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  1. @booha what a cheerful editing video for DJ drama She had a leading role in Sweden Laundry (2015) too but her route is kinda "up-down".
  2. Song Ha Yoon Signs With King Kong By Starship, Joining Lee Dong Wook, Lee Kwang Soo, And More Song Ha Yoon has found a new agency. On April 22, the actress signed with King Kong by Starship, the acting division of Starship Entertainment. She joins a roster of talented actors including Kim Bum, Kim Ji Won, Park Hee Soon, Song Seung Heon, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Mi Yeon, Im Soo Jung, Jo Yoon Hee, Chae Soo Bin, and more. Song Ha Yoon made her debut in 2003 with KBS’s “Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School.” She continued to appear in dramas such as MBC’s “Nonstop 5” and “Taereung National Village,” gaining attention for her pure image. Since then, she has steadily built on her acting skills and experience through works such as MBC’s “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol,” KBS’s “Fight My Way,” MBN’s “Devilish Joy,” and more. She has also ventured into films through appearances in movies such as “Whistle Blower” and “Intimate Strangers.” CEO Lee Jin Sung stated, “Song Ha Yoon is an actress who has built on her acting by taking on a variety of characters both on television and in films. We will not hold back in our support for her so that she can show her strengths through great projects.” Source: Soompi She found a new agency, Kingkong by Starship . Good luck and have beautiful and happy works there.
  3. @namjiho thank you I've read that you also make IG for Mabbeumi Couple. It's really nice to see the picture matching between SHY and CJH. You worked well to pick and sort some of their related pictures and bring together.
  4. @booha thanks for the information of SHY's new agency, King Kong by Starship. It sounds a familiar agency. Yes, hope we will see her soon in a new drama or movie. @namjiho @booha I was smiling to read your comments about the lingering feeling for the OTP . Yes, they seem suspicious Hard to dig anything for both of them and makes the viewers just speculate from A until Z The funny thing is that the female side which looks more mystic in my opinion. @namjiho Drawing is my abandoned hobby actually, but due to DJ and waiting for SHY comeback, it raises to my interest again ha ha ha.
  5. another fanart I really miss Song Ha Yoon I realize that manys already leave this topic but still wanna say hello to @booha @namjiho @Si Fa who still catch and post something in here.
  6. Some beautiful and emotional fan made videos for Song Ha Yoon and her cast partners in the dramas: - Song Ha Yoon with Ok Taecyeon (Web Drama: Touching You - 2016) - Song Ha Yoon with Ahn Jae-Hong (Drama: Fight for My Way - 2017) - Song Ha Yoon with Choi Jin Hyuk (Drama: Devilish Joy - 2018) Credit to the owners.
  7. Song Ha Yoon Fan Made Videos Credit to the owners.
  8. Song Ha Yoon IG's update while shooting the Knura CF
  9. On 9 January 2019, Song Ha Yoon's fan cafe updated that she will take an advertisement from Knura Company. She is so beautiful and charming
  10. “Devilish Joy” Production Company Responses To Unpaid Wages Issue The production team of MBN’s “Devilish Joy” revealed an official statement about the unpaid wages of actors and staff members. On October 25, the drama’s production company Golden Thumb Pictures stated, “The show was a pre-production drama, so originally, we had to finish the payments by August. But the filming for the drama took longer than we expected. It is true that we did not pay a few members of the staff, but it was resolved when we promised to finish the payments by November.” The company also remarked on the unpaid wages of actors such as Song Ha Yoon, Hoya (Lee Ho Won), and Lee Joo Yeon. “The actors’ wages are calculated on the following month of broadcast. So the payments for September’s broadcast will be made in October. Thus the actors will be paid at the end of this month. The payments for October’s broadcast will be made at the end of November.” “Devilish Joy” tells the romance between a doctor named Gong Ma Sung (played by Choi Jin Hyuk), who suffers from ‘Cinderella Memory Disorder,’ and formerly popular actress Joo Ki Bbeum (Song Ha Yoon). The drama is coming to its finale on October 25. Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1251623wpp/devilish-joy-production-company-responses-unpaid-wages-issue JYP Entertainment To Take Legal Action On Song Ha Yoon’s Unpaid Wages For “Devilish Joy” Many “Devilish Joy” actors have still not been paid. Previously on December 28, it was reported that actors including Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon are still awaiting payment. The production company Golden Thumb Pictures stated that everyone would be paid by December 31. However, the actors’ agencies revealed that they have still not been paid. In addition to Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon, many supporting actors have yet to receive their full payments. One actor’s agency commented, “Even after the issue of unpaid wages was brought up, zero won has been received so far,” and continued, “It is unclear to the point that we don’t know if the payment can even be received in the future. We cannot maintain our trust when the previous promised dates for payment were not even fulfilled. iHQ, MBN, Dramax, and Golden Thumb are all not taking active action still.” Song Ha Yoon’s agency JYP Entertainment shared, “We plan on taking all possible legal action including civil and criminal lawsuits against the parties affiliated with the unpaid wages for ‘Devilish Joy.” The broadcasting company iHQ remarked, “All the wages that have to be paid have been transferred to Golden Thumb Pictures. The wages are contracted between Golden Thumb Pictures and the actors, so it is an issue that has to be settled by Golden Thumb Pictures.” Media outlets have been unable to come in contact with Golden Thumb Pictures for a response. Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1286755wpp/jyp-entertainment-take-legal-action-song-ha-yoons-unpaid-wages-devilish-joy Until now, there is no update news for this unpaid wages issue. Hopefully, now the Golden Thumb Pictures could pay all of the casts and crews for this beautiful drama. They already worked hard, indeed, it was a hot summer too while shooting DJ scenes .
