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  1. Hi @joonminfan you can also try Review notebook of my embarassing days. It's one of the 2018 kbs drama specials.
  2. Found it. It's now uploaded. Hoping for fast sub .....and recap from @joonminfan.
  3. @auntyemthat's my question too. I wanna watch the episode 3 even without sub but i cant find it.
  4. The rating is still good considering yesterday was Matrimonial chaos and bad papa's FINAL episode . Also ,it is 1st episode of lee jong suk praise of death
  5. Thanks for the recap @triplem. As usual you are the best. I am unable to watch it live as i dont have link.i will watch it tomorrow in viu.
  6. Thanks @joonminfan. You are such an angel Now i understood some of the scenes that are not clear to me yet. I will watch it again with your recap. Thanks for translating the episode 3 preview. It's gettimg better and better. But oh my i have to wait until friday. @akiera lol. I think we have the same guess for those dislikers
  7. @joonminfan lol. Good to know. However for me it' still one of the funniest scenes @triplem thanks for your recap. Im always excited to seee you posts. Im alo seeing you on other forums. Iam anticipating their kiss/es as both of them are good kissers
  8. I love the electric toothbrush scene. He thought she's referring to his muscles. Then she grab the toothbrush. And oh my gosh she used it. Is it indirect kissing too? yoobaek smiles a lot in this episodr because of kangsoon . Im loving it
  9. Im team somin. I ship her to anyone who can make her heart flutters. I love jealousy scenes. Wanna know how or when will out top star shi realize that she likes kangsoona.
  10. Hello guys. Im one of a long time silent viewers of soompi. I just created this account as i cant hide my happiness because my 3 favorites girls who will complete my weekdays.miss kim yoo jung so much. Im patiently waiting for this drama to air. Cant believe that we will see her acting again on monday.Im ready to laugh,cry and be in love. Hoping for the best for this drama.
  11. Yey. Thanks so much for those who subbed top star yoo baek.. I really enjoyed this drama. Excited for ma-dol and kang soon's scenes
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