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  1. Thanks for the welcome. Can you direct/provide me to subbers that still has active sites?
  2. Stanning so late into this fandom that mostly all of the subbers of their variety shows have wen't down low. Can someone provide me links for Infinite's Ranking King, You're My Oppa and This is Infinite?? Thanks. Inspirits.
  3. Well, If my prediction is right. Episode 14 should end by the moment Jeom Dal hatched. And Episode 15 will be the revelation episode
  4. I want that also, but I think it isn't probable for a full on labu-labu fest like most romance oriented dramas out there. I think there might be a little (but more that usual) in episode 14 until episode 16. If the production is going with the webtoon route, my guess is that they'll put on Jeom Dal's hatching at the end of episode 14 which means there're labulabu scenes where ON will discover KG bathing at the waterfalls, before that. In episode 15, on the other hand, will be the big reveal, where Prof. Jung will go on full pyrotechnics and where ON will discover that KG really is her husband. Lastly, in episode 16 will be just a JS-KG oriented for most of the hour and a little reunion at maybe in the 50 minute mark.
  5. @dashmount20Don't worry hunny, with how the plot has gone in the latest epsiodes, the production seems to be following the webtoon. In the webtoon, KG is the woodcutter as well as the person that ON will end up with.
  6. I wish they'd pay just as much kissing scenes to KG-ON. I mean it's a longshot since the drama is produced by YHM's agency but the Drama is literally being led by KG-ON shippers now. YJH-SON have already sailed and sunk. I mean if it isn't because of KG-ON chemistry. I would've long dropped this series
  7. I hope they'd end Geumi's suffering already.. Its like the 11th episode already, 5 episode till the end of the story, and I've yet to see Geumi being seriously happy with ON . But with the way the production is going, it'd be until the end of episode 15 until we get to see that happening, with only an hour in the 16th episode to compensate us Geum-Nam Shippers for the angst and the slow plot development that Geumi had to suffer for almost the entire series
  8. If this is true. Then, I can't wait for the subs to be out tomorrow. Thank god that the production seems to be listeningh but sadly it looks like Geumi would suffer until atleast episode 14 with the way the story is going . Based from the preview on episode 12 it seems that episode 13 would be one hell of a ride for us Geum-Nam Shippers
  9. That's what I thought so also, It'd be super daebak to know that Master of Northern Star is the Geumi's Mother. My speculations also is that maybe the Master is disguised as JS's boyfriend or Dr. Lee. I don't know who know is the Master at this point since there are so many side characters and stories that.
  10. I hope you're right. I hope that the K-netz sentiments have reached the production and they'd reconcile whatever conflicts between the characters before the 12th episode (since typical k-drama plots in a 16-episode series dictates that episode 12 should be the episode of where characters realizes things, an awakening to the characters' main thoughts and feelings). I'm also dying to watch both KG and ON being mama and papa bears to Jeom Seon.
  11. Does this mean we have to endure watching another hour long of Geumi suffer again in Episode 11??
  12. My thoughts on episode 9 is that 1. SJH really has such expressive eyes, feels like how Park Hyun Shik portrayed the CEO in SWDBS. 2. There are too many side stories happening within the hour that I suspect that the production is trying hard to fasten theirs so that they could move on to the Main Story 3. Prof. Jung is so self-entitled, like how could he do that to poor Geumi who from the get-go confessed that he felt super attracted to SON, way before he realized his own feelings for SON 4. For a while I thought, that how nice it would be if KG hooked with someone just to let SON realize what she's been missing and to let her realize that you can't just decide who your husband is based on the sound he makes while peeing. The episode is just so-so for me, not too much KG-SON moments, Profs. Jung and Lee are hilarious, all in all, I think it would be best to save episode 10 for later when episodes 11 and 12 comes out since I might go crazy not knowing what will happen to KG after the end of Epi. 10
  13. From what I scanned, there are kisses shared between KG and SON, but it happened a few chapters before the story ends. Typical K-drama plots
  14. A very short summary: Prof. Jung kissed SON not knowing KG was watching them. Based on the webtoon, KG is the real husband, and yes the Prof. is the deer in his past reincarnation
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