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  1. Man, bless Soompi translation and Sohyun? Cackled real bad. Like, huh? What? Uh? I know that's supposed to be an ambiguous answer, but still, what. Edit: Oh, I just reread it, and she meant “yeah there’ll be people that would mistake us for dating” and not “yeah, we could probably date”. Still, the whole “he might get upset” part. I’m thinking back to that one BTS where JDY is rubbing her hand and he’s like “yes I like you, I don’t think she understands how much I like her.”
  2. I can see the "saranghae" that people are saying, but also I think lip reading can be kinda iffy at times so _(:3 」∠)_ Out of curiosity, do you see any parallels between that couple and this one? Taking what I can get for evidence, and similarity to public couples sounds real good.
  3. Little disappointed at the whole sibling thing, but it's not surprising. If anything, I'd like for them to be cast together in a modern drama, but at the very least I hope they stay good friends. "If they are meant to be, then love will find its way" and all that. Man, if there weren't any context to that LOL imagine if they practiced their kissing scenes.
  4. Agree, that’s why I’m a little reluctant to say I ship this couple. Not entirely sure if I want to try and trust things that may or may not be there. That and KSH is only 20, meaning there’s a lot of potential people she might want to date. Doing this kind of thing and speculating is fun though, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like each other. :3c Okay I can’t NOT point this out, JDY’s ears are very red. I checked to see if it was the gif coloring + lighting that’s doing that. Nope, actually red. That’s kind of cute. Edit: I gave it another look. I don’t know anymore. OTL What do you guys think?
  5. I keep coming back to the rain kiss BTS. The way he says macaron to KSH is soo cute. I can’t get tired of it. By the way, there’s something about how soulmates have similar faces? I’m no good at critically analyzing that kind of thing, but for a split second I could totally see it. I wouldn’t like, call myself a shipper because of that though. I need something quite a bit more irrefutable than something that to be convinced. Like... kissing different with this pair than how they compare to their other costars. The eating KSH’s mouth thing comes fairly close though. :3
  6. Waaa someone did it someone made the thing I’ve been lowkey searching I think they’re super cute! The name “macaron couple” is super cute! I’m hoping for the best for them (and bracing for the worst, especially after SongSong).
  7. Minor updates from our couple. YSH side of things, YSH is off in Japan doing his second fanmeeting (May 4th and May 6). Japan also did a rerun for IANAR, dunno if it's still going or not. Some time ago, he was promoting IANAR for a magazine, which warms my heart to no end. There was also an IANAR exhibit thing in Japan with Min Kyu and Aji 3's outfits, but I dunno where I found it. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt6FbQpBNxo/ CSB side, she's doing the same normal stage play stuff and posting about her (very cute) pets. Having said that, this is a very weird post to make, especially because it's been a year since ChaeYoo went to Japan. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxFKzOglqQJ/ I have too many questions. Who is taking this video? Why is it muted like her Japan post with the deer? Well, I mean I can a couple guesses. Her hair is still short and permed, so this was probably taken March/April of last year, though I wonder why she chose to post it now. Also supported by the fact that she has red nails like in this post. Not entirely sure if it was before or after the Japan deer post, I'll have to go back and reread the thread. She's being really cute here so... YSH is taking this video?
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