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  1. Ops. I forgot haha. Psj so tricky coz there's no picture arrive of psj in japan and arrive in korea to think he's so tall. Psj can do ninja moves like pmy even tho he's so tall.
  2. Why is my delulu mind thinking psj is waiting pmy in japan right now And he'll be the surprise guest in pmy fan meeting. That would be great
  3. Ive read somewhere here in soompi. park seo joon interview Dec 13, 2016. Park Seo Joon talked about why he decided to appear in the drama as he said, “I chose ‘Hwarang’ because I thought it would be nice for the last drama I do in my twenties to be one about being a youth. I worked on four productions in 2015, but I decided to put my all into just one production this year. I want to keep working non-stop till I’m 32 or 33.” Soooo what do you mean working non stop till 32 or 33? You want to get married by then? His ideal age for marriage is 32 or 33? And park min young wants to get married by 35? Hmmm
  4. I'll go with the latter (delulu mode) And also I was thinking that maybe jessica was the one reasons for psj and pmy to know each other aside from big nana (delulu mode again)
  5. Yes I know that different brand only looks like same in first glance. My point is another coincidence that looks like a couple items.
  6. Yes they're both great in fashion. That you'll think it looks like couple items haha. Another coincidence maybe the universe/fate is a shipper like us haha lol
  7. Oh nice. Jessica and psj known each other im sure coz of tommy hilfiger and jessica is close friend of pmy right?
  8. I notice that when they're travelling there must be a one thing that match with the other one even if it not same brand but almost same looks.
  9. I thought i was the one who notice it. Their airport fashion in shanghai are almost same but different color. Same when they came from thailand the white shoe thing but different brand but also looks like same at first glance. Hmmmm
  10. Cheers to that 2 years I have the feeling also that they've been together for long but not 3 years just like they've said. Their acting in AAA2017 and cosmo event kinda same The way pmy just clapping without looking to psj when he won an award in AAA2017
  11. Ohh my bad im sorry just wanna have fun Coz this thread getting serious bout of her accepting same genre in short time period after ending wwwsk. Just wanna loosen up
  12. Park min young is really beautiful in and out right psj? Do your move now park seo joon or lee seung gi will provoke you lol
  13. Lee Seung Gi and Park Min Young together in busted 2 and will do the MC in golden disc awards. Lee seung gi so lucky Plus Lee Seung Gi also together with parkpark in the table during AAA 2017 Park Seo Joon Ahemmmmmmm Ps: LEE =LEE tae hwan / LEE seung gi YOUNG= park min YOUNG JOON= park seo JOON is this a sign?
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