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  1. I don't pity tbh! All he ever thought about succeeding and remain at that throne by all means. Nurture do play a role but then it's a nature too (Min Yu Ra is a classic example). She was brought up in a loving and caring environment and what she did was not less than the emperor's. But i do agree that circumstances play a pivotal role and more that that~ the parents. His parents always supported his younger brother just because he was more smarter. And not only they supported him but beaten hyuk because of bad grades. Because his parents were so ambitious they made him one like that and all that is incomplete if his own nature doesn't add any fuel to it. Nature matters alot. If he wanted; he can do other things and let yoon be the crown prince- must he became one? Yeah- because no one wants to leave that throne- that power and title and money too. He always lived in fear that he will lose his lavish lifestyle and money and place from palace as his mother was never his side from the very start and that like his parents; everyone would look down upon him forever (when he asked CWB the same in practice room). There's no language and cure of fear.
  2. Hello all here! How are you all? I was sick and that's why away from mobile haha. Finished watching episodes 9-10 and i feel so satisfied when the will was out~it was ultimate way to protect sunny. The character which came out like a star was Princess Ari. She is truly Hyuk's daughter lol. The same traits- obsessed with title; power; cunning and a brilliant actor (loved how she outsmarted YR). Since she heard the will so she sticks to empress for the title. I was reminded of my childhood ~ i never even once thought what is will; money and all. I pity her to be honest for living such a shallow childhood. I already predicted of involvement of all 3 in GED' murder and eventually i was having feeling that hyuk knows everything about CWB. When he never trusted YR; this his overtrust on WB seems suspicious. I guess he wants to get fid of YR somehow because as yoon said that he always got rid of those who knew his truths. Also; that having a heinous childhood doesn't mean even you become like that and destroy others. Both he and his father (the late emperor was under the same assumption:- no one can humiliate them and whatever crimes they commit; they are innocent) and this leads to massacres over years. Sadly; it was real during old empire days. I loved the full transformation of sunny from being a pet cat to full fledged tigress. She has taken 1-2 steps now. She really became smarten and after receiving all the shares she will be more strong. I think now is the time to remove YR but it will take time to make her down from the eyes of emperor and other than CWB; Ari is helping alot in this. Nanny not telling about documents to PM seems she wants to get rid of him in the future. Maybe PM is married and sticks to her for the shares or property. Also; the scenes where LH sees himself in broken mirror symbolises how much he is messed up and broken inside~ he became a total psycho~ running around with guns and poison injections to kill everyone who disobey him. Intresting how tug of war is being played not only b/w good and evil but also evil and more evil (Nanny/YR). Btw; the scene of wicked couple suspecting each other was so satisfying haha. And I'll try to be more active here lol.
  3. Maybe he was only expecting to frame her with poison in the food but the he saw hairpin and got shocked because then in his opinion he was thinking about his removal and yoon's installation. And the Dowager laughing maniacally in the preview can be about how LH and YR killed GED and hers can be the next chance
  4. Bold- i agree on that point that any person at her place was bound to worked up to that level but where sunny went wrong was 1st time when she told everything to dowager and 2nd time when LH came in front of her chamber. She shouldn't spoke to LH that she told everything to GED and nor to dowager. But then; GED calling LH and YR to beat them unnecessarily crashed everything. She would die even then too unless if the murder was committed by a third party. Tug of war is now including nanny/prime minister too as they envy upon yura/leehyuk. Also; lee hyuk's theory is sharp clear:- An emperor can do anything but still innocent; after all he is the emperor. It was said by emperor himself in the starting and i guess WS now heading to trap him in his own saying.
  5. Omigod; all the long discussions here:- I'm lovin it! Will read afterwards. Watched the episode and it was a total Sunny show! Jang na ra slayed that emperor and his mistress washing scene *rofl*. All the three of them were surprised by her words and afterwards empress dowager too haha. That hoodie boy i guess i yoon (from his physique)..maybe he came to meet grandmama? Because he was shown staring at Ms. Hong who was then going into her chamber with food. Or he can be LH? Running after the work was done? And I'm guessing that either the poison was on chopsticks/hairpin because her face turned deep blue color. Also; why am i getting feels that GED was murdered twice- hairpin and poison. Maybe LH had given her poison and then yura came to stab those hairpin from last time. Empress dowager can never kill GED because then the internal affairs get activated highly and it could demolish whole monarchy. She knew that. LH already said he could do anything once he get psycho. Either the will or that nanny/Prime minister can support her now. Nanny was also missing before GED murder and who's seo kang hee? I need to watch episode again haha.
  6. Any preview? Thank you so much guys for live recaps. I love you all ♡♡
  7. I agree with you guys @gm4queen@Sarang21 but its really weird though lol. Anyways; WS saving princess is to gain more trust from omma mama.
  8. I'm betting her plan is going to fail lmao. Also; i guess she screaming at ommamama is about hiding so many things from her which is so true
  9. @gm4queenI'm surprised how here live recaps are to be put in spoilers. Everyone are cunning towards their goals I think nanny deliberately showed dna so that empress hates emperor and avoid to get intimate with him- resulting in no heir. @Sarang21haha..me too..i would've killed LH first
  10. Oh my! The actress playing omamama- i loved her seriously^-^/ can't wait to watch with flashbacks. So LH learnt martial arts from ninja
  11. Poor sunny; her father is a gambler and not of much help. Sister is too busy on finding vincent lee and now she can only cry in front of GED and soon she will be murdered too. I guess after her murder; the pet cat will turn into a full-fledged tigress.
  12. But if he didn't had done this;; LH had killed her either himself or got her killed by someome else. Eventually; WB hitted two birds with one stone- he gained LH trust and also saved empress by staging her fake death and bringing her alive by coincidence.
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