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  1. 16 minutes ago, myneighbortotoro said:

    Regarding the last scene in ep 5... I’ve seen some translation as JH suggesting a “pre-relationship,” a “something relationship,” or a “fling.” 


    Can someone fluent in Korean explain to me what is the nature of the relationship that he is suggesting? Like, is this type of arrangement supposed to be exclusive? (I’m guessing not exclusive, because then it isn’t that different from being bf/gf...). Or more like, a friends with skinship benefits and no commitment type of thing?


    The translation as “fling” really changes the meaning of that scene for me somehow. Makes it seem as though they don’t intent for the relationship to last long anyway :/


    It’s not a fling, a fling would imply that both individuals only acknowledge being in a temporary physical relationship. A 썸 which is Koreanized for ‘some' which is short for 'something, is more about exploring romantic feelings .


    More detailed explanation by a Korean.




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  2. 39 minutes ago, utkim said:


    Dating app??? Cool :glasses: :joy:


    thanks to all :wub:


    I could be wrong but I think the drama was parodying this popular Korean app called I-Um because the icon looks really similar. It’s strict with security and has a high marital success rate so it’s not for people looking to casually date.




    What the real app logo looks like 



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  3. 18 minutes ago, teachermok said:


    LOL at "Secretary Jang's future bf"! Been shipping them since last week :grimace:


    I say future boyfriend because Secretary Jang is part of this dating app where she gets an update about a new member who fits her preference. That new member is LDC aka snail shop owner, KJM made him a profile on the same app. LDC wants a nice looking profile picture so that it can attract the ladies so KJM tells him to cover his moustache, he ends up hiding most of his face.


    Secretary Jang doesn’t know that it’s him but his bio on the app says he is a restaurant owner. So she wonders if he has a chain of chicken restaurants and gets a big ole smile on her face while wondering if he owns a chain of family restaurants.


    confident that they are going to start to DM each other by next episode without knowing each other’s identity.  :D

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  4. Secretary Jang’s future boyfriend still doesn’t know about the ramyun scandal.


    KJM: What’s going on? Quick! Tell me what’s going on

    LDC : Kim Jin Hyuk, if you were planning on bringing someone like that you should have pre-warned me. Hyung would have prepared more food on the house. 

    KJM: I would have never guessed the ramyun man was you!

    LDC: what is this ramyun incident you keep talking about, tell me too.

    KJH : keep quiet, there are customers who will hear you. 

    KJM: Got to call Omma and let her know

    KJH : no need to let Omma know,she will worry.

    KJM : Why? Why? What is your relationship with her 

    LDC: What is your relationship with her?

    KJM:What is your relationship with her?

    LDC : Ramyun, ramyun. 




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  5. Next episode 


    CSH : ..... for Omma too, I’m your daughter.


    The mother looks like she’s regretting something, could the monster have a heart after all? 


    MIL : I wonder if (our) Soo Hyun is doing this because she is feeling lonely. 


    She still considers CSH as a member of her family and tries to get a rise out of KJH by hinting that CSH is only running around with KJH out of a feeling of loneliness. 


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  6. The ex husband is so smooth.


    CSH : please don’t be polite and let me know what you like in a woman. I want to try and mould myself into that woman. 

    JSJ: I didn’t think that I had any particular preference or type.

    JSJ: Today is strange.

    CSH: Please talk plainly, I’m not very smart so I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

    JSJ: Exactly this style , my style is  CSH.




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  7. 1 hour ago, gumtaek said:

    How can Hye In not fall in love with Jin Hyuk, tell me?


     Yeah, poor Hye In . I feel horrible for her,  the flashback is her graduation day. Her friends leave with their parents for lunch and she’s all alone. KJH calls out her name, turns out they don’t even attend the same school! Hye In is so touched that he came all the way, her dad is busy at work and her mom is recovering from surgery at the hospital. KJH inquires about her mother’s health and tells Hye In the least he could do as a friend was to attend her ceremony. They take a picture and Hye In, poor girl never even had a chance.


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  8. After the preview for next episode there was a short 30 second scene. CSH was crying while driving , talking to herself “What’s wrong with me, I am good at holding it in”

    The car gas tank was running low , she didn’t pay attention and she had to call some sort of a towing service.

    She was extremely sad and lonely in that scene, this happens just before she meets him by the painting again. 



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  9. # For people who aren’t aware ”some relationship” in Korea means two people who have started to explore their romantic feelings for each other. It’s not boyfriend girlfriend,

    more like serious consideration towards establishing a relationship. 


    # the empty frames reference I mentioned in earlier post popped up in this episode too. The episode starts with empty frames, a boy and girl holding hands are walking up a pathway made of magical vines.





    # the episode ended with one frame being revealed. boy (the sun) and girl( the moon) gazing at each other. 




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  10. #CSH and Sec Jang are in the car, Sec Jang says she thinks it’s best that CSH stops all this. CSH says she can’t stop but wonder at how unfair this is, that the timing is off. She wonders why she couldn’t have met him during her younger years and why she’s experiencing this at this stage of her life. Sec Jang asks her if she likes KJH and CSH says he is someone I wonder about. CSH tells her not to worry “ I am used to holding it in, don’t worry I am good at holding my feelings in”


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  11. #CSH and KJH end up playing hooky from work. 

    Go to the snail restaurant , Secretary Jang and Owner are having an argument because he’s hung up her wallet and she’s angry because it’s really expensive and ruined. 

