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  1. Sure but you’ll have to post the green hat post too, the one where C-netizens were discussing the implications of certain fashion choices...otherwise some fans may not get the context.
  2. I see, I had checked the fashion week official site and it said Maison Dior instead of Christian Dior. so I got real excited thinking that maybe Maison Dior was asking Kyo to be the face of their newest fragrance called Spice blend, it gave me soooo many Encounter feels! The inspiration for this fragrance is Cuba and I thought it was perfect for Kyo. Maybe we should all start a petition to Dior telling them to make Kyo the face of Spice Blend. It’s high time Kyo endorses a fragrance!
  3. What haters don’t understand about Kyo, she could be dressed as if she is lounging at home and she would still get more attention than everyone. She is consistently the only Korean celebrity who doesn’t wear sponsored clothes at the airport yet her views during the few times that the media has been able to spot her are crazy high. If she actually agreed to wear clothes from any brand just imagine the amount of publicity it would get. This airport fancam alone is almost reaching a million views Once this video hits a million she will the first Korean actress whose solo airport fancam will reach a million views on YouTube. Her other airport fancams also get crazy views at the airport , numbers equivalent to idols like BTS and BlackPink, which means even after 20+ years in the industry she still enjoys the support of that sort of a fandom. Ralph Lauren’s 4th tweet about Kyo. I think they are realizing that they made a mistake not uploading about Kyo earlier, seeing how many likes and retweets she is getting. I’ve sent them a DM on their Instagram reminding them that they still haven’t uploaded any pictures of her, it’s just weird that they’re only uploading on Twitter. Would appreciate it if all of you could do the same and don’t forget to mention Kyo’s Instagram account.
  4. @oaklove great post! does anyone know what Dior Show E-online is referring too? I checked the PFW schedule and it ends on October 1st. The only shows I see on the 1st of October that makes sense for Kyo to attend is the Chanel show at 10:30 am and Louis Vuitton at 6:30 pm. The Maison Dior (different line but under the same brand as Christian Dior) show is for perfumes(?) , that’s on the 24th of September and there are no Dior Haute Couture shows. E-online also stated how this was her first appearance at NYFW when she literally attended Prada show earlier this year. I am however keeping my fingers crossed that she attends PFW this year, it’s practically a tradition for her to attend at least one show in Paris every year unless she has work at the time. Last show she attended at PFW was the Dior show, since there is no Dior this time .. I would love it if she attended show the Chanel/LV show but I would die of happiness if she attended the Elie Saab show in Paris. Seriously it’s a crime that Hyunkyoung hasn’t ever dressed Kyo in an Elie Saab gown.
  5. Age is no bar to a fanboys heart. At the end of the video he calls her Omma <mother>, the mother wrote that he refers to all women as either Omma or Halmoni <grandmother> based on their age. That’s probably what he thinks is the correct way to call all women. looks like Ralph Lauren realized that Kyo posts get a lot of traction on social media. They posted two more times, though I’m still waiting for an IG post.
  6. We need to make this tweet go viral ! Like retweet and comment. RL is the grandest American designer house and it’s a really big deal for such an iconic brand to reach out to Kyo. Another close friend of Kyo, Reming9 makes a post on her IG story showing support for Kyo.
  7. This is the founder of the PR agency talking to Kyo at the RL show. His message is really sweet.
  8. Has anyone confirmed that Kyo is watching the Men’s Final at the US Open today, as in right now? Someone said that since RL is the official partner of the US open , she and other guests will be attending the match today. I keep looking around but I can’t spot her.
  9. The man talking to Kyo before the show began was Francis Cheng, founder of a Hong Kong/Shanghai based PR company. He posted pictures with all the celebrities there but none with Kyo, I wonder if he forgot to ask for a picture. The woman who was seated on Kyo’s right at the table is Indya Moore, it was really sweet how Indya introduced herself to Kyo. We know that Kyo is not exactly a social butterfly and she wouldn’t have spoken first, both Lily Aldridge ( person sitting to the left of Kyo) and Indya were really friendly to Kyo, so I like them even more than I did before.
