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  1. He is off to catch a bus to Sokcho, she calls him and he says mushy things. Then she tells him to take care of himself at work, he complains that she started talking about work so soon.


    MIL is meeting ex husband’s fake ex girlfriend. She tells MIL that they are no longer together, Mil is surprised and wants to talk to ex husband. MIl has guessed her son’s plan all along, ex husband says he takes sole responsibility for his actions that CSH was not aware.

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  2. Ex husband meets CSH, she asks him why so much interest in The hotel these days. He says he is bound to be concerned because the woman he loves is connected to the hotel. She tells him to stop being funny, he says he will repeat what he said since she didn’t seem to understand him the first time. 

    He walks off saying let’s meet again, he stops and says that he likes the idea of more meetings 

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  3. KJH’s family is eating dinner, Dongsaeng starts asking lots of questions about why KJH needs to go to Sokcho but Hye In doesn’t need to. Loving family banter. 

    Sharp contrast, CSH’s family is in the middle

    of a fight because of CSH’s behavior. Mom asks dad if he is blaming her for everything, he says it’s actually al his fault for keeping quiet this whole time. Mom asks him why he is re-thinking the past.

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  4. Moon shop owner is worried about the restaurant being so expensive! Haha. Kim Dongsaeng tells him to not be so cheap.

    It’s the dinner, Sec Jang and he are shocked! They didn’t even know each other’s name. Haha. 

    They are trading barbs, he says he never went to university she starts asking him why and then screams at him for falsifying facts. She says he can’t  call himself ceo of a restaurant when that restaurant is a small neighborhood store.

     She tells him to eat alone and walks off

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  5. CSH is worried that he will catch a cold once they come down, he says he’s not that weak. They talk about all the memories they have made since Cuba.

    KJH tells CSH he has another confession/ secret to tell her. For the first time in his life, he knows what love is, what t means to be in love. He says CSH made him realize that. 


    CSH tells him that his third secret is a big one.  


    he gifts her his camera, tells her to take a picture. He is outside, the glass is all foggy. CSH is crying behind the camera, he thinks she can’t see him. She wipes her tear and tells him to stop moving, since it’s foggy he couldn’t see the tear 

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  6. Momster meets CSH, CSH tells her mom that she has tried to live her life according to what her mom wants but now things are going to change. Mom says it’s because of her ambition that CSH got married into a prestigious family like the Taekyung Kim family. cSh says she is going to look into legal help in case any problem arises, Mom gets mad and asks CSH why she is ruining everything when she is about to have a fresh start with ex husband. CSH lets her know that there is no possibility of that happening. 


    Mom tells her that she has gone crazy, CSH replies that maybe she has.


    Hye In is still angry about the unfair decision against KJH, he tells her to let it go. 

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  7. CSH, tells spy that he has a choice to make loyalty to Donghwa hotel or keep interfering for



    HI tells KJH that she Let CSH know what happened, she asks him if he’s angry with her. He says no.


    Secretary Jang asks KJH if he was the one to call CSH, sending a sos asking her to interfere. He lets Sec Jang know if she really thinks he could do that. Sec Jang lets him in.


    CSH apologizes for all the trouble, KJH tells her to let him go for the moment. He will be back.


    CSH tells him not to joke and take this lightly, KJH tells her that he will clear up his work station today.

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  8. 56 minutes ago, jaeyongs said:

    Yay! New OST is out. This is probably my fave. Too bad I can't stream it on Melon.

    It's kinda strange, the drama is definitely popular but the OST's aren't charting on Melon?


    Anyways, only a few hours left before ep 8. So excited but what if they won't kiss in tonight's ep? What if they actually want to torture us and leave us with a cliffhanger? That means we're gonna have to wait until next year for the kiss? :o


    Edit: Is KJH holding a mask during the "kiss scene". I just noticed it while making gifs a while ago. Maybe he surprised CSH during the masquerade ball



    The Eric Nam OST is probably my favorite too, still waiting for the one by Saltnpaper though.


    Yes, I think it’s a mask and a surprise. CSH won’t be expecting him at the party in Seoul since he is off working in Sokcho. 




    Credit koreasongsongcouple

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  9. News came out today that SHK has been announced to be the face of Chaumet in Asia, Chaumet is an extremely high end French house of jewellery. The line she is going to promote is the “grace and character” line inspired by the first famous patron of the jewellery house, Empress Joséphine of France.


    The timing of this announcement seems deliberate, the obvious royal theme and the text on the Chaumet page. 


    A story waiting to be discovered on the 22nd? January 22nd in the west would mean January 23rd in Asia, what’s happening in episode 13!? And is she going to end up wearing that gorgeous tiara!









    If this seems irrelevant then Mods please let me know and I can remove the post. 

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  10. I loved the witty use of the word mirror before KJH takes their first couple picture 


    KJH - I ran all this way because I don’t have a single picture of us together.

    CSH - wait a second, let me check the mirror.

    KJH -  even if you don’t look, you’re pretty.


    In Snow White , the evil step mother looks into the enchanted mirror to question who is the fairest woman in the world. Some reviewers believe that the enchanted mirror actually sygnifies relying on the opinion of others about yourself which is what ultimately causes the destruction of the once beautiful queen who grows to become insecure of Snow White.


    When KJH tells CSH(Snow White) that she has no need of the mirror and therefore doesn’t need anyone else’s validification, it’s symbolism at its best! 

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  11. I missed those scenes but it looks like the spy has forced KJH to move to the Sokcho hotel creating physical distance between him and CSH which is why he kept measuring the distance on the map between Sokcho and Seoul. 


    KjH meets his dad and they have a heart to heart about the hardships in love. Dad asks him if he is in love, KJH asks him for help with the mom. He needs to move out temporarily since he Is being moved to Sokcho. The mom worries if he has done something wrong which is why he is being sent away to Sokcho. KJH says it’s because he is new so they will try to challenge the new guy with work. Mom thinks something is wrong,she is worried why he has a woman’s heels in his room. He tells her not to worry. 


    PR team finds out that KJH is being shifted to Sokcho, team leader asks him when he was told about this decision. She tells KJH that he shoukd have come to her and told her, they would have done something to reverse that decision. Hye In runs after team manager and uses her phone to call CSH, she lets CSH know that KJH is unfairly being sent away. 


    CSH returns to the office to confront the spy, PR team members are marveling at CSH’s decision bug KJH knows this will be bad news for CSH so he rushes to her office. 


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  12. Ex husband’s flashback 


    CSH and Mil having a meal in the dining hall, she looks miserable. MIL tells CSH to make sure to appear normal and preyend like it’s all fine for the media even though her husband is cheating on her. Ex husband walks in, sits down and asks CSH for a divorce and walks out. CSH looks even more miserable 


    Present day, Ex husband thanks the woman who has been pretending to be his girlfriend this entire time. He doesn’t want to continue with the charade anymore.

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