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  1. I really enjoy the OST for this show. I particularly enjoy it when a show's songs are in a variety of contrasting styles. Since I often like to listen to the whole album of a show's OST, it's much more appealing to me when the songs are individual and distinct. This soundtrack certainly fits that description. Some songs in it seem almost like lounge singer-type pieces (that someone might sing while sitting provocatively draped on top of a piano!), some are almost like James Bond film songs or even sound a bit like a song for a western, at least one has what seems to be a more traditional, almo
  2. Thanks, pad-hari, for posting the fun bts pics! I always get such a kick out of seeing actors in costume goofing around together; it's such a fun compare-and-contrast thing with the usually very serious personae they have when in character. I particularly enjoy seeing actors in their costumes as kings and ministers relaxing in this kind of bts fun--because any kind of relaxation and fun is so VERY different from what we usually see in all the high-intensity court politics!
  3. This is a very intriguing-sounding show! I'll be interested in keeping an eye on it as it develops. The main characters definitely sound like a refreshing change from some of the more-frequently-used sageuk character tropes. The heroine being married to a gambling addict (and then divorced!) particularly sounds different and interesting. I wonder how similar these characters' adventures will or will not be to the adventures of the police/detective heroes in Haechi? Does anyone know when, in the Joseon period, this show is set? Will it have any particular connection to actual historical persons
  4. I am very much looking forward to watching this show. Since multiple generations of our family enjoy watching selected K-dramas together, and my parents are of a generation that wants to watch stuff on dvds, not online, we will probably watch this show sometime early next year. I loved Jung Yong-Hwa in Samchongsa/The Three Musketeers, which is the show that introduced me to K-dramas, and I also adored Kang Hong-Suk as the Reaper in Hotel del Luna, so this looks like very fun stuff. Plus, my family all enjoy ghostly shenanigans, so it seems likely to be a pretty ideal show for us. I certainly h
  5. It's fun to see posts on "Faith" appearing nearly a decade after the show itself (good grief, has it really been that long?). Coincidentally, I have been listening almost non-stop to the Faith soundtrack on YouTube over the last couple of days, after encountering it more-or-less by accident. I had forgotten what a fabulous, varied, exciting and multi-faceted soundtrack it is. Ever since I watched the show (which was not when it originally aired, but rather, only a couple of years ago), I have had one particular piece from it stuck in my memory: the noble, heart-breakingly heroic piece that pla
  6. Thank you, pad-hari, and also Lmangla, for your thoughts on how the king is being portrayed in this show. Well, so far so good, then; fingers crossed, it looks hopeful that I will be able to watch the show eventually, and won't find myself too outraged with its portrayal of Gwanghaegun! I tend to feel very protective of him. I'm sure, of course, he was no angel, but he's a historical personage whom I feel was really unjustly victimized, both by the actual actions of his enemies in his own lifetime, and then by the treatment he was given by historians until recent decades. Of course, since he w
  7. Hello to all! I haven't watched the show yet; I hope to, someday. My family and I are currently watching Haechi, and enjoying it greatly. And I always prefer my heroes a little messy-haired and bearded, so since I already love Jung Il-woo from Haechi, I'm thinking I'd love him even more with his look in Bossam. However, there's a potential problem for me: historically, Gwanghaegun is one of my favorite Joseon kings, so I refuse to watch any show or film in which he's portrayed as a bad guy! So I have to wait to see how he turns out in this show before I commit to whether I'll watch it or not.
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