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  1. Alright. I’ve finished the series and I have thoughts. On Sangsang C’mon….Less than 4 episodes left of the series and we literally don’t see her for an entire episode? Um, why? And in one of the episodes, she has less screen time and talking time than YHY? Since MSS got out of the picture, the production team has rarely given moments between NQ&SS a backing soundtrack. Every sweet scene with NQ&MSS and NY&YHY gets a “oh-my-flutter-in-my-stomach” song and lovey dovey looks. But scenes with NQ&SS are way too brief. I just adore SYR as SS. She’s amazing and so adorable. I’m so happy she’s not the typical looking female lead. On this season Song Yi Ren is amazing as Sangsang. And Chen Fei Yu did an incredible job as Ning Que. I will really miss this duo. I wish they had more screen time in the last few episodes. Looking back, those first few episodes with them feel so nostalgic, pure, and magical. The actor for Long Qing was amazing! And he is very well built lol! I hope he comes back for season 2 because it helps with the cohesion even if the male lead changes. I agree that the production team kind of butchered their romance a bit because of the emphasis on the other characters. I wished CFY had also made googly eyes at SS as he did with the others. Or a look of relief/gratitude during some of their later scenes because it like he was really her master. For the last battle, I was really hoping to see Why did they make YHY into a love sap? One of the good things about here in the first part of this novel is that she thinks NQ is a pile of crap. Obviously, we needed more NQ&SS scenes in the later episodes. You could even just show them slurping their noodles for 5 minutes straight and no one would complain. On SangSang in Season 2: Our girl SS is a genius and you need to keep all those novel bits in. Yes, she is “lazy,” but when she thinks, she outshines everyone. Here are some of the many gems you forgot in Season 1: That time when Master Yan Se and Wei Guang Ming were going to fight after the chessboard game gets knocked over and they need to get to business. But she remembers exactly where each piece is and gives them more time to not kill each other. When she beats Tang Xiao Tang like 129 times in chess and that is why TXT has to jump down the waterfall 129 times. She is a freaking living version of Google Maps and is the key reason why NQ is able to shoot XH and win during his battle. She needs more screen time. She could be washing vegetables for all I care. It’s just not cool how the female lead has less speaking time and I feel like screen time than the other female leads. Like MSS had like 10 episodes with 10+ minutes in each. I think SS is usually in just 1 or 2 scenes and they are too brief. On Season 2: I will watch Season 2. I, for the most part, really like the plot. If they keep the same: Director, SYR, Second Brother, CPP—I’m in. I’m kind of upset at the changes they’ve made, but it sort of balances out with the sweet additions they added with SS&NQ. They followed the story better than most adaptations. The cinematography was great, casting & acting caliber was amazing, and the soundtrack is magical. While I am a proud member of TEAM PETTY AF and want to boycott this on the fact that we get a new NQ, I need to give this outstanding production team a chance. Dylan Wang, in my book, was terrible in Meteor Garden while also having some redeeming scenes, but I am hoping he really improves. And with that... I want more sweet scenes between SS&NQ. I hope DW makes NQ to be more endearing to SS like how he is in the novel. I thought DW in Meteor Garden was great when it came to caring and thoughtful scenes with the female lead. I hope he doesn’t that exude that high and mighty exterior that I found CFY to have in the later episodes with SS. I’m pretty optimistic about this people lol. NQ is definitely not my favorite character in the book. Hell, of any book of that matter. His ONLY redeeming quality is his love for SS. I can take him being shameless, but he is way too flirtatious and is tempted (you can argue even does tempt) with the other ladies. Please change this in the drama lol. You gave us unnecessary and nonexistent NQ&MSS/NQ&YHY arcs. Please give us a more loyal Ning Que! LOL I have more thoughts. Will come back to share. Tagging others that I need to read my thoughts lol! @angelangie @UnniSarah @thartie @lynne22 @n3bula
  2. Ok so I read the last chapter from Yoda (@thartie) aka the machine translated version lol. And...
  3. Since I last signed on, this thread has grown 20 pages! I can’t read through it all. I will be tempted with spoilers (even though I’ve read the book lol). I’m back with my important question. The most important question in the universe. Has NQ&SS reunited?! If so, what episode?
  4. I like your interpretation and it makes more sense to me now! Gahhh...another week without Evernight episodes because I am too petty to watch without NQ&SS LOL
  5. @lynne22 @ningsangcpp 1. EP 51-52?! We only get our wholesome duo back for 8-9 episodes? If this is true, surely it is one of the biggest injustices of the world 2. Do the episode previews actually match the right episode though? I think there was some discussion that it was off? 3. I’m up to ep 30/31 right before NQ&MSS take too much screen time. Drama NQ, by the comments I skimmed through (I don’t want to get into too spoilers even though I read the book lol), seem to be less considerate/sweet than Novel NQ. UGH. I can’t wait till Drama NQ suffers and I hope the show every part of the novel where: I very much would like to see NQ suffer because he’s a flirty punk and SS deserves better lol. What a great holiday present that would be!
  6. Y’all, I have a very important question... Is NQ and SS reuniting this week?!
  7. EP 40 OR 41? Girl. Don’t play with me. Can y’ll give me a shoutout when they reunite? I can’t be like you higher souls and say I’m cool with seeing NQ with anyone other than SS. Even in other dramas. Team Sangsang! (And mainly team petty)
  8. The only reason why I won’t skip all the parts of NQ & MSS: to see MSS’ reaction when NQ mentions SS lol
  9. Episode 47? That means it'll be next NEXT week when we see their reunion and at that point, there are only 13 episodes left.... WHY! lol
  10. Hi! Will someone kindly let me know if NQ and SS reunite this week from the wilderness? Probably not right? I just don't want to watch it, if I'm just going to see NQ with MSS all week lol. I'll wait to catch up after next week's episodes airs so I can see NQ and SS reunite
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