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  1. Minor updates from our couple. YSH side of things, YSH is off in Japan doing his second fanmeeting (May 4th and May 6). Japan also did a rerun for IANAR, dunno if it's still going or not. Some time ago, he was promoting IANAR for a magazine, which warms my heart to no end. There was also an IANAR exhibit thing in Japan with Min Kyu and Aji 3's outfits, but I dunno where I found it. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt6FbQpBNxo/ CSB side, she's doing the same normal stage play stuff and posting about her (very cute) pets. Having said that, this is a very weird post to make, especially because it's been a year since ChaeYoo went to Japan. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxFKzOglqQJ/ I have too many questions. Who is taking this video? Why is it muted like her Japan post with the deer? Well, I mean I can a couple guesses. Her hair is still short and permed, so this was probably taken March/April of last year, though I wonder why she chose to post it now. Also supported by the fact that she has red nails like in this post. Not entirely sure if it was before or after the Japan deer post, I'll have to go back and reread the thread. She's being really cute here so... YSH is taking this video?
  2. https://www.soompi.com/article/1302188wpp/yoo-seung-ho-signs-with-new-agency He didn't end up with KKSS like we hoped, but it's okay. ^^ I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Honestly I thought this would happen a little later since he said iirc that he likes to stay at home for a week after finishing a project.
  3. Oh good, I thought it was another one of my midnight thoughts. Though I did think about it a bit more and believe it was a realistic possibility. I give it a 50/50 chance just based on YSH and the history of YooChae (‘cause that’s all I have). 50% for doing things that don’t directly link with CSB (whether on purpose or not, as in going to a different agency would make it less suspicious to draw attention to a potential relationship) plus the possibility of keeping up with the current YooChae trend. The other 50% because CSB’s no longer under scrutiny of TOIN and anything could happen. Ooh, I hadn’t even thought of that. Though now that I think of it, the few times I was able to see YSH’s old account, the pictures did seem more promotional compared to the pictures YSH has on his current account, even more so that YSH has some similar posts to CSB. On the topic of similarity, I know bpwinces brings up the idea of copying each other as a nod to shipping, but I feel like that there’s a bit more to it than that. It’s only anecdotal evidence though. I remember watching a video on cults once and the cult leader would mimic the actions of people to gain the trust of others and wonder if it extends to other things. I know I take some of the mannerisms of the people I like/admire, so.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. ^^ By the way, this isn’t new news, but CSB signed with a new agency, King Kong by Starship. I just saw this around Instagram, but apparently YSH is looking for a new one too and will be finished with his current one after My Strange Hero finishes. I delulu-ed real hard after sitting in bed for a couple minutes and decompressing. Imagine YSH also going to the same agency. It’s not likely to happen, but I got a good laugh out of it. Though to be honest, my first thought when I heard that CSB finished her contract with TOIN was “more open to dating publicly?? Hee hee,” even though I also didn’t want it to be announced bc of chance to break up bc of publicity. Then again I don’t know much about this stuff so.
  5. Pretty much agree. I liked Where Stars Land as a comfortable watch between my classes. I LOVE watching My Strange Hero and enjoy the chemistry between Jo Bo Ah and Yoo Seung Ho, but there’s always something nagging at me whenever there are romantic scenes. 1/21/19 edit: since this ended up being less YooChae-centric and can’t shake the feeling that this post might come off as negative sounding towards JBA-YSH shippers, I wanted to give my two cents after rereading some bits. Someone in this thread mentioned that YSH is a shy person that likes to stay at home for a week. I think I relate? For a shy person like me, having someone that has a personality like CSB’s is very important because it’s easier to interact with people. Because of this, I think at first (more specifically the KOCOWA clip where CSB says “he looks at me with clear eyes that I’d never seen before”), YSH looked at CSB with a more pure, almost childlike look rather than a romantic look. That’s not to deny that YSH looks at CSB romantically because holy gods his heart eyes are totally real in the later BTS. Though, that only makes CSB’s comment even more suspicious than I originally thought. “I thought to myself, ‘what’s this, my heart skipped a beat’ “? Like, that’s the sound of someone falling for a guy. I mean, it already sounded like that, but after looking at the evidence and concluding that CSB is harder to read, that seems very weird. I know it’s not new, but I wanted to put it down before the thought escaped me. 2/4/19 edit: I seem to be somewhat right at least in terms of effect on people. I feel like the more stuff I try to watch, the more I’m trying to argue against myself about ChaeYoo, but really I just want to give every piece of evidence a fair shake and fit pieces where just having ChaeYoo material might not seem quite right. That and see how it fits in relation to things. *cough* the french kissing *cough
  6. Aside from a post promoting something about saving animals, CSB is still pretty quiet. Few more things from YSH, though. An actually not very recent post from YSH (it says it's like a week old as of posting this). These ear muffs look familiar! Dunno if he's ever had them pre-IANAR since I've actually never seen the stuff he was in before IANAR. This was an interesting find. Start at 0:56. Man, what a question. I love how he starts giggling about what I can only assume to be the kitchen scene and the idea of having something like that in My Strange Hero. Like, there's no doubt in my mind that there'll be a kissing scene somewhere, but I'm kind of anxious/excited about it since one of the topics that came up on this thread is future kissing scenes with other costars and the intensity of it.
  7. Hello, Bold Squad! I'm not breaking any rules by bumping this thread, am I? I've checked both forum wide rules and "shipper's paradise" rules twice, and I shouldn't be... Anyway, I've been stalking this thread since what, October? It's pretty recent since I started watching K-dramas. Started watching IANAR late September, on my third time watching it. Spent a ridiculous amount of time reading through this thread to see what's already been posted. Some videos are busted, some images are broken, but I've read my way to page 160 or something like that. When I was watching through IANAR, I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking through Youtube for fun. After finishing it, I went back to Youtube, thought to myself "hey, this thumbnail [kitchen scene BTS] looks different from the scene itself, I wonder what it is." Watched up to 1:23 and thought to myself "no way what is this awkwardness this is the kind of thing you hear from someone who has a crush." I'd been in the kind of fandoms where shipping irl people felt like intruding on personal lives, though. That is, until I came upon this thread by way of Google. And the rest is history. Down to business. Seung Ho deactivated his Instagram once, but thanks to lurking through the ShyShy couple thread (side note: I haven't watched Ruler since it's not on Viki and Dramafever shut down), I was able to find his second Instagram (here). I also got curious on what he was up to since I was also watching Where Stars Land, so now I'm watching his new show, My Strange Hero. I haven't found anything too detailed like you lovely adjummas, though. There are a couple things, however. It's only been YSH stuff since CSB hasn't posted anything in a while. As far as I know, he doesn't follow CSB. Fair enough, he's pretty ninja at what he does in his personal life. The similarity in posts (read: a post) is kinda weird though. I don't know if that's a thing people do. Spoilers since I don't want my post to look too long. I don't know if this is an SK thing, but doesn't CSB do this pretty often? Top left sticker. Still does it. What an adorable person she is. Aaand that's all I have. Bonus picture since I thought this was really funny. Tuesday episode of My Strange Hero. Bunch of media people are surrounding YSH's character after he just saved someone. He turns around and this is what happens. Lol. Was IMMEDIATELY reminded of IANAR episode 1.
  8. Things are gonna get worse, but you can handle it. That drama of yours that you've wanted? Call a writer or company now because when you hit 18, it's gonna become a full on Filipino drama.
  9. Prefer not to say age, location, or show face. Hello I'm Kirahoshi. I really like FFXIV. I draw sometimes. I GFX on occasion. I'm a growing kdrama fanatic. Nice to meet y'all.
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