  10. Zoomed in enough and figured it out, the person deep in conversation with Kyo was Lily! Lily Aldridge is a supermodel and formerly a Victoria’s Secret angel, she is also the wife of Caleb Followill ( main vocalist for Kings of Leon, one of my favorite bands)
  11. She was shooting photo shoot at the venue which is why she was there a little early. I couldn’t see clear faces but could make out one of the celebrities that Kyo was seated with - Poppy Delevingne, British Model Socialite and sister of Cara Delivingne. I saw the other two women at the table both strike up a conversation with Kyo during different times but it was a zoomed out shot, so never got a clear look of their faces. Seated in the booth behind Kyo was Ralph Lauren himself and on the table behind Kyo were Anna Wintour and who I think was Cate Blanchett. Other celebrities ( not counting the models and Janelle Monet since she was performing) attending were Henry Golding ( he was seated on one of the other tables) , JJ Lin ( he was seated in one of the white booths). I don’t think Jenie was there because I saw Hyun Kyoung coordinating with the media and shoot etc. Don’t forget to like the post!
  12. The fashion show will be shown live in about 4 hours from now ( 9 pm EST ) on RL’s IG https://instagram.com/ralphlauren?igshid=iragz6kzh3ou please show your support for Kyo.
  13. I really hope it’s true that she is attending RL show in NYC. I remember talking to a friend about I wished how she was one of the celebrities invited by RL (Tom Hiddleston, David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, James Norton, Kendall Jenner, Sienna Miller, JJ Lin, Siwon) most were seated right next to the Royal box attending the Wimbledon matches this year. I hope RL and she can build a great relationship together! It would be amazing if she attended Wimbledon 2020, so all of us fans should show loads of support for Kyo on the RL IG page. Edit : to all gossip peddlers who are trying to create a controversy because the RL show takes place on the night of September 7th. Grow up and move on... if you actually think Kyo has that sort of power then good for her. Also, please remember time zones and time difference.
  14. Please note that fans are retweeting or making posts about nominating Kyo from their private IGs. This doesn’t help. You can only like and comment the official entry nomination post. Which I have posted below. Please spread the messages otherwise all your votes and posts will not count; your entire effort would have been a complete waste. We are not even in the top 10 - about 32,000 likes and 7,000 comments lesser than the artist in 1st position.
  15. Someone asked me if it’s true that Kyo called herself pretty in the latest WKorea video; the answer is no. Hyejoo said she was going to take a photo with Kyo, then she walked over to Kyo and whispered “너무 예뻐 so pretty”, then Hyejoo said “완전 최고 예뻐 - truly the prettiest” which made Kyo laugh. Kyo only laughed and didn’t say anything, It’s not in Kyo’s nature to call herself pretty.
  16. When she was posing for photos, Hyejoo (W Editor) screamed out “you’re the prettiest!”. I also noticed that Kyo was the only other celebrity apart from Natalie Portman who seemed to have a literal line of people waiting to take pictures with her. W Korea once again also pointed out that she is the representative for the entire APAC (Asia-Pacific) region and not just a country.
  17. I really wish we would all worry more about why her IG numbers keep dropping! This is not normal at all, Kyo and her team have obviously not been notified. She has lost almost 18,000 followers and slumped back to 9.79 million now when she used to be 9.81 million just a few days ago. This can have a direct effect on her endorsements. Companies keep a very close watch on such things. In the past few months extremely big names in kdrama world have been replaced by people with large social media following.
