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  1. I’m so so happy and very excited to see them together on the screen, even for just a few minutes !! let's hope now for a new drama!!!
  2. Hi everyone ! I can’t believe it's already been a month since the end of our drama ... although it's still in my heart. yesterday were aired the first episode in Japan, Eriko Kitagawa (the original writer of the Japanese drama) , tweeted her impression on the Korean remake! she seems very surprised and loves the cast! she said beautiful things!!
  3. Waaaa best news on monday morning (for me)!! I’m really happy!, @hoyund me too, i’ve Watched 10000 times my favourite scenes, and I’m never get bored, every time I have the same emotions. I think the Blu Ray it will be subbed in English too, it’s impossibile that it will be just in Japanese, because they shipping worldwide.
  4. I don’t know.. I think he’ll go to Japan to promote the drama. the airing date in not decided yet, he is pretty popular in Japan, many Japanese fans were at the fan meeting and they had trouble to understanding what he was saying. (Just like me if I was there. Very frustrating) @namidajanai you are welcome! I loved how he read the letter, TSHLYE feeeels. I don’t know if someone will translate it. I really hope so.
  5. Oh yes, you’re right. I hope it too. fortunately, international rating was good, in Korea they also evaluate the international opinion thanks to viki, and the drama has good ratings from the users.
  6. I hope it too. Seo in guk was brilliant, i’m Sure he will win . He MUST win. JSM tooo. Most famous are MBC, KBS and SBS. Tvn have tvn10 Awards. Seo in guk has previously win tvn best kiss award and actor in a drama. There are a lot of nomination, i’m Sure SIG and JSM win this year because the smile has left your eyes is really perfect.
  7. this is the complete letter of kim moo young without cuts. someone who knows a little bit Korean to translate the cutted parts from the drama?
  8. no he hasn't worked with them. i think he enjoyed the drama and appreciated their acting. I hope he do a drama or film with them
  9. Hmm, this is probably the reason..he made the right choice not to use social media, even though he has so many fans who love him. every day I realize that he is so talented, and yes, the cast is really close, this was their strong point. fingers crossed for Blu Ray!!
  10. @dobbying thnks a lot for sharing!! I was waiting anxiously for someone to summarize the meeting. SIG is really humble, with an immense heart, you can notice it from how he talks, his gestures and how his eyes shine when he talks to his fans about his drama. He really loved this drama and he wants to share his emotions with fans. I’m glad that the scene has been changed, since it's one of the sweetest scene of the drama, and the best choice for closing the final episode. Anyone know if someone wrote somewhere the full version of KMY's letter? I’d like to read it, even though I will probably cry. In the post she wrote ‘ his  presence in tvN bts clips were kept low for known reasons’, sorry, but which reasons?. I know that many people like us are afraid that blu ray will not be realized, it was a very nice gesture to have asked his agency to purchase 100 copies for help us reach the minimum. said that, SIG is a perfect man to marry.
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