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  1. Some red flags. If you wanted a long-term relationship with someone, don't you think you would be sure from the start, or have stronger feelings? He still needs time to gather his thoughts, and you do as well. Whether his previous thing was "no strings attached", or if it was something that could've broken his heart, it doesn't look too good: the former, he could easily only want the same with you; and if the latter, he might take you on as only a rebound relationship. Give it some time, and just be there to listen to him if you want to find something that will last (for anybody). It will weed out the bad ones. Explore your own feelings, flaws, and ways to solve them in the meantime. Learning to be secure in yourself, you'll develop higher standards and know what to look out for.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this whole thing, but these forums look fun (=^・ω・^=) I am almost 17, from Texas in the US.
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