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  1. ohhh... wonder why? but still, im sure PMY will be great! I always admire actors who really prepare and immerse themselves to portray their character well.
  2. Isnt it like.. she is a cellist asa profession.. but after suffering heart break and loss, she moved back to their province when she was younger.. and thats where she became an art teacher and met SKJs character, a bookstore owner?
  3. Maybe something like this... I like this hairstyle of Dara Park.. with wavy hair and bangs and they kinda have the same forehead..
  4. I read somewhere about the female character's physical description. That she has long wavy hair with bangs... is it true? if so.. you think PMY will do the hair?
  5. Understood.. but also not a good impression though. Coz they are intentionally violating restrictions. But oh well...
  6. Wow.. so there are really some stubborn accounts on IG who shared scenes from dvd... no regard for infringement violations? Tsktsk.. Anyways.. on the 1st scene you mentioned.. yes.. PSJ fixed her hair 2nd scene.. they are rehearsing on what they should do in their scene.
  7. He carried her in a different way in the dvd.. that's not how he carried her in the actual bed scene in the drama.. That part is yet to be seen, maybe on the 2nd set of the Japan dvd... but if it's not there... that carrying to the bed scene is definitely in the 77minutes deleted scenes.
  8. Can we blame her? Lol! Her hands just automatically lands in PSJs body whenever they are close to each other... i sooo love it!
  9. Welcome! This is always a place for PPC lovers.. everyone is always welcome! Feel free to share your thoughts on just about anything! Trust us.. this is a fun ride!
  10. New teaser of Japan dvd with eng subs (credits to parkpark_couple_luv) PSJ to PMY "You look like a tiny kid."
  11. I think its the admin who deleted the post... coz we cant completely delete our own posts.. thats why there are posts that says "deleted". Coz we cant leave the space blank. Some of us reported that lurker post.. i did the same.
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