for the drama. 



    Since BF hasn’t finished shooting maybe the cast and crew wanted to ease the shooting schedule for the holidays? Could explain why the airing dates have been moved from the Christmas-NY week. The spoiler pictures seem to be pointing towards the direction that there isn’t a lot of time between the actual shooting of the scenes and the airing of those episodes. The other dramas airing on TVN right now had their first script reading almost 6 months before the first episode started airing but BF’s first script reading only took place 3 months before airing so the work load on BF crew must be hectic. The crew has been doing an extremely amazing job till now with the quality of the drama and if it means an extra week of waiting will help to maintain the show quality then that’s good news for all us fans.:D



    @thistle your great aunt sounds like an absolute rock star. 

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  12. 2 minutes ago, jaeyongs said:

    If ever this really happens, giving someone shoes as a gift has a bad meaning right? I think people said the receiver of the shoes will eventually leave you. It doesn't happen in dramas anymore but this is Boyfriend where a lot of foreshadowing happens so :lol:


    I checked the Suecomma pics. How can SHK be so pretty? :lol:


    There is a Korean superstition about footwear and I did think about whether it’s some sort of foreshadowing. If he does give her the sneakers then it will be the second pair of footwear that he’s gifted her. The first were those leather slippers in episode 1.



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