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  1. Jealousy and envy can make people do the most extreme action. Venting their hatred that would leads to injustice. Yes, there is punishment to a crime. Yes, there are karma to those who do bad things. But those things takes time. But keep in mind justice will eventually come. And all the bad deeds will eventually catch up Let's do a small example. Imagine you are a 5 year old playing with your sibling. You steal their toy and lead them to cry. Your parents find out and gives you a small warning. The next time you steal their toy again but this time you have a time out. However you really envy t
  2. Hey everyone! I know this out of context but this amazing artist I have been listening to her a while now sang the song from Ashes of Love. And it sounds so lovely. Her voices is really beautiful. If anyone have a chance support her!
  3. So cool! This is mine. There are some I listen too but is not included in here: The Untamed, The King's woman, BTS, Son Tung MTP, and Den Vau. As a musician, I have to listen to a variety of music so I do have some albums from movies or TV shows as well. I thought is too long to include here haha. But the ones in the pictures is the one I listen to the most.
  4. Oh yea I know that dish. Damn DH is a lucky man to try a variety of her cooking. It is very very expensive loll. I'm not a big fan of heavy soup but it looks delicious. If I'm lucky one day haha I'll def try it. How does it taste like?
  5. I did haha! I feel bad for those who are waiting for the English subtitles. I read the manhua and we're in for a ride.
  6. Tell me about it. A student in my school got covid and still goes to school. And what's scary is that the student already know they have covid. Infected almost everyone and the school is shutdown for me. The student is now planning to sue the school for irresponsible behavior. Sigh...the student not winning the case so far. Luckily I'm online and lately I have been reading the Back to Chaos! And oh gosh it is good. Thank you so much for translating! Can't tell you how much I appreciate it! Reading it in Vietnamese is enjoyable but a little hard at the same haha
  7. My guess is that even if they offer him a little part of their cultivation perhaps Dijun will reject it. Even if they force him. I think Dijun likes to earn most his cultivation himself and he doesn't like people offering that either cause that means he'll eventually have to pay them back somehow since they gave him part of their cultivation. If I remember, Dijun does most of the things himself and only ask people for help if he really need it. And imo it doesn't really match his personality accepting people's small dose of cultivation. If perhaps which is unlikely something bad m
  8. I think is due to the different hairstylists and design team for TMOPB and ELOD. My analysis in the beginning of TMOPB is that her hairstyle resemble of a young woman. A young fox of Qing Qiu who is close to her Aunt and is playful. I think it also shows how Dijun and her love started. It started as innocence and playful. Kinda of like passing notes to your crush in 5th grade. (Not sure what people do now a days or the past. It was a huge thing when I was in 5th grade lol. Passing notes to your crush purposely to make everyone notice). Towards the end of TMOPB, it is shown that her hair i
  9. I agree with you. It was unwarrior of his action and although at the same time I understand why he thought they couldn't be together. Since if they're in a relationship, I think he fear that it would put her in trouble. For example in ELOD, the danger of Miao Luo towards FJ. IMO, his action in TMOPB is that he fears of loosing her since she's the first person he cares about or even fallen in love. I think his fear is that he would loose her and returned to the cold and lonely life he have before. But I also think he should give another chance in love. And to defy heavens that that they're mean
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, I study a little bit about minerals and rocks a few months ago so I am nowhere to an expert. There are many different types of jades. Jades or jadeite are pretty tough. Is one of the toughest known natural mineral. But first, keep in mind that there are no mineral species called jade. Is just a name for it. And if you wonder why a jade is so tough is because it is a mineral formed through metamorphism meaning it associated in high pressure areas. The interlocking texture of microscopic crystals that comprise it. If I'm not wrong, if you scratch it on a mohs scale is ab
  11. Ah she sounds amazing ~ Is always great seeing other musicians play! As a clarinetist myself I figure out some notes for the ELOD music and some of the soundtrack during one of my rehearsal. And now that I listen to all the soundtrack again some of them sounds very similar to each other. I was actually quite surprised how simple some of the notes were to figure out like "別離" I think for that soundtrack I hear about 3 instruments in the beginning the piano, cello, and the clarinet and soon the whole orchestra joins in but as the song goes on I notice how the clarinet part is brought out more an
  12. Just a thought how did DH asked for notes loll? Did he ask nicely or did he demand it? I wonder if there's a time where they refuse to give him notes? Even if he ask, do they get anything in return?
  13. Oh my goodness there is a wedding! Haha I can't wait to read about it. I wonder what they'll be wearing. Also how many people will be shock to learn they have a son already lollll. We need some reaction from the Bai family hahaha
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