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  1. I’ve decided to take a hiatus from k-ent for some time, ever since what happened to Kyo and other things that have happened to other idols of mine. It’s been too nerve wracking for me personally and need to remove myself from this space.


    Not sure if many of you follow kpop news but one of my childhood idols, Sulli just committed suicide after years of being bullied by netizens for the way she lived her life. While grieving for her I realized this is the same bullying faced by Kyo throughout her career too. I know she’s strong but that doesn’t mean she should have to face constant barrage of hate and false rumors spread about her. I request all Kyo fans to always send her love and positivity.


    I just popped by to say this.


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  2. One day old news but It’s the most viewed article again today!




    The women leaving nasty comments are only about Kyo’s future love interest. I think many of these women are victims, have been scarred by their Oppas love for Kyo.


    Apart from them spreading false stories and the comments being deeply misogynistic, they’ve also taken a racial tone and are getting increasingly violent. 

    Requesting all Kyo fans to screen cap it all and send it to UAA. These roaches need to be exterminated! Spread their names so that we can expose their reality. Korean fans are already replying to these people and sending screen caps, let’s do our bit!


    Examples of disgusting comments in the article. These aren’t even the worst ones, so you can all imagine how bad it is in the comment section.







    There's been a lot of shootings these days (in the United States) and you're going to get shot. Somebody put a bullet in her head.


    2. D26-B24-F1-0-C1-A-49-EE-B699-C40-DF7-EFB


    I heard that art school is free and animal world like (* they’re meaning having casual sex like animals do). Seems like a good fit for you. 



    Sponsor granddaddy ~ explanation...


    4. A8-FE715-D-0-C67-432-B-B581-EFE5309-C8-F

    How could you ever be satisfied with just one man! Hah!


    5. B0-D74-DA8-3040-46-CC-98-BB-65181-F75-A4

    What..me? .... keke Anna ...  Who's the male co-star? Aja Aja Fighting (* this comment is implying that she is already planning to seduce her next male co-star)


    6. 4-AEE3-B6-D-121-D-4111-8-C76-AD44-B5-F04

    I wonder, are you still trying to hit on men these days.


    7. A1-B74-C10-9-C98-40-D0-9-E8-D-B5-C2-E776

    She is tired of Korean men... wants to meet Black men ( * it’s a crude joke because men of the African race are supposed to more anatomically gifted in size.)




    Going to get huge white radish ( * I am once again guessing that this is supposed to be a crude joke regarding how Caucasian men are more anatomically gifted in size).



    Park Bo Gum is in New York as well. So it was all true.


    10.  B44-F17-A7-C914-4-F66-B7-E2-ADD06024-DE2

    Her mother got a divorce when she was 17, the effect of having no father around is obvious.




    So what if you have money, you’re still a lonely loser....even having to buy part female time workers ( to leave positive comments on her articles)....even if you don’t have a husband at least you could have had a child... Tae Hee has 2 daughters and Ji Hyun has 2 sons, while Hye Kyo has an army of 1000 part time women workers...hahaha



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  3. His fans actually left comments on the latest Korean article saying they’re going to call US immigration services to report her for illegally staying in the United States.




    Maybe they should tweet at Trump and tell him about her being a threat.


    They’re also claiming that Communist party workers are writing good comments for Kyo in articles, just imagine, in their delusional minds she is so powerful that there is an actual team of workers in China’s cyber team which sits and monitors her articles in Korea. 

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  4. @redbeanbuns it’s actually very common for idol fans to “purchase” flight details and information. One reason why idol fans are ready with cameras at the airport is because of this..lol.

    yes, Jang Ki Young seems to be a new ambassador at this point . Too bad, Kyo will never agree to do a joint photo-spread... it would be so cool if they did. Should we leave comments on Suecomma page to do so? 


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  5. @redbeanbuns she uses her private IG as a means to promote her endorsements. In some contracts it’s even a pre-condition that they need to use their private sns to as

    proof that they actually use and promote the products..two of my idol biases has to open instagrams for endorsement reasons.


