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  1. You can go to the TVN link in Erika Song post or this link here to find it. http://program.tving.com/tvn/taleoffairy/18/Board/View But for full song listening we have to pay Oknam theme song. The music we heard when they were in fairy realm
  2. @Erika Song chingu!!! Thank you for the link. whole full album including the background music which i love love love
  3. According to some Korean netizen comments, the logic is that in the 1st kiss, there was no tongue involved just for fun because they are desperated to know the reason too. The 1st kiss was unnecessary
  4. So, here we go. Kissing part 2. I have nothing to say. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=057&aid=0001308523
  5. Exactly, i saw that scene where Geum ate boiled egg too. She basically missed every important clues. Maybe Geum is right, her husband is the one who is being punished so his wife now is forgetting about him i just wish Oknam and Geumi have a lot more moment together because im in love with his eyes when he is with her. Some korean netizens also said Moon Chae Won looks prettier whenever she is with Seo Ji Hoon so they call it chemistry explosion. @aoikarin i like professor Lee either! Thanks to her ep 9 was a lot of fun. In the webtoon, Jung’s character was charismatic that people fall for him, but the drama somehow drowns his character down. If they do it to make Geum’s character shines more then i think they should increase Geum scenes. But they didnt. So i dont know what is their purpose.(Not to say, Korean netizens dont like Yoon Hyun Min face for this role and in their mind they dont find him charismatic before the drama started already). I personally like what he put on the show so im going to blame writer-nim for turning Jung into this. Anyway, many are being pissed off by this drama editing and yet still wait for it because they support the actors and are curious. That is really torturing
  6. I really wonder what Ok Nam would feel after the kiss. Would she feel something special? Would she feel not right? Would she accept it with the thought that Jung is her husband so a little bit weird is okay? I dont know. If she act like she’s gonna accept the kiss/ or nothing feels wrong and continue believing that Jung is her husband, and later turns out that Kim Kim is her husband, and she leaves Jung to go to Kim or something like that, im gonna quit her. That feels just not good for me. (Kim kim was just so fine with Jung )
  7. I look for news on https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver?query=계룡선녀전&where=m&sm=mtp_sug.top&qdt=0&acq=계&acr=1 But i have to use dictionary or translator because i only understand a half what they say on cut scene video or news about the drama, they comment alot
  8. Me too. I dont like that wrist grabbing action and its uncomfortable for me to watch somehow. But on naver, a lot of people likes it as i read the comments, so maybe its something typical that korean like haha
  9. @aoikarin holy crap you are so sharp. If i didnt read parts of the webtoon yet then i couldnt say that much. Makes me wonder If you are interested in detective kind of things. Because you sounds like you are investigating a case I got the same points as you. and yes, we do need more Kim Geum - Professor Jung scenes. Loooove them together
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