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  1. Finally the award that I am waiting for. JIS looks so pretty with that simple outfit Hopefully she will bring back some award with her later. Good luck! More photos of her with TBM cast
  2. Thanks to her agency for sharing a sneak peek of her during the AAA 2018 More pictures of her
  3. Just dropping by sharing this close up video of JIS during the red carpet at Asia Artist Award 2018. She looks so pretty and adorbs
  4. A little throwback video and photos during her photoshoot for GraziaXRosa.K https://tv.naver.com/v/4609107
  5. Finally she updates her instagram. I'm actually waiting for her to post it since last night LOL. Yes it's kinda sad since this is her first award and I wish she will win an award at MBC Drama Award this year *finger crossed*
  6. @galaxy97Thank you so much for sharing the translation of her interview. I have no words to describe how kind she is praising her co-star and the cast of TBM and glad she build a good chemistry with SJS. As of now, I would love to see her in any crime or thriller drama because I know she can pull it off even if it is other genre, am okay with it. As long as the story line of the drama is interesting, all will be good and I want to see her in any variety show too (Greedy me)
  7. Just create an account to show my support to her Btw, congratulation JIS for winning Rising Star Award at AAA 2018 More awards to come and I hope we will hear a good news for her upcoming project Here are some of her photo during the red carpet. She looks pretty and stunning even in that simple outfit Here is a cute video of her posted by her agency. I can't with the bgm they used LOL
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