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  1. Hi, I'm a fan of The Story of Ming Lan. I like Zhang LiYing/Feng ShaoFeng couple a lot after the drama. I found this video on YT. Actually they two knew each other since 2009 and collaborated for multi times afterwards. The video is in Chinese but has some precious clips of their old dramas together. Really happy to see they are together after 9 years. I did not read all 34 pages ahead. So if this content has already been posted. Please inform me. I'll delete it. Thanks.
  2. In ancient China, military forces were generally of two big groups. Jin Army and Regional Army. Jin Army is a special name for the army guarding the palace and the capital. Jin means forbidden, same character as in the Zi Jin Chen (the forbidden city). The head/general of Jin Army is always the most trusted subordinate of the emperor since his life will be all in his hands. The regional army posted at the border (sometimes it is also named as Bian Fang Army, the border defense army) and important militarial location. Unless under attack, they could only carry out military actions with the military Seal/token issued by the emperor. The Northern Song Dynasty owned the biggest Jin Army in the history by having nearly 800k soldiers. They were also in charge of the security of the direct neighbor regions around the capital. Hence GTY is an extremely powerful general under the new emperor. Actually in the novel, it is not specified that he became the head of Jin Army. It did mention he became a Rank #2 general. Rank #1 is like Duke level. Rank #2 is like Marquis level. Basically he made his status up to the level of what his ancestor did for the family all by himself.
  3. Muum, i think the encounter and falling into love of Rulan and the scholar were not schemed by GTY. That was purely mutual affection of them own. Just fate (The drama made it more obvious than in the novel). Honestly speaking, the chance of Rulan getting into an unpleasant marriage with this scholar or with any other candidates were the same. There were no guarantee anyway. Look at Hualan. At least she would be happy for staying with the one she loved.
  4. Emperor knew GTY but Prince Zhao had no idea, he thought GTY was Bai Ye. So when the Emperor recognized him and called Er Lang directly, he and his son were a bit shocked. I felt they were actually a bit unease about it. They might even have a second thought about it. But GTY was really quick-witted. He talked with the emperor and took the opportunity to ask the emperor why he gave the order that he could not attend the official exam before 50 years old. A clever move to show Prince Zhao and his son why he ended up in the army with them. Then the Emperor told the Prince to treat GTY and the Gu Family well. PS: the pages go too fast. My last check was at 70+, now is already 90+. Too many pages to catch up. Orz
  5. lol. did not check the next emperor part. I'm not so sure if everything will or could be made by matching the real names and events. Curious. Looking forward to see future eps.
  6. Regarding the emperor, I checked a bit, it is agreed by most netizen, he is Emperor RenZong of the Northern Song Dynasty (AD1022-1063, the fourth emperor of the nine emperors in the dynasty). He is regarded as a kind emperor with no major establishment but also no major mistakes. The story most likely happened at around AD1062 since it was time for him to adopt a heir from his relatives.
  7. I just feel I'm so lucky that I did not board the ship of QH/ML in both the book and the drama. lol. That princess as mother-in-law just shakes away all my possible romance thinking between them. Actually I was nearly on the boat of Dr. He and ML in the book but was early enough to sense something odd and abandoned the ship before it sank. hahahaha.
  8. Thank you! I feel very comfortable here as well. :-D But you guys are so fast in posting. One day away, 4, 5 more pages already. Hard to catch up. lol. Sure. just @me if any novel related issues, I can check for you guys. :-)
  9. Actually I can't remember that the author explicitly say it was in Ming Dynasty. It was just ML who as a time traveler made her conclusion that it is an era similar to the Ming Dynasty she knew. The politics in the book also did not reflect any real events in the Ming Dynasty. I guess it is the decision of the production team and the script writers to change it. I like it too. There were not so many historical cdramas about the Song Dynasty. Very refreshing.
  10. Yes, i can read Chinese. I’m a Chinese living oversea for years. I finished the book long time ago. Therefore might need to go back to check if it comes to the very details. I like the forum here. All are peaceful and nice discussions about the plots, especially no overly protective fans of any actors and actresses. lol. Quite some book fans are complaining about the changes of the character setting and the story. I think i’m among the book fans who like the changes. The drama is reconstructed into two story lines: the growth of Ming Lan and the rise of Gu Ting Ye. First these two lines were parallel and now they are interweaving. Beautifully done! The book is all just POV from ML.
  11. Yes, and the way described in the novel makes Manniang even more creepy and crazy... In the name of love.... I can’t remember it is ML or GTY who confronted her and revealed her real motive. I only remembered her craziness in that moment. Honestly speaking I’m totally fine with the gold digger version.
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