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  1. #CSH and Sec Jang are in the car, Sec Jang says she thinks it’s best that CSH stops all this. CSH says she can’t stop but wonder at how unfair this is, that the timing is off. She wonders why she couldn’t have met him during her younger years and why she’s experiencing this at this stage of her life. Sec Jang asks her if she likes KJH and CSH says he is someone I wonder about. CSH tells her not to worry “ I am used to holding it in, don’t worry I am good at holding my feelings in”
  2. #CSH and KJH end up playing hooky from work. Go to the snail restaurant , Secretary Jang and Owner are having an argument because he’s hung up her wallet and she’s angry because it’s really expensive and ruined. #owner doesn’t recognize CSH, hahaha.. he’s half in love with CSH and can’t stop complimenting her beauty ends up insulting Secretary Jang because he thinks CSH is much younger than her. secretary jang’s face #Dongsaeng walks in and realizes that his brother is the man from the news. They start teasing KJH once the girls leave
  3. # CSH says she will buy the ramen instead, they’re in the car with Driver Nam and Secretary Jang. Secretary Jang offers to drop off KJH but CSH suggests that Driver Nam and Secretary Jang leave instead # KJH looks worried in the car, CSH says it’s okay I didn’t really expect us to eat ramen. He says he’s worried that her face will bloat up if she eats ramen at night instead he knows the perfect tea shop. # they reach this enchanted deep in the woods looking cottage which is giving off complete good witch cottage vibes. Turns out the woman who owns the tea shop is actually the widow of the man who had gifted KJH’s dad the camera. #the owner asks KJH if he is planning to confess his feelings to CSH, he says what will happen if he confesses? The owner asks him to come close ,she looks into his face and says don’t confess today because you’re looking ugly!! Lol #secretary Jang ends up at the snail restaurant and asks the owner to contact KJH, she waits for KJH ends up getting drunk and tells him CSH’s sad story. She tells KJH that even she was touched and thankful for KJH’s action back in the office
  4. SnowWhite+RoseRed The version of the Snow White fairytale popular today is actually an amalgamation of two characters, in the original story there are two central characters - Snow White who has extremely light blond hair her personality traits are - quiet, keeps to herself and prefers to stay indoors. Rose Red has dark hair and prefers to be outside, speak her mind, and is more adventurous than her quieter sister. Through time various versions have written off the real Snow White’s character,visuals and personality traits but her name has been transferred to Rose Red. This most popular version of Snow White is actually RoseRed. Similarly CSH is made up of two CSHs, before her dad joins politics(RoseRed) and after (SnowWhite). Over time RoseRed CSH is buried deep inside and the public only knows of SnowWhite CSH . Like the original fairytale , there are very few people who know the real CSH - this has been alluded several times during conversations between Driver Nam and Secretary. Using metaphors and symbology *in the last episode KJH gives CSH Sulwhasoo’s RoseRed lipstick. *Driver Nam says that the only time CSH resembles her old (RoseRed CSH) self is when she’s with KJH. * KJH gifts her a book entitled “I look at you how I look at flowers”. The rest of the world sees SnowWhite CSH but he sees her as RoseRed CSH. The drama therefore suggests that the birthday gift KJH is giving her isn’t actually the physical lipstick but the larger gift of helping RoseRed CSH who has been forced to live under the guise of Snow White CSH to finally come out and reveal her true self.
  5. Why do babies like CSH so much? This one is younger than the last one , only 6 months old. Fanart
  6. How do korean celebrities have such smooth and taut cheeks? It can’t be a normal filler or Botox because the celebrities in Hollywood get that weird bloated look. I’m 26 and some of the 40 year old Koreans have tighter faces than me.
  7. Sorry, I wrote Park Na Rae but I meant Kim Sook. Got their names mixed up It would be so great if SHK also attended MAMA in Tokyo, good opportunity to promote the drama during this critical stage by the main leads.
  8. I think Kim Sook might be a SHK fan, she never fails to parody her new drama.Seoulmate 2 did a parody of some of the scenes.
  9. My two cents is that it’s a little too premature to like or dislike the ex husband. When CSH goes to meet him in episode 3 in the background there are several mirrors with wooden frames hung on the wall behind them. After watching the scene a second time I noticed that all the frames aren’t the same and they’re actually not all mirrors, since they’re empty and because of the lighting it looks like they’re all mirrors. Since paintings and wall art have been used in the drama to show some sort of connection to the characters, this use of empty wall frames must have also been done deliberately. The last shot of the scene is a mirror reflecting him sitting alone after CSH leaves the restaurant. The mirror is being used as a device to remind the viewers that the only concrete knowledge available to us at this present moment is that he loves her, that his feelings are one sided and not reciprocated by CSH. The empty frames hide both the past and the possible future between the two , as the story unravels we will learn more and these empty frames will become obvious to the viewers.
