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  1. 1 hour ago, ImAryaStark said:


    If I am not mistaken I think the actual photo was taken a day before his birthday. 


    Sorry to bother but please explain more what is this? It seems nobody other than you notice this one. What is that spot? :sweatingbullets:

    Remember the little prince painting in CSH’s room?


    It was inspired by this actual sculpture in Busan. 



    You can see the same big white building in Bogum’s post thanking everyone for celebrating his birthday. 



    @stardustvoid I think now I’m pretty sure that it’s the same place.

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  2. Dear Encounter family, please do not forget to tweet/send questions regarding the drama to Anne Curtis-Smith on either her Insta or Twitter . She will be hosting Bogum’s fanmeeting in the Philippines on the 22nd of this month. Since she is an actual fan of the drama and our lead pair, it’s more likely that she will understand our questions more than previous MCs who just follow the script.


    This could be our last golden opportunity to get questions answered about the drama, so please do contribute with questions! 


    Thank you to all on this thread.


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  3. Do not forget to tweet 


    “ SongHyeKyo for Catwoman in Batman 2021



    Also don’t forget to like her IG pictures because IG has changed their policy and her limiting her comments has reduced her IG profile by a drastic percentage. Last month her profile growth saw a drop of 70,000+ followers, her new followers were only 30,000 last month compared to her usual growth rate of 100,000+ followers. 





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  4. Please continue to show your support for Kyo on the Chaumet page so that racist people like this are put in their place.  


    Chaumet posts pictures of women of different racial backgrounds but just because their last 6 updates have been about Kyo, this person thought she could throw out a statement like that. Disgusting how people think they can get away with “casual racist” statements like this. 


    I saw this comment on this post. 


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  5. For the last few weeks it’s been so much negativity so it’s great that UAA will take action. 


    How about we start some social media projects for Kyo? 


    Take for example, in case if you would want her to part of a major project like the upcoming Batman trilogy by Warner Brothers.  


    I want her to be part of the project because I am a huge fan of the DCU and reading about Matt Reeves ideas and inspirations about how he plans to make this movie sounds like it’s going to be a cult classic and I would love it if Kyo could be immortalized in an iconic role.


    Then go to your twitter account , type the following message to the Director of the new Batman movie and paste a picture of Kyo for reference.


    “SongHyeKyo for Catwoman in Batman 2021





    And before you think something like this would be impossible, remember BTS got invitations to major talkshows because their fans promoted them aggressively on social media and are now killing it around the world. Studios pay attention to what we say over social media, make loud enough noise and anything is possible. 


    Fans of many other actresses in Hollywood have already started campaigns. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wmagazine.com/story/catwoman-who-should-play-robert-pattinson-batman/amp


    The Director says the movie is inspired by China townXThelonggoodbye and he sees Batman playing a sort of Jekyll and Hyde character. The filming for this project starts towards the year so me personally, I’m gonna tweet the Director because I want her to be part of this project so bad! 

    Clips from the movies which the director mentioned, I read the Batman movie is set in the 70s(?). Kyo would suit the aesthetic of these movies because like Wong Kar Wai said she has the sort of face which reminds people of a time goneby. 





    Similarly if any of you other fans have an idea/suggestion for future projects then please go ahead and use your social media. 

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  6. Omg! Had to come out and post this. 


    KBS says they are in the process of confirming  Kyo and Joo Ji Hoon will be part of their new drama. They will play lawyers representing the highest 1% of the legal fraternity and their lives in that world, while their characters are lawyers but this drama will not be a legal drama. 




    I have to admit I am very surprised with the pairing but excited about Kyo coming back to our screens!! 

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  7. Actress Moon Sori talked about meeting her co-star Hyungsik for the first time at Kyo’s wedding. She further added that since Kyo had worked with her husband ( director of Love for Sale) on a movie in the past, she used to come to their house. Kyo had bought a Rapunzel doll for their daughter, Moon Sori says that her daughter  refers to Kyo as Rapunzel Aunt and says “Rapunzel Aunt is the prettiest”. 



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  8. Briefly summarizing an article. I think it means Kyo will have to be quite active this year.


    Amore Pacific with Brand Ambassador Song Hye Kyo plans an all out pursuit against LG




    The company will launch many stores across China using Song Hye Kyo’s influence as brand ambassador to regain their position as number one Korean beauty company.


    In the first quarter of this year Sulwhasoo opened 5 new outlets in China, there are presently 176 outlets operational in the country.


    The idea is to expand their business from 1st and 2nd major metropolitan cities to smaller upcoming cities and expand their store number to over 200 stores at the end of this year. 


    In 2015, Sulwhasoo became the first Korean beauty brand to reach annual sales of 1 Trillion Won (roughly 1 Billion USD) but LG has been growing steadily and has surpassed the 2 Trillion Won ( roughy 2 Billion USD) making them the first company to achieve such a feat and the market leader. 


    Market analysts claim Sulwhasoo has had to modify and alter their strategy because of LG’s recent success with their brand - History of Whoo (HOW) which has famous actress Lee Young Ae as their brand ambassador since 2011. 


    HOW has a total of 206 stores operational in China with presence in various major and small cities. 


    The year 2017 marked the first time LG replaced Amore Pacific as the top spot in the industry. 


    Amore Pacific which was launched in 1997 had a no model policy, changed this policy after 20 years and chose Song Hye Kyo in December 2017 to be their brand ambassador. Though the industry rankings haven’t changed, Amore Pacific has decided to bring a change with active investment this year and to change their focus from managing their existing store to expanding their presence through new outlets.




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  9. Media play has started regarding the new KES drama, the reporter mentions that Kyo has been a leading lady for a past KES drama but mentions another actress as front runner because it requires an actress with ride acting range to be able to emote roles from both eras <_<


    I do not appreciate media play of this standard at all, compliment your star but don’t drag others 


    And now you’re facing karma in the comments section.


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  10. 1 minute ago, stardustvoid said:

    Indoor kiss you say? You mean it was supposed to happen inside her hotel room?? :w00t: PD became a prude and opened it up to interpretation instead.


    That's as indoor-sy as we can get in that episode in Cuba. :lol:

     Hahaha. No. 

    The script stated that the kiss would take place in the ballroom where everyone was dancing but PD thought that it would be out of character for the two to kiss in front of everyone like that.

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  11. Another summarized part of PD’s Japanese interview 


    PD says adding illustrations was his idea, he is a big fan of the illustrator. He thought that given JinHyuk’s interest in photography and SOoHyun’s love for art that such using illustrations that captured the essence of the episode would be very apt. While the drama isn’t a tragedy he wanted the idea of a possibility of tragic events to be communicated. 


    He also says he changed the order of scenes and improvised some scenes. When asked for an example he states that the balcony kiss was actually supposed to be an indoor kiss. The couple was supposed to kiss in front of everyone in the masked ball but he thought it felt too awkward given the story so he decided to change the location. The weather was horrible that day and the Director was sick, seems everyone was having a hard time when that kiss scene was shot. 


    Sorry @nani89 for the confusion! 


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