    Paris Fashion Week has started, day after is the Dior show... as usual we have no clue if she is going or what show she could be attending. If they gave us some warning at least fans could

    have been prepared to welcome her.


    It’s misersble considering all the other fandoms

    have already purchased all the confirmed flight information, I spoke to one of them and they literally told me to pay, then get the information about Kyo’s flights in the future. :joy:



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  6. 5 hours ago, redbeanbuns said:

    @ahdrianaa how about hyebaragi korea?why don't we tell them about this?maybe with the help from korean fans,UAA will notice it


    Pretty sure fans from every country have notified UAA about this disturbing trend, so it’s impossible that they don’t know.


    Kyo’s rankings have slipped so much that she isn’t even in the list of top 10 most followed Korean female celebrities. Just a month ago she was the 8th most followed female celebrity,

    Now the people who were below her presently have a lead of more than 200,000 celebrities. We were hoping to celebrate 10 million followers for her birthday but it seems more likely that we will slump to 9 million at this rate.

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  7. http://www.ggilbo.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=704661#_enliple


    영화 '호우시절'이 실시간 검색어에 오르면서 주연배우 고원원에 대한 관심이 높아지고 있다. 

    중국 언론 레코드 차이나에 따르면 최근 중국 최대 검색 포털 '바이두'는 아시아 10대 미녀 순위를 발표했다.


    As per reports of the Chinese Media Records, China’s largest search portal released Baidu released their rankings of Asia’s 10 most beautiful women. 


    1. Gao Yuan Yuan

    2. SNSD Yoona

    3. Fan Bing Bing

    4. Song Hye Kyo

    5. T-area Jiyeon

    6. Liu Yi Fei

    7. F(x) Krystal

    8. Park Shin Hye 

     9. Zhao Liying

    10. Angelababy.





    I’m honestly really disappointed with how UAA is acting oblivious to the IG situation. 


    It’s not a purge of bots, a clean up doesn’t last more than a month! It’s not happening to anyone elseIt’s not “fans” leaving because people who want to leave would have left immediately after the news came out, not wait for a month to pass and then start leaving in a slow and steady stream. 


    Kyo has lost more than 40,000 followers now for no explainable reason and once a downward trend starts then it’s difficult to stem the flow. Any other agency would have at least realized the situation and do something about it by now because it’s a very bad public look. 


    If her agency isn’t going to even look into this concern of the fans then aren’t us fans just wasting our m time trying to promote brands on SNS by us showing support for Kyo? Because the companies will definitely have a problem with the negative slope in her IG followers, so us liking and commenting on posts becomes futile. 




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    Professor Song Iu Ho of Daegu Haany university, Department of Cosmetic Engineering announced that that he had been surveying Asians living in Daegu/North Gyeongsang Province about their consciousness and use of Korean cosmetics. He announced the findings of his surgery at a forum of the Gyeongbuk Science and Technology Association.


    Asian residents in Korea, including Chinese and Vietnamese , picked singer and actress IU as the most beautiful Korean celebrity followed by Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Min-Ho, Hyun-Ah and Jun Ji-Hyun.


    When asked about korean cosmetic brands, 26 surveyors replied Innisfree; followed by Missha, Tony Moly, Sum, Ohui, Iope, Sulwhasoo and Face shop.


    The survey was conducted on 316 foreigners. 77.8 percent of the survey pool were university students studying abroad in Korea with 11.4 percent of the surgery comprising of married foreigners and professional workers staying in Korea. In particular, the survey was conducted to listen directly to the cosmetics culture of Asia (total 4.3 billion, 2014) and use it as a basic material for establishing the K-beauty policy.