  11. Lead actresses Song Ha Yoon & Jooyeon of 'Devilish Charm' reportedly received zero payment after finishing their drama It's been reported that many are suffering from MBN drama 'Devilish Charm's failure to pay its key employees, approximately 2 month since the drama finished airing back in October. One drama insider revealed on December 28, "The effects of 'Devilish Charm's failure to pay its actors is more dramatic than previously noted. Particularly, the lead actresses (Song Ha Yoon and Jooyeon) received zero payment, resulting in their own company's staff providing the funds during the drama's recording stages. The damages may amount to over 10 million KRW (~ 9,000 USD)." When the issue became a topic earlier this year, the drama's production company allegedly promised to pay its staff and actors by the end of the year; however, as of December 28, fulfilling this promise seems highly unlikely. What's more is that according to drama insiders, lead actor Choi Jin Hyuk and supporting actor Jang In Seob, under G-Tree Creative, have received their personal payments in full due to the fact that their label has close ties with the drama's production company. Source: https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/12/lead-actresses-song-ha-yoon-jooyeon-of-devilish-charm-reportedly-received-zero-payment-after-finishing-their-drama Sadly, we had this kinda news
  12. The final episode (Ep.16) of Devilish Joy Drama was aired on 25 October 2018. On 11 December 2018, Song Ha Yoon updated her IG post with the caption 새로운 시작 #잘자요 (English translation: new start #sleeptight). Some korean fans speculated that she had a new project. My personal opinion, she had moved on from Joo Gi-Bbeum character's in Devilish Joy. As far as I remember on her interview, she mentioned that it was really hard to get rid out the character roles after the drama had been finished. Therefore, she posted this IG's pic to tell people that she already moved on from her last drama character (IMHO). However, I sense that her real personal character has a few similarities to Joo Gi-Bbeum character .
  13. Song Ha Yoon IG's update while shooting Devilish Joy Drama in Hainan Song Ha Yoon IG's update while shooting Devilish Joy Drama (in Korea)
  14. Song Ha Yoon joined The tvN Variety Show; Sound of Grazing Grass: Autumn
  15. “Intimate Strangers” Becomes Only Korean Comedy Film Of 2018 To Surpass 4 Million Moviegoers Less than three weeks into its release, “Intimate Strangers” has already become the only Korean comedy film to reach 4 million moviegoers this year! On November 17, just 18 days after the film hit theaters on October 31, “Intimate Strangers” officially surpassed 4 million ticket sales. Thanks to positive word of mouth, the movie has stayed strong at the box office amidst stiff competition from Hollywood films “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” After breaking the records for the fastest 2018 Korean comedy film to hit 1 million and 3 million moviegoers, “Intimate Strangers” is now the only Korean comedy released in 2018 to hit the 4 million mark. In order to commemorate the milestone, the cast of “Intimate Strangers” posed with Hello Kitty dolls for celebratory photos (a fun nod to Hello Kitty’s “cameo” in the film). Congratulations to the film’s cast and crew! Source : https://www.soompi.com/article/1264979wpp/intimate-strangers-becomes-korean-comedy-film-2018-surpass-4-million-moviegoers
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