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  1. Put here to soothe outspoken soul who's gone to others world. You should life in heaven You're will be in our memory To support our dearest Jieun stay strong we are love U and always with you.
  2. It's shocking news Because beloved Sulli was part of this drama. So i put this friend post, to remind Us, hotel de luna fans even Sulli come as cameo, we all witnessed how happy Sulli being part of this great drama. Let's keep Her last happy memory for long..long time. For all family and her fans stay strong. Dear Sulli you're loved by many Rest in peace. To Jieuni be strong girl!
  3. How Jieuni set a kind thrilled to IU comeback is quirks sharp idea. She is made Uaenas in between excited in waiting yet putting our mind at ease. Witty Sharp Jieun So each days become happy waiting day Uaenas And likewise Jieuni and her aesthetic brain. Ahead the time. Ctto. How i love people with beautiful soul and mind Have nice peaceful day Uaenas Thankful person is always has bright sides to be thankful upon all circumstance A complain person even life in paradise will complain . Be grateful .
  4. Omo...what's She exact colors of her hair? Blue Black Grey.? All seems good on her...awww Jieunaaa..can't wait meet you.. Counting the days while we would meet IU Happy waiting Uaenas. Let's live happy and peace life, put aside all the scepticism and hatred. Time when all arguments become useless what we need is understanding, broad mind and respect. Peace.
  5. Anything born in the spring dies in the fall but "LOVE" is not seasonal Jieuni and her poetic senses The ways she decodes humans emotions,whereas something abstract become profound and left deeper impression, her music can tug the listener heartstrings to enjoying her songs regardless what our languages are.
  6. Thanks for sneak peak She comes to conquer the charts soften the hard day ascend our souls. Remind me to a tinkerbell But she is an Angel right? Have a sweet dream Uaenas Count the day while we will meet her. So long.
  7. IU confidence is such promise, seems She put all her heart, musicality and imagination to satisfied all Korea and the world as well Be ready Uaenas Clear your thoughts,ears and your hearts to welcoming the GenIUs musician our melodius healers Dudu..dudu.. Don't worry and don't be a shy when you falls for IU again Psst you're not alone..
  8. Congratulations IUyang Happy met genius musician in IU Grateful met depth trustworthy actor in Lee jie un Wishing you will shines brightly within 2 lucky name for long long time. God bless Leejieundary IU Two events in a day, 10 October Jieunaa...drop a little teasers please.. Missed U
  9. The hottest pictures in my TL The emotionless pose who's might drawn uaenas to fall on Jieun again..and again.. The charm of Jieun expressionless is depth...you cannot guess what inside her you just drawning with her deep gaze and stare...pulling you in the circle unknown feelings even she look like wanna to kill you now and there yet you're just allows her to do so because deep in your heart you trust Ji eun, her warmthheart somehow will safe and hugs you all along.(oh..may..this feeling is came again..that's the exact feelings when we watching Jian in MA right?) ..missed U
  10. It's relief the firefly found the "sweet home" Another happy news in my TL after the ticketing date Ctto.
  11. My all time hilarious scene to boost a mood. The weirdo JMW showing up her tiger print leggings Bravo..bravo..
  12. Got puzzled by IU tv up date Like. OH..the shower? And laughed so hard. Lee Jiegeum interview Man Wol sajangnim Oh..no..Jieun being quirks witty is wanted Great idea awesome execution.. And all acting awards should goes to...Lee Jieun the actor
  13. GB IU IU' love ,poem It's not superstitious, this might a signal the energy of nature's welcome IU comeback. And what's was with 3 hours upload and deleted dwlrm concert a while a go... Pdnim..prank..? or teaser for IU concert??? Can't wait IU comeback teaser.
  14. Omg..loves this gif. IU conquer the charts Ctto Wait ..this like the feel while you hear the leon intro... Yuup..that is .. Amazing chords could drawn you to moved with the rhythm. The dazzle dazzling IU
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