    Kyo shows off her Hallyu power and beauty status once again, despite the survey pool comprising of people mainly from their late teens to 20s. ( 191 out of the 316 people surveyed are University Students)




    Also, props to Kyo, amongst the brands mentioned by the surveyors the Sulwhasoo products are by far the most expensive! The other brands with the exception of OHui are mostly “road-shop” beauty brands and mid-level beauty brands which would make sense since most people taking part in the survey are university students. The fact that Laneige which was so popular with Asian buyers before has now slipped in the survey but a brand like Sulwhasoo which didn’t have wide brand recognition outside of Korea is now popular because of Kyo. It’s only been one year since she became Sulwhasoo muse Give it a few more months and I’m positive the results will omg get better.

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  9. Thank god for Suecomma Bonnie and Sulwhasoo for regularly feeding us.


    When is Gichancy going to release the CF, it’s crazy that it’s taking them so many months to edit the video. 


    I’m sure we’ll be seeing a new Makeon cf, just a matter of time.


    ICIS only does one very basic photo shoot every month, so I don’t even expect pictorials from them.


    keeping fingers crossed for Chaumet!! 


    I don’t think Kyo has shot anything new for Dyson in months, even though they made a post with Kyo’s face last month. Wonder if Dyson’slatest post on IG is just a regular publicity photo shoot for Elle Korea or if those two people have become new official dyson ambassadors?


    Looking at Verdi Vero’s past ambassadors, the company has very short contractual periods and there is one shoot during the entire contract. So I guess this means Kyo’s contract with them will also expire soon.

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  10. On 9/16/2019 at 2:40 PM, Craniata said:

    yeah, I know the effect of social media.  but Kyo is not like any celebrity in Korea. She doesn't pr for only one major design house. She just wears what she like or whatever stylist gives her without considering the brand's name. For ex, Jennie worn only and only Channel in the early debut until now so her fans can easily know which brand they should make the promotion for her, Kai has same case with her. However, Kyo sometime wears Chanel, Prada, Miumiu ( belongs to Prada), Dior,.. she doesn't stay in one brand so we can't trend for her easily. If we know which brand she has a tendancy to work with, we can use hastag but it seem like she doesn't want the identity for any brand. 


    Kyo actually was wearing a lot of Chanel while Karl Lagerfeld was actively involved, she has also been a Dior favorite from early 2010s but the thing is at the time when Kyo was actively involved with them Korean wave wasn’t as big a thing as it is today. Back then those designer houses didn’t announce any Korean stars as ambassadors like they have started doing in the past few years, for example during Kyo’s activities around 2012-14 she wore a lot of Chanel and Dior outfits when was actively promoting - in fact if you search for many Chanel and Dior items in Korea, they’re known as the SHK bag, SHK dress etc. Basically what I’m trying to say is that idol fandoms created a buzz around Jennie , Kai , Irene  for wearing Chanel; Gucci and MiuMiu long before these brands even thought to invite them on board, idol fandoms are a lot more active on social media which is why most of the ambassadors as idols.....if we’re active like them then fashion houses will also be more aggressive in trying to get Kyo as their ambassador by sending her their clothes and accessories, till now all the pieces she wears are her own collection. The last bag she received from a Brand requesting her to rep their brand was from Prada when she inaugurated their store.


    I am on board for any brand that people agree on, I think it seems like it would make sense that it be Dior which is part of the LVMH family given how she is APAC Ambassador for Chaumet.




    has anyone heard that Kyo has been seen enrolling for classes at the New York Academy of Fine arts.  I checked the site and she is either taking a short 2 day course, like this https://nyaa.asapconnected.com/#CourseID=206411 taking place on 28th September or else 

     Or else she is doing an entire semester course! 



    which means she will be in NYC till December.


    I had heard rumors that Kyo had been living in NYC for almost a month, now I wonder if the rumors were true.

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  11. Thank you to the whole fandom for voting for

    AAA, we have jumped three places and are in 3rd rank. Please keep voting and remember the big fight is actually in round 3, so think of this as your practice round. The other fandoms have created several extra accounts for voting, so in case you have family and friends who you could recruit please do so! 