  10. Jamsan . The artist has a YouTube channel and SNS When your own daughter chooses CSH over you. Mother asked her daughter twice who she found prettier, CSH or her. Daughter pointed to the TV both times.
  11. Don’t get too bummed by news about ratings, it might improve next week. Instead leave positive messages for the cast and crew who are still shooting the drama. In one of the Dots interviews I read SHK say how she would read the responses of foreign fans after each episode. It’s possible that she might be looking for feedback again. SNS links for actors : PBG Alternately you can also leave messages on PBG’s agency Blossom Entertainment : SHK Alternately you can also give feedback to her Makeup artist and Stylist. : P.O : Jang Seung Jo The song that everyone is looking for is an unreleased OST for the drama. It’s by a Korean American singer called Saltnpaper who was formerly known as MYK. Linking his post on IG confirming himself as the singer. CSH’s owl doll is available for pre-order now.
  12. Previous episodes referenced the princesses in Roman Holiday and Cinderella . Possible references after watching this weeks episodes while it’s still fresh on my mind. It might get long and repetitive in some places. PsycheXEros The episode shows a painting of a sleeping woman whose face is covered with a butterfly. In Greek mythology there is this story of a princess called Psyche, Psyche is also the Greek word for butterfly and spirit/soul. The princess is famed for being the most beautiful woman in the world and undergoes many trials, tribulations because she has earned the wrath of the goddess Aphrodite.Psyche’s troubles start because of her father the king. He tries to find her a husband she can love, having set certain actions in motion he loses control. Psyche pays the ultimate price and it is ordained that she will be bride to a non-human groom. The king feels helpless but being weak of character abandons Psyche. On her wedding day she sets out dressed for a funeral and she is whisked away by her groom. The twist in the story is that her husband is Eros, the god of love and the son of the goddess who is the bane of her existence. His mother intends for Eros to punish Psyche but he is secretly in love with the princess. Due to some trust issues he leaves Psyche but is still in love with her and shields her from his mother. While Psyche is on a lonely journey to discover herself, the princess is plagued with judgments of the subjects of her kingdom. In the beginning she is quick to despair and give up but as the story progresses there are strong elements of depression, transition, maturity, control over her own life and the ultimate triumph of love. During said journey, Psyche even falls into an enchanted sleep. The drama keeps associating sleeping pills with CSH. CSH is Psyche, her father is the king who loves her but he’s helpless, similar to the princess CSH leads a death like existence ever since her father joined politics, the MIL is Aphrodite , her ex husband is Eros who truly loves her , people passing judgements is the rest of society who views her life as press fodder. Psyche journeys back from the land of the dead, gets back with Eros which could mean that the story might end with CSH getting back with her ex husband. DionysusXAriadne Ariadne is the beautiful daughter of King of Minos, popularly known as King Midas. There is a monster living in this kingdom called the Minotaur which is half man and half bull. The king demands an annual sacrifice of sons and daughters to this monster. Prince Theseus of neighboring Athens comes to kill the monster and succeeds in doing so with the help of Ariadne. Theseus tells Ariadne that he’s in love with her, they elope and run away. Theseus is deceitful and abandons the Princess on an island while she is asleep. After finding herself abandoned on the island the princess cries herself to sleep, unbeknownst to her the God Dionysus who is symbolised using grapes, grapevine and alcohol reaches the shore and falls in love with the sleeping Ariadne. In Greek culture the god who rules the psyche(butterfly/soul/spirit) is Dionysus. Dionysus is artistically represented as a handsome young man who brings music and dance with him wherever he goes, accompanied by magical beings like the satyrs. When she wakes up she is startled to see a strange man in the island with her, Dionysus asks her the reason for her sadness and gives comfort to a grieving Ariadne. He later confesses his love for Ariadne, she accepts him and later finds out he’s a god. Ariadne is given the gift of immortality. A chance meeting on the island of Naxos brought Ariadne and Dionysus together. Some versions of this story suggest the involvement of another god called Hermes, he is known as the messenger of the gods. He is also known as the god of transportation. Hermès interferes and introduces Ariadne to her true husband Dionysus. CSH is Ariadne, her father is King Midas and this is heavily hinted in the episode with the image of a king, her mother is the monster - CSH asks her mother if she’s a monster in episode 3, Prince Theseus is her ex husband, Hermes is Nam Driver. Image of King Midas drawn by the official artist of the drama with his golden cup KJH is Dionysus, drama gives us several clues. CSH says he is a green grape , KJH’s e-mail is greengrapeman, the color green is used to refer to his youth- Dionysus is youthful looking. His