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  1. Woaa Mr. Jin Tae Hyun in a new melodrama is loveeee.. gonna look forward for this..
  2. I remembered I heard or read it from somewhere, she wants something to test her versatility that's why she signed it. Jang Na Ra is good at anything. I grew up watching her. Even great reason to watch The Last Empress because she immersed in this dark drama. well aside from Shin Sung Rok and Ms. Shin. I think it's just you. hehe
  3. Hahahaha So early in the morning the KNetz cracked me. But whatever people say I am in. Dark Dramas plus stellar cast ensembles is loveeee LIKEWISE!! I am soooo loving the first episode. I cannot wait to see the to happen once Ssu Ni and Wang Sik enters the Imperial Palace
  4. hello can someone please transcribe the character description of Jang Seung Jo. Thank you.
  5. Done watching this. Annual makjang craving satisfied. The writer and PD spoiled me with soooo good Lee Yu Ri (one of the actress I want to watch) and Kim Young Min (a lowkey favorite in My Mister) plus that heartwarming team up with Song Chang Eui and Uhm Hyun Kyung in a character I cannot even hate. lovelove! Some scenes and situations are annoying but yeah I enjoyed.
  6. That highlight was very much thrilling! Of course with such cast ensemble Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Elijah, Shin Sung Rok and The Shin Eun Kyung who am I to say no. Hope the director would straighten up his mind and not mess like Return. See you next year The Last Empress!!
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