    More pics from Suecomma



    Just a suggestion from my side, if you all have twitter or Instagram fan accounts could you please continue to rep Kyo with fashion houses you would love to see her work with. Social media presence is super important these days and if you feel proud when Kyo attends events like Chaumet and Ralph Lauren then you can make these events more frequent by all of us doing our bit.


    For example, I’m an Exo-L; Kai was named Gucci Ambassador for Korea earlier this year after he attended events for Gucci from 2018 and fans made Gucci realize his cultural impact by making Gucci trend worldwide and today it was announced that Gucci is making him a Global Ambassador, this is the first time something like this has happened for a Korean celebrity. So what I’m trying to get at is that we can do the same for Kyo. Let’s get Kyo a global endorsement from a major design house!!! 




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  12. Kyo fanart by a popular illustrator in Korea. We need to make this go viral so that Kyo can see, we know how much she loves it when fans do fanart. 

    If we show this artist a lot of love maybe she will do more pieces, I know she released a coloring book with some Korean idol artwork recently. It would be so cool if she did something similar for Kyo, I would love to buy that.





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  13. Very important! We’ve now made it to the second round ( there are 3 rounds) of voting for the Asian Artist Awards which will be hosted in Vietnam this year. The awards will be on 26th November which is 4 days after her birthday, so this can be one of our birthday gifts for Kyo! 


    Please go and vote!!!!



    I know many Kyo fans didn’t participate in the first round, we slipped so many positions. So for this round really let’s start strong. We need to really really really vote! 


    If you’re having difficulty navigating the site, remember to change the language option.




    Voting is only open today! So you can’t miss it! 


    These are the rules, please share on your social media.. so that ALL of us can show our support.



    “The Primary Vote round will start at 0:00 on September 15 (GMT +7). Like every other year, the results of the Top 50 in the Pre-vote round will be reset to zero when the Primary Vote round begins. That means that when the Top 50 starts a new race, all will be standing in the same starting point.


    Method of voting for Primary Vote round of AAA 2019: 


    (Applicable to domestic and international IP)

    Free of charge voting on the website:

    Maximum 2 votes / day


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  14. All Kyo fans should be ready, in the next few days you will see her being attacked due to politics between the left and right parties in Korea. 


    I already see these “posts” being posted on Naver. 


    She will be attacked for earning money in China. Her intentions behind refusing Mitsubishi deal will be questioned. Her tax scandal will be brought back to life.

  15. The only man at Kyo’s table at Ralph Lauren is Edward Enninful, Editor in Chief of British Vogue which makes him the third most powerful Editor in the Vogue Heirarchy after Anna Wintour and Angelica Cheung.


    Kyo forever rubbing shoulders with the most influential and powerful people in the fashion world. 


    Seriously, we as a fandom should DM him and tell him how we’d want to see Kyo do a shoot for British Vogue.




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  16. 9 hours ago, redbeanbuns said:

    I hope Kyo will grace the front page for Vogue this year..

    Yes, that’s the hope and all Asian Vogue edition ( Korea, China, HK, Taiwan)


    She was hanging out with two Vogue Korea fashion editors and Shin HyunJi (Model) Then Kyo started following Hyunji on IG. I think Kyo gets along with people with love for fashion and artistic dispositions, clearly the reason why most of the people she is close friends with and follows on Instagram are editors, stylists and models.


    It was super cute when Hyunji walked for Ralph Lauren, she was all serious but when she saw Kyo .. she gave the hugest smile. I think it was a proud moment where the two were acknowledging the significance of seeing each other, for Kyo she sees a rising Korean Model making a big name for herself in the global fashion industry and for Hyunji to see Kyo, a Korean actress who is a global powerhouse sitting amongst the other Hollywood celebrities in the Audience. 


    The camera didn’t cut to Kyo but Hyunji was definitely smiling because she saw Kyo.











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