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  1. If you're the artist for a manhua then there are deadlines you're expected to complete in a week or so. For example let's say they asked you 50 panels a week you'll have to complete it so it can be published on time. Really hope we can have the deleted scenes some day or Manhua or even extra
  2. I tried this game today that my friend reccomended called Akinator. So basically this game attempts to determined what fictional or real life characters the player is thinking by asking a series of question. This game been going on for a pretty long time I think loll and I didn't think we would have Eternal Love and Elod characters on here. So far, I only got Feng Jiu, Dijun, Ye Hua, and Bai Qian lol. Trying to get Lian Song and Cheng Yu. I swear for Dijun it asked if he was 6'5, a god, has white hair and boom we got Dijun. For Feng Jiu it asked if she have long hair, dark hair, and a number i
  3. We're doing terrible. Everyday at least where I'm in. My families who isn't from the US would asked and we can talk for hours and hours about what's going on here causing everyday there's always something new. :/// Literally a few days ago there were riots and it was crazy. Some people are really irresponsible. As a student also, our school is kinda forcing us to go back and assure us that we'll be safe. When last semester wearing mask wasn't forcefully meaning yea students come in without mask sometimes, they don't check our temperature or have some health questions we have to answer, and so
  4. Ohh mistletoe everywhere? Does that means they have to kiss everytime they are under one loll? I created a Christmas story too: Feng Jiu and Donghua had a small celebration on Christmas night together. The Bai family and their family were invited. There was a large feast filled with fine wine and food. Perhaps Donghua will cook his famous sweet and sour fish to entertain everyone. Feng Jiu will make her famous pastries for deserts. Meanwhile a little later as Gun Gun and A-Li couldn't keep their excitement they beg to open gifts under the Christmas tree that their father had decorate
  5. I couldn't agree more! I wonder what's the other characters in the book thoughts about him loll. Really hope we can get some more bgm or some special episode too. Is there a way we can convince them loll? D:
  6. Imo, I dislike the fact how Bai Yi hit his own daughter. I think that hitting people for whatever reason they do isn't going to help them. And that hitting doesn't resolved any problem at all, it only makes matter worse. If I remember, I think it was said in the book Bai Yi was a traditional man. My thoughts are that if Feng Jiu were to do something that's not right, there's better method to discipline her rather to hit her. Like if Feng Jiu did something wrong, he should sit and talk with her. Or give her some other punishment other than hitting her. Hitting doesn't resolve anything imo. I th
  7. Actually, for me the episode 54 for TMOPB randomly pops on youtube and I click on it cause it looks interesting. I think during this time the drama was almost over. I skips over it and saw Bai Qian and SuJin. At that time I thought gosh, Bai Qian is so mean. And poor Su Jin cause I thought Bai Qian bully SuJin for fun. Boy, was I wrong loll. This is what drawn my addiction to TMOPB. First of all, the titles drawn me in, 'Tmopb' and the '3 lives 3 worlds.' I begin to watch the trailers and the episodes. First of all, the trailers they did was outstanding. It was the music and the scenery of Qin
  8. After intense research for the instrumental parts of ELOD songs I finally found it. I am not sure if everyone have seen it. Timestamp for the opening is at 1:22:48. Pian Pian (So it happen) the one sung by Dilreba is at 1:27:21. Book of fate is at 1:31:22. And lastly Heart at Desires is at 1:35:23.
  9. That's a tough question. I like both. Sadly there weren't some scene in the book that was included in the drama and wish that they were included. Really wish if we can have the uncut version D: This might make me sound crazy but I want to play the role of JiHeng for some odd reason. Now I know JiHeng wasn't every favorite in both the books and in the dramas and that everyone will most likely not like me for getting in the way of DongFeng. I didn't really like her in the book and the drama. For me, JiHeng was seen as a villain cause she have tried many ways to get Dijun and seperate Feng Jiu fr
  10. My grandparents and parents often tells me not to drink cold water because they said when you drink cold/chilled beverages your body would spend extra amount of energy to regulate the body temperature. Drinking cold water it also restricts digestion. Because our body then need to focus on spending a great amount of energy to regulate the body temperature (37 degrees C) which is now being used to keep your body at a normal temperature. Another reason that I learn while taking a class a while back was that some studies have shown that drinking cold water it can decrease your heart rate. When dr
  11. IMO his reaction was understanding and maybe a little jealous when she said "At that time, I mistook you as Su Moye. And told you a lot of things." He had a smile knowing that Feng Jiu realize Xize was DH. His reaction probably is 'is okay although you mistaken me as Su Moye and make me jealous since you spent a lot of time with him and not me. But at least we spent that moment of time together' kind of smile. DH is kinda understanding that the night was dark and it was hard to see and how Su Moye dress as him and that FJ would have mistaken Dijun for Su Moye. And on top of that FJ didn't have
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