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  1. The camera film is over, she remembers KJH telling her to go to the tea shop owner if that happens so That she can develop the pictures.CSH tells him it would be weird for her to go their on her own, he tells her not to worry.


    she meets the old widow and they exhange pleasentries and then start developing the images.


    old widow tells CSH that she still misses her husband who passed away. She walks out, CSH is left looking at the picture of KJH. 


    CSH having a change of heart!!! She is driving to Sokcho. 

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  2. Ex husband meets CSH, she tells him he needs to stop seeking her out since they have nothin to discuss. 

    He brings out their old rings, he asks her if she finds it romantic that he still has them. He tells her to come back to him, he will keep her safe this time - from his MiL, he tells her that she can keep working at the hotel since it pleases her. CSH basically tells him that he knew how miserable she was when they were married and he did nothing then. ex husband says they should go live in another country, how about Cuba? 

    CSH tells him that KJH is an extremely important person to her and that ex husband ought to treat his own GF with some importance too. There was some lag but it looked like the husband said something like he is goinv to not stop trying. 


    momster meets KJH, things do not go well. Then KJh’s Friend asks CSH if she can stop being in a relationship with KJH, she apologizes for her rudeness but CSH says it’s fine. 


    sec Jang shows CSH the sns post and let’s her know that momster met KJH. 


    Poor CSH, she keeps reflecting on what everyone keeps telling her about the hardships faced by Kjh

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  3. A kid crying in the lobby because she left her teddy in the bed, the sheets have been taken to be laundered. KJH offers to look through all the sheets to find the kid’s toy. He has spent two hours looking rifling through it all. He finally finds it, it’s a white bear.


    he runs to the lobby, the kid wakes up and she is all happy. The mom thanks him again, turns out she is some sort of hotel reviewer. She takes pictures of KJH from a distance. Wheee, looks like his good deed is not going to go unnoticed.

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  4. OmG!! KJH’s mom is shown the sns post by a neighbor. She wakes up poor dongsaeng and asks him if it’s KJH in the article. She is really worried and Dongsaeng tells her it’s fine, that KJH and CSH are a little friendly because they met in Cuba. Dongsaeng manages to reduce her fears a little but she isn’t convinced. 


    CSH and her dad are out having a meal. He teases her that the meal is on her since she is way richer than him. She apologizes to him since his name got dragged in the news article. She thinks it will have negative repercussions to him, dad tells her not to worry. But dad is worried about KJH and whether he can withstand all the scrutiny because unlike them KJH isn’t used to Pressure at the hands of Taekyung 

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  5. Ex MIL tells her son that she will never accept CSH now that the whole world has seen her with KJH. She tells him to move on and choose another person to replace CSH in his life. 


    Momster is also freaking out, dad tells her to stop bothering CSH. 


    KJH is back in Sokcho,all the employees are gossiping about him and CSH. He steps out to call CSH 

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  6. Sec Jang wakes up in LDC’s restaurant, she asks him why he didn’t drop her at a hotel. He talks about wastage of money, drags her off to a sauna to freshen up. He asks her about her drunk ramblings about KJH and the problems he is in. Sec Jang is evasive, she sees sns post about KJH and CSH freaks out and runs off leaving poor LDC confused. 


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  7. Lee Dae Chan and Secretary Jang discover their identities after the mask comes off, she is about to dahs off but Dongsaeng manages to tell her to join them for drinks since it’s new year.


    While the main couple watch a movie about Vincent Van Gogh, the three unlikely people are getting drunk. Lee Dae Chan is worried about the amount the Sec Jang is drinking. 


    I had some lag, dongsaeng is calling KJH but since they  are watching said movie he doesn’t pick up call.


    ex husband is outside her house.


    THEY KISS AGAIn!!!!! He surprises her with a kiss 


    poor ex husband he has the worst bad luck 

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  8. They kiss

    ex husband sees.

    the two are at subway, the server is shocked to see CSH. KJH is worried that someone will rexognise her but CSH points out that the place is empty. 

    Kjh asks her if she is happy that he surprised her, she replies - why ask when you already know the answer. KJH says he wants to hear her say so out loud, she does. 


    They are planning to watch a movie. 

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    We are the director's cut of Boyfriend(Encounter) Blu-ray/DVD Promotion Team.

    Depending on the number of disks,

    Blu-ray usually costs at least 250,000 won(KRW) to 300,000 won (In some cases, it costs more than 300,000 won),

    and DVD is also expensive at 130,000 to 200,000 won.

    Therefore, the director's Blu-ray/DVD needs to be filled to a certain level of demand

    before it can be manufactured.

    It depends on whether or not the number of people who want to buy.

    That's why it's important for many people to participate the fictitious demand survey. 

    The promotion team is going to recruit additional Chinese and Japanese foreign language staffs

    to investigate and promote it to overseas fans.

    Thank you for your support and love.

    * The fictitious demand survey is not an actual purchase, it does not cast money or responsibility. 


    Source Boyfriend DVD Daum cafe 

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  10. 49 minutes ago, thistle said:

    I'm still thinking about those masks.  I really do think that SH's mask is Green Man.  And I loved that JH was the Tin Man (after all, that character just wanted to have a heart).


    I think you’re right about the tin man but if I could disagree with CSH’s mask. I think she is the (wo)man behind the iron mask, the real CSH had been locked up, hidden from the world and the false CSH was out and about. Now things are about to change 


    In fact in the DiCaprio movie there is a masquerade ball where the musketeers replace the King with his twin, the man in the iron mask. 


    The mask CSH wore was also extremely peculiar, it is a combination of an iron mask with a crown? 


    Like a combination of these two images?




    @utkim sent you a link but the site is sort of shady. 

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  11. 5 minutes ago, mellinadear said:

    Is that all the kiss we get?


    Can someone please give me the address of the director?


    I just want to have a chat with him. :angry:


    That’s what I am saying! Who shows a kiss from those weird angles and it wasn’t even like the actors were awkward that they needed to chicken out like that. 


    Everyone send messages to TVN to show us the kiss with proper angles in the beginning of the next episode! We have TWO WEEKS to make it happen!

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  12. Sec Jang and Mokn shoo owner are heavily flirting without knowing each other’s identity! 

    Driver nam’s mask is so small, Pr team manager says anyone can know that it’s him. Since she is a single woman now she is off to have some fun


    dj is doing the year end countdown and tells the audience to find someone to bring in the new year with. Ex husband is looking for CSH. 

    Main leads meet! They Kisssssssss!!!

    I feel cheated! The kiss seems so good but the stupid angles. 

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