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  1. It bothers me that the show says there’s 10 princes but it was never shown. I kept wondering what happened to the rest of the princes
  2. Upon rewatching the series, it is said that NY is locked up for 8 years because he met with General yuan cong. Isn’t he the general that was planted by the Crown Prince to fake a rebellion? i always thought that he left the capital to get help for his brother prince #3. But now I understand that he was also trapped by crown prince scheme!
  3. Why does the emperor lock NY up for 8 years but appears to be more lenient towards other sons who attempted to kill him? Like NS was let out of the prison after a short while but unfortunately he died.
  4. I feel that FZW mum is selfish because she decided her fate for her by making her swear on something that makes no sense. NY didn’t kill her husband. It was crown prince. And NY saved FZW so many times. She’s ungrateful. She is also manipulated by Zong to have FZW become an official in order to overturn the empire. FZW already want to let go of the past but Zong kept urging her on. And that brother part is so annoying. It’s not convincing. Its gaining popularity worldwide. If there is a season 2, I feel like it can be continued with GN saving FZW from the cliff. And maybe hide her away from the royalty. NY can marry Secretary Yao daughter as part of the storyline to further his bloodline. Perhaps later in the story, he met FZW again. I feel like there’s so many back story missing. Like GN background? Where did he come from? Who is he? I’m very curious. I also don’t know why they killed off Hui Qiong. She’s a good pair up with FZW because they are similar in character. I wished that Helian died off earlier in the show. Does that mean that even though FZW married him, they were never together like a couple?
  5. I was confused about this too. why is there a birth certificate for the ninth prince? Was that faked to protect FZW? And why does FH has a birth mark too? Was it also fake to act as a cover? why did everyone says it’s a prince but ended up a princess?
  6. Why would the mum forbid FZW to marry NY? The reason is because he caused the death of her husband, but actually it’s the crown prince. I don’t really get why she pin the blame on NY instead.
  7. I watched the series 3 times now, usually distracted haha. So glad it’s on Netflix and their acting are so on point! I love the early episodes when things are happier between NY and FZW [Spoiler Alert] I thought it’s funny that Ningyi aged overnight after becoming an emperor. Haha. I wish he kept his normal look after becoming the emperor. Does Gu Nanyi likes Feng Zhiwei? I can’t tell if he likes her or just treat her like a sister. And Price Helian is most annoying character. Not smart, not handsome, stick like glue to someone who doesn’t like him. He needs to move on. Maybe I missed it, but did Xin Ziyan took the role of Deputy PM?
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