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  1. https://www.instagram.com/pmyifansunited/p/BsP0OwbBKeb/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1akehmbspwaxt Forgive me for I don't know how to insert the Instagram video into my post! Was just wondering if that was Sehun (Exo) at the start of the long line of idols that Seunggi sort of waved to when they walked past? Maybe he will be going to Taiwan? Till 20 Jan?
  2. Yes yes yes! It's beyond me how netizens can say she keeps playing the same character with different careers. Which other role was similar to secretary Kim? Anw the actresses she is being compared to (SHK, GHJ) well its not bad company to be in in terms of the longevity of their careers. Agree with you too about being excited to see her with LSG! I think they will have a good friendship dynamic!
  3. Aww I too am not ready to see either of them move on with new leads but this new show does sound good!!
  4. Yes thank you!! I'm not trying to be a doubter just trying to look at possible scenarios certainly hoping and feeling it is more of the latter. And I'm glad to see many supporting arguments for the couple
  5. True! I guess I just wanted to make sure I considered other scenarios! But the fancams do indeed provide compelling evidence that scenario B is the case or at least that they are still on friendly terms
  6. 1. Their sudden confirmation/announcement of attendance 2. Psj looking nervous all the way till he returned from Korea all smiles 3. The extreme awkwardness on stage I feel their behaviour could fit into one of two scenarios - A. They are no longer close or have even broken up and so it was something they both dreaded having to do but did for the sake of work therefore not wanting to make a big deal of it and being relieved when it was finally over or B. It was a calculated joint appearance/rendezvous for a dating couple That's why I was curious about how important this event was. Because if it is not an important event, scenario A seems really unlikely. Why fly all the way to go through something uncomfortable that would potentially fuel more rumours? Is this reading too much?
  7. Hi everyone! I'm a new member of this ship. Just got hooked onto wwwsk recently on Netflix and completely fell in love with their chemistry! Have slowly started to read the many pages of shipping theories here hehe. I'm a huge pmy fan and like many, I'm in whatever ship she's on but somehow even tho I really liked her with JCW, her SKHS cast mates, and even LJK, I never full on shipped as much as her with PSJ! Am lucky to so quickly be rewarded with this cosmo event since I see that there was a long period of them ignoring each other after the wrap of wwwsk. Love reading all the observations! Am just curious and wonder if someone who was more familiar with the industry could comment - how big is this cosmo awards? How did they get nominated? I just find it interesting two of them chose to attend such a seemingly random ceremony when they see trying to lay low to avoid more rumors...
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