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  1. I really wish that CJM and YEH will get reunited in a film or drama. So jealous when Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk from Jealousy Incarnate will be partnered in a film soon. I hope CJM and YEH will get a second chance to work together in the future. Their chemistry is great!
  2. I really hope CJM and YEH will come back with more good dramas/film after this... FW... anyeong!
  3. If I was allowed to speculate; 1) I think major sponsors or investors for this drama pull out last minute whereby a) we no longer see CJM in his bed in his home lately; b) same goes to YYJ’s house; c) change of YJ Entertainment HQ as if they don’t have the money to rent that building for filming anymore; d) they move to new YJ building of which doesn’t make sense as they were facing financial difficulties due to termination of contracts etc in early episodes of this drama - which CEO Will approve HQ’s renovation when your fate is at risk of collapsing? 2) later on, we can see so many changes in recent episode; a) YYJ move to UNNIE’s house; b) brother left the show; c) CWH is either at YYJ’s father shop or at hospital; d) CWH and YYJ only dated in the car with minimal skinship; e) too many product placement lately; 3) is there any real disagreement between CJM and YEH? My gut feelings said no as I believe both of them are a very matured person with good character, considerate of each other and supportive. I still think they’re very close - either as a close friend or it could be more... but there’s probably some anti-fans movement in Korea that we the international fans are not aware of or it could be some Hidden Hand pulling some string that restrict their lovey dovey act in the show... that’s why we end up with a mere holding hand or short conversation between CWH and YEH... honestly, my mind running wild and still want to decipher why this FW drama failed my expectations to be at par with other dramas out there... FW started really great. But halfway things just crumbled to pieces and goes down the drain. Probably if the audience is not a big fan of CJM or YEH, they probably stop watching this drama by episode 10. Sigh! And sorry for my long rant. It just a pure speculation in nature... pardon me if I am proven wrong...sigh.
  4. When I watched the finale episode, feel like we sided with the losing team, every ticking clock, I counted every second for our OTP to talk and connect with each other. After all, marriage should start with strong foundation, tender moment, sharing thoughts and feelings with each other. However, there’s so much airtime given to the supporting roles, which is repetitive as we all see that everyone already has their closures in previous episode. So there’s no need to prolong the unnecessary scenes. What we need in this episode is the strong bonding between our OTP as they are going to walk the aisle to the altar of marriage. I know it is a low-budget drama, but the wedding shouldn’t be too shabby. After all, CWH is the chaebol fo Chogo Group and YYJ is the top star. But... sigh! On top of those disappointments, there’s a time jump. And in less then 5 seconds, they meet again, read their wedding vows ( no exchange of wedding ring nor seal the wedding with a kiss), the supposedly sacred ceremony being rushed to throwing the bouquet of flower to Unnie. No tender moment, no gentle sweet talking between them, nada! Nothing! Probably our OTP shared less than 3 minutes together in this finale! Hmm....what a waste of talent! CWH and YYJ deserved better closure for their painful heartbreaking love story. And CJM and YEH deserved better drama and script too!!!!
  5. Super duper disappointed with this drama. Hardly no lovey dovey moment between CJM and YEH. The writer and PD-Nim managed to kill off this drama in a big way. Don’t know how they can keep their job. So sad because I can’t see our OTP chemistry flying off the chart. If not because of CJM and YEH, I would drop this drama long time ago. Poorly written, unnecessary filler, unnecessary scenes, unnecessary time jump. They should change the title to something else. Not Fluttering Warning! As a big of fan of both of the top stars, I wish they get better script! There’s no more opportunity to see both CJM sand YEH in one screen again!!!! I wish both of them sign up with excellent script writer who will allow them to show their true talent!!!! super duper pissed off with the writer and PD-nim! Sorry for the long rant!
  6. I think the best way for CWH to protect YJ is by marrying her and announced to the public about their relationship. Wannabe wife can’t do anything if our OTP registered their marriage and announced to the world then! Haha. She will be useless to the Choego Group as CWH’s father view wannabe wife as a tool to rope CWH into his side. Well, that’s only my 2 cents. Not sure what the writer and PD-nun will do. Hope they will not screw up this whole drama with the angst anymore. They should stick with the romcom theme, not melodrama (T_T)
  7. WH went to the hospital to visit uri manager, but he didn’t go inside the room. YJ saw WH but she hide behind the wall. Once more time, no interaction between our OTP. Preview: Uri manager woke up. episode 13- WH will hug YJ, finally - which if I guess correctly will happen at the end of episode 13.
  8. We’re at min 39 of episode 12 - still no sign of reconciliation between the OTP. (T_T) YJ is discussing something with the reporter. Don’t understand their conversation tho... sigh! This is melodrama-> not a romcom anymore (T_T)
  9. When my most anticipated drama killed my hope... be like (T_T) When mind-blowing chemistry between our lead actors being wasted by the writer-nim and PD-nim... my hope destroyed again and again... Writer-nim, PD-nim do something!!! Chaebal... if not the rating will keep dropping, the viewers will keep leaving the show... this is not good for uri YEH’s comeback and not good for Chun Jung Myung! Gosh! I’m officially joining the moping-fest (T_T). Last week, still hoping for the best will happen in episode 11, but now... I want to curl in my blanket and close my eyes and trying to soothe away this disappointment.
  10. Nervous, we’re in minute 46 now - but still no contact between WH and YYJ (sigh) We need both of our beloved WH and YYJ in one screen again!! Please... don’t kill my hope...
  11. Sad and disappointed with today’s episode. I know it’s going to be a painful breakup but I didnt expect the scenes and flashback keep dragging the whole episode. WH seems not fighting head on for his love (sigh and disappointed again). YYJ deep in sorrow and pain. It’s just too heartbreaking. I was hoping for some sort of new hope by the end of the episode, so that we can hold on dearly to it until next week. But, unfortunately... the writer and PD-nim chose to buried our WH and YYJ love story in all the unfortunate event that happen and will happen. argh! I can’t take it!! where’s the First Lady of Cheogo Group? She supposed to step up in her game if she wants to defend the throne! It seems that HJ has too much power! I can’t take it. Only in flashback we can see WH and YYJ in one screen tonight. Oh I missed them. I missed their cute banter, their smiles and their hugs. In in a nutshell = > (T_T)
  12. Hello guys! I’m a silent lurker here. I am a big fan of Chun Jung Myung since his What’s Up Fox and Yoon Eun Hye since Goong. Both are great actor and actress. Solid acting style! Love them both. Let’s ignore K-Netz negative comments. Let’s enjoy this beautiful ride. Every scenes are swoon-worthy scenes where I can see both, CJM and YEH in one screen CJM always smiling with his cute little face. And our princess YEH beautiful face. Love them to the bones! A shipper inside me keep praying that both of them will fall in love in real life. From reel to real (^_^) but probably just my wishful thinking. will support them in whatever path they do. They’re great as an individual and become greater when they combine force together. Chayyok CJM and YEH, our milky couple!
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