character is introduced in the drama with music and dance, he is pulled towards CSH from the first time he lays eyes on her. CSH has been robbed, is helpless by the sea and is about to doze off. KJH to the rescue, she wakes up to find him. She makes what seems to be a strange request for alcohol, KJH provides the alcohol. He provides her with music, suddenly there is a choreographed dance number in the background - these are the accompanying satyrs. Like Ariadne and Dionysus, KJH and CSH could also have a happily ever after. Pegasus The artist shared some images on Instagram, a winged horse and small figure of a girl in the tower. Seems similar to the lore of Pegasus, he helps Perseus save a princess called Andromeda who has been abandoned near the sea from a vicious sea monster which has a serpentine head. Andromeda’s mother is the vain Queen Cassiopea whose boasting lands Andromeda in the path of the monster. Pegasus alludes to facilitation of travel that would be Nam Driver and the other characters are self explanatory. Perseus and Andromeda have a happy ending too. Snow White The sleeping pills could also allude to the story of Snow White , evil (step) mother who is power hungry. The first time CSH falls asleep she is dressed in bright red, in sleeping beauty the princess falls into enchanted sleep after biting into a red apple. The princess wakes up to find her prince, CSH wakes up to find KJH. In Snow White there are seven dwarves, in the drama with the exception of KJH and CSH’s family members and the evil PR team member there are 7 positive characters. Using the image on the first page of the thread having scratched out the traitor. Sleeping Beauty Previous artwork shown in the drama shows a castle covered with spinning wheels. In one image there is a young girl and the other shows the same tower but the girl has matured into a woman The princess is cursed to die if she pricked by a needle and can only come out of her enchanted sleep if she receives true love’s kiss. CSH nearly dies in the first episode because she’s so sleepy, KJH rescues her. The artwork shows the woman in the shadow of a moon alluding to sleep. The passage of time is the loneliness in CSH’s life from her younger years to present day. This story also like the Sleeping Beauty has a positive outcome. Rapunzel The previous artwork shows the woman standing in the balcony of an impossibly long tower. In Rapunzsl the princess is locked in the tower by an evil witch because of the greed of her parents, the king and the queen. The witch cuts Rapunzel’s hair to stop her from meeting the prince. CSH has short hair before and during her marriage, her present short hair could be a metaphor for what she’s already because of her MIL. Evil MIL threatens to take away CSH’s hotel to stop her from meeting the KJH. The prince can’t climb the tower without the princess’s long hair, KJH can’t meet CSH under present circumstances if he’s fired or she loses the hotel. In episode 3 KJH is counting the floors to the building and her office is high up like a tower. Like the princess is locked up by the witch, CSH is confined to certain spaces as per the wishes of the MIL. Forbidden Fruit versus the Apple and Grape In the Bible, the eye catching red apple is forbidden fruit in the garden of paradise , the one thing god has forbidden Adam to taste which will ultimately lead to the downfall of man. CSH is the eye catching red apple, Adam is KJH, God is Adam’s creator/parent - KJH’s mother has forbidden him to involve himself in a relationship with a divorced woman. The snake in the garden is represented in the poem “yearning”. Adam is banished from life as he knows in paradise, KJH will be fired from work and face other dire consequences in his life if he is to engage with CSH. Before Christianity spread in the Slavic states there was this goddess called Ziva who rules life, fertility and immortality. She is seen carrying an apple in one hand and bunch of grapes in the other hand. CSH and KJH are the apple and grape, the rest of the story is completely opposite to the Bible - a male god who punishes and a female goddess who nourishes, loss of life in the earlier story and the power to give life in the story of the goddess. One would result in complete destruction of KJH and CSH, the other story has a positive outcome. This is a pictorial representation of the Goddess with the apple and grape in her hands. Princess Diana There are also obvious similarities to Princess Diana’s life. Infamous divorce ,cheating husband, heightened paparazzi interest, romantic relationship with a commoner, interference by famous in laws who believed that she was still answerable to them and indifference by her own family who wanted to stay in the good books of the royal family. Some sources state that Princess Diana’s personal chauffeur was extremely loyal to her and facilitated many of her romantic rendezvous. Princess Diana dies in a car crash after being chased by the paparazzi. CSH has been in two car accidents within 4 episodes. The day Princess Diana died the car was not driven by her driver. Nam Driver wasn’t the driver the two times CSH finds herself in a car crash. This could be foreshadowing, CSH like Diana might end up tragically dead. I think these were the only references that I could find till now. In some places fans have started calling CSH a peach but I am now more than ever convinced that she is an apple.
