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  1. Ive been watching lots of Korean drama, but this could be the only drama by far that have lots of characters that i couldn't understand or bear to watch How come they are being so shameless Hongshil, Eun Young, Daya, Miran's mother and even Miran herself..
  2. the prediction seems to be correct. Gorae is sick and Mr Kang might be the one who could save him The truth will be revealed, Mr Kang is innocent and now he is the one who could save your son/brother. Let's see how HongShil/Daya begs for Mr Kang and Doran's forgiveness. The only way throughout the drama that WDR could use to get back with DR is Grandma, now he is playing that card again. ....
  3. i feel bad for Mr Kang, for Hong Joo, for grandma, for Chairman The drama is coming to an end, but i couldn't see any changes in Eun Young, DaYa, HongShil, Doran's adoptive mom character. When grandma is struggling, Eun Young and Daya are busy to work on how to get WDR and the heiress together >'< Therefore even if they turn from bad to good person with only a few eps left, i think it would be awkward and i'm afraid i still could not sympathy with them. P/s: with that mother-in-law, im sorry to say that i hope DR will not be back together with WDR for real and end up with Taepung instead. Maybe it would be the open ending for these two i'm ok with that too.
  4. So WDR and DR divorced Taepung’s background, he is actually only grandson of a chaebol. Just like other kdrama, for unknown reason, Taepung’s parent was not acknowledged by his grandfather, but now he looks for his only grandson, Taepung. Anyway he is kind of richer than Wang’s family haha, he is showing his interest in Doran :) WDR and the girl he first had interest in getting married reunion, both a divorcées. Ok this scenario nothing new, lets wait how thing will turn out now. Maybe Taepung will be the one who help Wang’s family or play an important role regarding to Wang family’s busniess. If not, there is no point to portray him with that background. Or maybe the writer want to deliver a message: you think you are rich but there are people who is richer than you hahaha. in previous ep, in my point of view, WDR only said to DR things will work out, “words” only, things worked out but WDR wasnt the one who solved those problems, same for Mr Kang’s past, he accepted that but then i think he should come up with plan in case the truth is revealed, but no and they divorced im a little bit disappointed. So, for me it doesnt matter whom DR will end up with Taepung is way richer than WDR now hahaha I would love to see Eun young and Daya’s reaction when they see DR with Taepung, the one who is not only rich but also accept DR and Mr’s past. (In your face hahahhaha) As for Mr Kang, its clear now he wasnt the one who killed Daya’s father. In the preview, Gorae said something about he will kill Mr Kang if thats what his mother want (im not sure if i heard its wrong) wonder he is collapsed though. Haizzz in a lighter note, Hong Joo wont leave Mr Kang for sure.
  5. Are you sure they are not getting a divorce??? Really?? Please be true As for Mr Kang and Hoong Joo things will work out hope it happens soon
  6. Im afraid they will break up. I hope the writer wont choose that typical scenario (they break up and get back together at the end), but i think therr are high possibility that would be how the story goes, plus i smell the new guy and new girl will get in between the DR and WDR :/
  7. From my experience of watching many Korean drama, I already foresee the scene where Doran & the new guy, WDR & the new girl happen to be in the same place
  8. Did anyone know this drama has how many episode? Weekend drama has usually 50, but it is extened so im not sure... P/S: im so annoyed with all the characters in this drama, first DR’s mom, then Eunyoung, Daya, now Daya’s mom, They all think their sons are too good for anyone. if WDR and DR separate i think im going to stop watching the drama until they are back together. If in the end they are not then i stop for good. Poor Lee Jang Woo i like him a lot..
  9. Watching the preview of next episode, now its Daya’s turn to suffer. Wang chairman really gives divorce paper to the annoyed Eun young, and she tells Daya, she, Yi reoyk and Daya would live together. Of course Daya herself would never want to do that. However, the most interesting thing here is Yi reoyk seems to have interest in his employee. Daya is busy to meddle in others business, now its her turn to suffer.
  10. wang chairman lets divorce her, let get it will DR and WDR could be together after Mr Kang's past unveiled huhuhuh why im so absorbed in this drama :(, P/s i have to repeat to myself "this is just drama not real not real dont be so sad"
  11. I hope the man who takes DR to the hospital will ten times richer than Wang family, and then he would take DR and her father with him :P, then in your face that dumb and dumber who always look down on people P/s: "the man" is Gorae's friend, dont know what the writer's intention here....
  12. I totally agree with you. The writer wants to focus on the father and daughter storyline, but to be honest, i don't like how this storyline is developing. As i read some comments, yes DR agreed to wait until her father speaks up, but i think she should tell the truth to her husband. I also dont get why DR could use her husband money and give it to her father. DR's character is getting more and more unreasonable....
  13. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! watching recently episodes, i somehow dislike how the writer portray DR's character In today society, woman should not just stay at home and do the house work. I hate that when DR's mom came and asked for money from DR, DR said she quit her job and only receiving allowance from her husband. You have to earn money for supporting yourself at least so others cant look down on you. And in the upcoming eps, i saw Miran's mom has to kneel down on knees to beg Gorae's mom accept Miran, why???? what she did was wrong to ask for raising fee, but why you have to kneel down on you knees. Dang it, that annoyed mother-in-law is suspicious of DR for stealing grandma's jewellery, and she searched the room what the hell is that I just want DR, MR stay away from that family and live a new life even though i adore WDR alot
  14. I said i temporarily skip a few episodes, but thinking again, this drama main content is to focus on the relationship between DR and her father. Maybe because our OTP is so adorable that makes us forget that. Actually in previous ep whenever there were scences Papa Kang looks at DR, i feel so bad for him (Maybe because Choi Soo Jong's acting is excellcent, just look at him make me feel sad) Therefore, now i change my mind again, what Papa Kang did was wrong but if DR has to choose between Papa and her husband, she will choose her dad -> I 100% agree. Now its up to WDR if he can handle this situation, if he cant and the OTP has to be separated, im still ok with that, somehow i want DR to stay away her family-in-law, and begin a new life with her father, why bother to live with that MIL that always treat you poorly. If the writer separate the couple, then have another new guy for DR (but need to be at least as handsome as WDR), then i have no complain to you
  15. No i dont have viki access i look up on google dramabus has raw real quick
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