    #owner doesn’t recognize CSH, hahaha.. he’s half in love with CSH and can’t stop complimenting her beauty ends up insulting Secretary Jang because he thinks CSH is much younger than her.


    secretary jang’s face



    #Dongsaeng walks in and realizes that his brother is the man from the news. They start teasing KJH once the girls leave 


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  12. # CSH says she will buy the ramen instead, they’re in the car with Driver Nam and Secretary Jang. Secretary Jang offers to drop off KJH but CSH suggests that Driver Nam and Secretary Jang leave instead 

    # KJH looks worried in the car, CSH says it’s okay I didn’t really expect us to eat ramen. He says he’s worried that her face will bloat up if she eats ramen at night instead he knows the perfect tea shop.

    # they reach this enchanted deep in the woods looking cottage which is giving off complete good witch cottage vibes. Turns out the woman who owns the tea shop is actually the widow of the man who had gifted KJH’s dad the camera. 

    #the owner asks KJH if he is planning to confess his feelings to CSH, he says what will happen if he confesses? The owner asks him to come close ,she looks into his face and says don’t confess today because you’re looking ugly!! Lol

    #secretary Jang ends up at the snail restaurant and asks the owner to contact KJH, she waits for KJH ends up getting drunk and tells him CSH’s sad story. She tells KJH that even she was touched and thankful for KJH’s action back in the office 



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  13. SnowWhite+RoseRed



    The version of the Snow White fairytale popular today is actually an amalgamation of two characters, in the original story there are two central characters - Snow White who has extremely light blond hair her personality traits are - quiet, keeps to herself and prefers to stay indoors. Rose Red has dark hair and prefers to be outside, speak her mind, and is more adventurous than her quieter sister. 


    Through time various versions have written off the real Snow White’s character,visuals and personality traits but her name has been transferred to Rose Red. 





    This most popular version of Snow White is actually RoseRed.


    Similarly CSH is made up of two CSHs, before her dad joins politics(RoseRed) and after (SnowWhite). Over time RoseRed CSH is buried deep inside and the public only knows of SnowWhite CSH . Like the original fairytale , there are very few people who know the real CSH - this has been alluded several times during conversations between Driver Nam and Secretary. 


    Using metaphors and symbology 

    *in the last episode KJH gives CSH Sulwhasoo’s RoseRed lipstick.



    *Driver Nam says that the only time CSH resembles her old (RoseRed CSH) self is when she’s with KJH.

    * KJH gifts her a book entitled “I look at you how I look at flowers”. The rest of the world sees SnowWhite CSH but he sees her as RoseRed CSH. 


    The drama therefore suggests that the birthday gift KJH is giving her isn’t actually the physical lipstick but the larger gift of helping RoseRed CSH who has been forced to live under the guise of Snow White CSH to finally come out and reveal her true self. 

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  14. How do korean celebrities have such smooth and taut cheeks? It can’t be a normal filler or Botox because the celebrities in Hollywood get that weird bloated look. I’m 26 and some of the 40 year old Koreans have tighter faces than me. <_<

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  15. 2 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    the one with short hair is not park na rae, she is  a much senior comedian. on another variety with mung hun


    Sorry, I wrote Park Na Rae but I meant Kim Sook. Got their names mixed up:sweatingbullets:


    It would be so great if SHK also attended MAMA in Tokyo, good opportunity to promote the drama during this critical stage by the main leads.

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  16. My two cents is that it’s a little too premature to like or dislike the ex husband.




    When CSH goes to meet him in episode 3 in the background there are several mirrors with wooden frames hung on the wall behind them. After watching the scene a second time I noticed that all the frames aren’t the same and they’re actually not all mirrors, since they’re empty and because of the lighting it looks like they’re all mirrors. Since paintings and wall art have been used in the drama to show some sort of connection to the characters,  this use of empty wall frames must have also been done deliberately.




    The last shot of the scene is a mirror reflecting him sitting alone after CSH leaves the restaurant. The mirror is being used as a device to remind the viewers that the only concrete knowledge available to us at this present moment is that he loves her, that his feelings are one sided and not reciprocated by CSH.


    The empty frames hide both the past and the possible future between the two , as the story unravels we will learn more and these empty frames will become obvious to the viewers. 




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  17. 12 hours ago, foolmoondance said:


    who is the official artist's drama? no wonder it was such beautiful work. an old fairy tale book coming alive with so much richness in it.

    Jamsan . The artist has a YouTube channel and SNS 



    When your own daughter chooses CSH over you. Mother asked her daughter twice who she found prettier, CSH or her. Daughter pointed to the TV both times.



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  18. Don’t get too bummed by news about ratings, it might improve next week. Instead leave positive messages for the cast and crew who are still shooting the drama. In one of the Dots interviews I read SHK say how she would read the responses of foreign fans after each episode. It’s possible that she might be looking for feedback again. 


    SNS links for actors 



    Alternately you can also leave messages on PBG’s agency Blossom Entertainment 



    Alternately you can also give feedback to her Makeup artist and Stylist.




    Jang Seung Jo




    The song that everyone is looking for is an unreleased OST for the drama. It’s by a Korean American singer called Saltnpaper who was formerly known as MYK. Linking his post on IG confirming himself as the singer.




    CSH’s owl doll is available for pre-order now.



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