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  1. I've read the summary of the new two chapters, so thanks very much @rhaps , really hoping to see a show based on that!
  2. Hi!! I finished BR a few days ago and loved it so much. What a nice thing sometimes is the internet, I could never watch this kind of series in Italy :-p My favourite was indeed Gong Zi because that's just my kind of character and because it was very well played, but I never dreamed of pairing him with Wan Mei. Even though I never really felt for Chang An there's no doubt he was the one she loved, not just because he'd die for her, but because he understood her and she could be herself with him and she felt she could let her guard down only when she was with him. I've read bizarre things about 'who did most for her', but even if Gong Zi had done more for her, since when love became the same thing as gratitude? As a matter of fact, I'd love a sequel showing Gong Zi realising finally what he's lost without Yue Ying at his side. Maybe this is because I'm past my teenage years - way past :-( but there's a difference between loving a character and a person. I love Gong Zi so much I have difficulty starting anything new now because I keep thinking of him, but I mean the character, I mean I want more stories with him in it, I don't want a manipulative bloody man in my life who couldn't even see how he was treating Yue Ying at the end... About Wan Mei, I loved how they wrote her character. I think the way she changed/without-changing episode after episode was really good. She changed because she had to, she did things her old self never thought she would ever do, but she never changed who she is deep inside.
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