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  1. Thanks for clarifying! Indeed! I love Korean dramas and I can tell that some actors and actresses go over the top with botox. They basically have no movements in their forehead area. At the end of the day Zhu Yilong who is the king of microexpressions would lose a lot more with botox than some wrinkles. @gg9whitediamondI don't really like twitter but I think it is great idea!
  2. @siobhanne What I noticed is, how different he behaves in different interviews. Sometimes he is shy, sometimes he is more outgoing, sometimes he is timid or has a little attitude so maybe he carries a part of his current drama's character with him. That's really interesting. Thanks! Do you mean cyst? I love to watch cyst videos and I kinda guessed it was one but didn't dare to say without knowing if he had some other condition. The reason I asked is because if he doesn't go to a doc 1, it can get inflamed if it gets irritated like when they put make up on him or take it off 2, it will only get bigger and bigger as the pore gets filled with dead skin and oil so if you don't want a noticeable scar on your face, you need to got to a doc as soon as you can. So he got it removed? I am glad! Yeah I don't think he got ps, I would be inclined to believe he got fillers but I've actually read the first 10 pages of this thread so far and in an interview he said he doesn't want to get botox to remove his wrinkles and laugh lines even though his fans advice him to do it.
  3. It's spot on me. That moment is one of my favourites in Guardian. I remember thinking "wow, that's really interesting, and omg he is a really good actor" and then the next scene with Bai Yu just sealed the deal.. I have 2 questions. 1, Do you guys happen to know if he is a method actor? 2, this Q might be random but do you know what is that bump on his -I think- left cheek? Bai Yu mistakenly called it a pimple but I'm sure it is not.
  4. Hello everyone! I am only at page 4 but I thought I would say hi Wahh, you share really interesting things and you seem knowledgeable. Sadly, I don't speak Mandarin but I do learn it, though really slowly. My brain gave up on studying a long time ago so every character and tone are real challanges. I will try to keep up with this thread but I admit, I don't want to get into any more fandoms and/or end up falling for ZYL. Hmm, maybe it is too late Anyway, nice to meet you, please take care of me
  5. I think the first trailer should come out this December or maybe January, right?
  6. Omg I'm so excited for Long ge but please someone could help me out? I barely watch C-Dramas and I am super lost right now. So how does this series work? I've seen 5 different people play the mc's role. Are the seasons jumping around the timeline or..are the characters different but with the same name? Sorry guys for bothering you, I really tried to google it but I am even more confused now
  7. I am really thankful for this extra content and the attention he paid to details just shows how amazing he is - he is not playing around, he takes his craft seriously. If you read this part in the novel, he totally nails the scene. The tone of his voice and the way he spells out words is spot on. I'm in the same shoes. I am searching for a forum where I can actively converse about Guardian but I see this forum is pretty much dead too. I binge read all 46 pages of this forum just to get something Guardian related content lol I am low-key obsessed with this drama but there is no place where I can share my thought with others. I think the eps. on the Yoyo channel are the originals. Yoyo just put the videos on private and when Youku finally re-uploaded them, Yoyo again made them available too. ALSO HUGE THANK YOU for the people who name dropped Ren Yankai as the og Shen Wei!Bless you, seriously. I've been searching for his name for months! If anyone is interested in chatting about Guardian and Mo Dao Zu Shi (my current 2 obsessions) hit me up, dm me
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