  13. Power of the drama, the book of poetry has reached 2nd on the best sellers list for online editions.
  14. Someone please save this man. In his official resume, KJH’s e-mail is greengrapeman@naver.com.
  15. Dongsaeng says it’s his dream to end up with a woman like CSH. Mother says she forbids her son being with two kinds of woman - a divorced woman or a single mother. Uh oh. the father is silent during the entire conversation, I think he suspects that it’s KJH in all the news reports with CSH. I am fast loving Park Han Gil, he was the PR team member who got drunk last time. He and CSH share the same birthday, later when everyone in the PR team is discussing the dating news and the horrible comments left by netizens he says it’s all because of envy and jealousy towards CSH. Goo Eun Jin agrees, says CSH has it all but adds that she is pretty too and being younger has a slight advantage when it comes to age .GEJ says CSH probably feels very lonely , Team Leader defends CSH and then Lee Jin Ho, the traitor snidely remarks who can really tell the true nature of people like CSH.
  16. KJH’s brother asks if CSH is really as pretty as people say. KJH answers in the affirmative, his dongsaeng is shocked because KJH is not the kind of person who notices if a girl is petty or not. Dongsaeng tells mom that CSH must be a real beauty for his brother to have noticed her, KJH’s mom is not impressed, she thinks CSH is in the wrong for having divorced her husband. She thinks a woman’s rightful place is beside her husband. It seems like ALL the mothers are going to be problematic.
  17. @gumtaek I forgot to mention this but after the first episode a few salsa dance clubs in Seoul reported a surge in people interested in Salsa nights. So Encounter just helped sales for dance classes, books, lipsticks, bags, earrings , clothes, hangover medicine, barley tea, hair salons. The cultural impact!
  18. I get a feeling that the ratings will increase by quite a bit. The episode kept me at the edge of my seat. Hye In is a really good friend, she is in love with KJH and genuinely worries for him. She is loyal to him and refuses to help the reporter. Secretary Jang is the best friend every girl needs.CSH reaches home and JMJ starts teasing her about the lipstick, CSH tells her that the KJH gifted it to her. JMJ is worried for CSH but she still indulges her friend for a few minutes letting her enjoy the privilege of some sort of normalcy. Afterwards she tells CSH it’s time to snap out of it and face reality. CSH invites her to have breakfast with the family but JMJ tells her she has to meet someone. That someone is KJH. He calls her to the snail restaurant, some comic relief here between the restaurant owner and JJM. She wants coffee, he says sorry we don’t sell coffee. She is not impressed and asks for a cola, he tells her she should go to a nearby cafe instead. They start arguing, KJH walks in and owner mistakenly thinks that this is the woman KJH has been meeting. His attitude changes and he walks after politely speaking to the two of them. JMJ tells KJH that he needs to stay away from CSH because the only person who will end up hurt is her. KJH wonders why CSH can’t meet up with a friend, secretary says things that seem ordinary and normal for people like her and KJH is a luxury for CSH. She has no privacy, hands over her phone to KJH. There is a sns post by the driver involved in the car accident, he had slyly taken a picture of CSH and KJH when he was supposed to take a picture of the car plate. “ I got into an accident with CSH last night, she’s out of this world beautiful” . Secretary says it’s a relief that the driver didn’t pay attention to KJH or they would have had more trouble. She walks out. KJH runs after her, he tells JMJ that he isn’t the sort of person who gets into things just to amuse himself. He believes that when any two people encounter each other in life no matter how short the moment might be, there is a significance to that meeting. * goosebumps*
  19. This episode was like a movie, I wanted to do more recaps but there wasn’t any filler scene where I could take a break. It was a super solid episode in terms of content, pace and character building. All the supporting characters have actual reasons to be part of this story . The episode started with a haunting image of a boy and girl holding hands facing away. They’re standing within a nest of snakes who are moving closer to them. In the last scene of the episode when CSH is confronted by MIL’s spy about the truth of an alleged relationship between her and an employee of the company. CSH says she doesn’t think the articles merit any explanation, the mole makes a scene and employee start gathering around them. The mole says it makes it his business because this affects the image of the company, CSH is helpless and can’t stop him from asking such questions in front of everyone. KJH can see the struggle within CSH, Nam Driver pulls her away but then KJH shouts her name . Walks up to her “ I have money today. How about we eat ramyun at the convenience store”. CSH and KJH have a conversation telepathically, he tells her he’s not thinking right now he’s just acting on impulse. She is worried for him. He tells her not to worry. He doesn’t want her to be alone right now. The episode ends with the boy and girl still holding hands but the snakes start disappearing one by one. The malicious and gossiping employees are the snakes.
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