  18. congratulations to Kyo once again, her brand continues to show it’s strength. This article was posted yesterday about the growth in the sales and market position of Icis 8.0 http://www.fetv.co.kr/mobile/article.html?no=35007 This was posted a few months ago https://www.google.com/amp/m.koreaherald.com/amp/view.php%3fud=20190607000468 To give a brief summary and added information. Samdasoo launched in 1998 has been the undisputed number one brand in the bottled water industry. Even in 2015 they secured 45 percent market share of the bottled water industry. Lotte Icis is made up of three different water brands - Icis 8.0, Icis Peace Park forest and Icis Jiri Mountain. Lotte Icis 8.0 is the main contributor and constitutes almost 65 percent of the entire Lotte Icis sales. Lotte Icis 8.0 was launched in August 2011, Kyo has been their brand muse since 2013. Samdasoo’s market share fell to 41.9 percent in 2017 and 40.1 percent last year. In April, its market share came to 38.5 percent. Meanwhile, Lotte’s Icis recorded a constant rise in its market share, from 10.4 percent in 2017 to 13.9 percent in April. According to market research firm Nielsen Korea, sales of Icis 8.0, which was 10.6 billion won in 2012, grew by about 500% to 53.3 billion won in 2018. Thereby showing that Icis 8.0 is firmly solidifying it’s 2nd position and growing steadily in the domestic water bottled industry.
  19. don’t forget to vote by liking and leaving comments on the Tccasia post below. We are not even in the top 10 of Asia, so we’re really not doing enough everyone! Please!
  20. Do not let people spread lies about how she is getting more endorsements after her marriage. Amore Pacific ( almost 22 years - served as face of all the major brands under AP group. Holds record of being longest brand ambassador for Etude House, Laneige and now Sulwhasoo. She was also the face of Innisfree but was asked to help sell more expensive Laneige brand after a year. She is also the only actress to represent two different brand under AP at the same time - Sulwhasoo and Makeon) Icis 8.0 ( a contract with Lotte brand since 2013! Unlike other celebrities who don’t get contract renewals after a year, she has been the face of Korea’s 2nd biggest selling mineral water brand since 2013.) LVMH ( Celine, Dior and now Chaumet ; her relationship with LVMH has been there since 2007) Chanel ( has had a relationship with House of Chanel since 2011 till today ) Burberry ( has had a relationship with House of Burberry since 2013 till today ) Prada (has had a relationship with House of Prada since 2016 till today) Dyson ( since 2016, a contract which has been renewed since 2016) These are just few of the brands, go check her past endorsements of Roem, Esprit and See Young to understand just how long her endorsement deals were renewed...it may seem like she doesn’t get as many deals as other actresses to casual Kdrama fans but the real truth is unlike other actresses/actors whose contracts aren’t renewed in most cases beyond a year, so they have “new and fresh” cf deals every year. The greatest testament to how much faith brands put in her? Kolon FC who owns Suecomma Bonnie has been having major sales problems prior to 2018 .. the Industry experts in Korea had predicted Suecomma Bonnie would be shut down in 2018 but the new CEO has decided to try to save the brand and who did he ask to be the savior? Song Hye Kyo full article link - https://www.google.com/amp/www.businesskorea.co.kr/news/articleViewAmp.html%3fidxno=27376 Against this backdrop, the chairman’s son has been deployed as a relief pitcher for Kolon FnC. He is expected to focus on revitalizing the company by reviving its brands. The company has decided to save the SUECOMMA BONNIE, its shoes brand that industry watchers predicted would be abolished at the end of this year due to poor performance. Kolon FnC has selected actress Song Hye-kyo as a model for the shoes brand in the spring and summer season of next year. The company is determined to boost the popularity of the brand on the strength of the hot actress, who assumed a leading role in a TV drama that was recently begun. ______ This is the true reality of the Brand - Song Hye Kyo. Bye haters.
  21. I want to make an important request to all Kyo fans not to get manipulated into supporting or throwing our weight behind any actor/actress just because it may seem like they’re facing something Kyo went through. Some people want to use Kyo as a shield for their own use and in reality she has neither anything to do with them and nor does her situation mirror their situation.
  22. Kyo is so cute! Her haters want to believe that her holidays are “luxurious” and she’s out there partying every night... yet, she’s out there in glamorous Cannes racing toy boats...specifically RC remote controlled boats at night. a picture of the location where she was racing boats.
  23. bjoeun Caption : Chaumet B cut pictures. it might seem like the end but there is still more left.
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