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  1. Recently RDH did an interview in Korea and he talked about GQ. (I translated the interview mainly on GoogleTranslate and Papago, so what I type may be lost in bad translation and understanding - I really need to learn more Korean haha) The interviewer said something like season 6 seems like a closed ending (with JYS resigning and HanKang proposal), and RDH replied that HJW should be dead in Season 2 but somehow he came back from the dead in S3. Therefore, he said it's not impossible for a renewal as GQ is a drama where the story can progress (unlike other dramas where if it's the end it's the end). But for now he says he really doesnt want to meet HJW again haha. He has gotten more grey hairs because of HJW... But he will consider in the future if the fans still want to see more of HJW and GQ. He also said there is no point in objecting reprising HJW now, as he tells himself after the end of every season that he will not do it again, never again but ends up agreeing to film it anyways. So he'll just go with the flow of how it will turn out, but he's happy now and will be happy whether S5 is the last season or not. Poor him, what he needs is a long break haha. As for HanKang getting married, RDH himself wants it to happen. But he said just imagining him wearing a tuxedo and YJH wearing a wedding dress doesn't seem to fit the direction of the drama and the ending. therefore he said the proposal scene is a nice, good ending alternative to the wedding. During the filming of the proposal RDH was trembling from nervousness and YJH cried. The line "thank you for being with me all these 10 years, it must be hard" made both of them cry... as they never told each other (as in RDH and YJH, not HanKang) this throughout the filming of the drama even though both of their roles are extremely difficult. so telling each other that although scripted really felt like RDH himself comforting YJH and vice versa. and to RDH-YJH shippers: Apparently there is a dating scandal involving both of them (i don't see any in naver though) and RDH is happy to have rumours with her. He said when would a chance to be embroiled in a dating scandal with a beautiful girl(YJH) happen to him.. however he said the scandal would be natural since they have worked with each other as lovers for a full 10 years. but he did say that both of them got closer after the filming of S5. I hope Google, Papago and I did not mistranslate anything, and I guess it's nice to see RDH's thoughts on the future of GQ. I hope someone interviews YJH soon - it'll be nice to compare both perspectives. As for now -- time to move on and pray that Korean fans show enough longing and response to garner a renewal.
  2. I found out about that on her profile on her company's website.. and her role is listed on NamuWiki(Korean) as well. I don't understand much Korean, but her role is a psychologist/psychiatrist. [https://namu.wiki/w/열혈사제] It's gonna air soon, so probably someone will update the full cast on asianwiki and wikipedia in the next few weeks. So many priest related dramas coming out recently haha.
  3. yeah.. i was sad when JH turned down the offer. he really did fulfill his role in season 1, and it'll be nice if he can cameo (somehow) in season 3. can't wait for ocn's announcement. i do think another reason for RDH to turn a new season down would be the burden on his brain memorizing everything haha... he really outdid himself this season, from memorizing chemical formulae to english and mathematical equations. props to RDH, major props. YJH will be taking a (hopefully not small) supporting role in SBS's new February drama Hot Blooded Priest. It's written by the writer of GQ Season 1-4 and directed by the director of Whisper, people who YJH has worked with. From the teaser it looks like a comedy so I'm quite looking forward to watching it, and it would be nice to see what the writer has up his sleeve this time - I loved GQ and Good Doctor.
  4. preach haha. YJH needs to stop taking on characters that people would dislike (Run Jang Mi, Radio Romance). I won't object to the fact that she's good at it though, but someone give her a romantic, likeable character! hahahaha. that's gonna be so cute... if that happens i might just freak out
  5. thanks for bringing the ratings up, i think i myself was too eager to see a 5% haha. i really hope i'm wrong too with the epilogue... like the end HJW said if only there's one adult that stood by the children, and then he linked to JYS being the one that led them and fought for the truth (or sth like that) and having another one (MSA) that would continue JYS's legacy. Probably reading too much into this, but this is a small tiny glimpse of hope that a season 6 could appear with a different dynamic. Hopefully RDH and YJH will agree with us fans that they need to be there. I remember getting so excited when I finally saw YJH confirmed to be in season 5 as that was one of my worry.. I know... both of them deserve so much more... It's the 2nd work of RDH after his enlistment.. so i think he'll work his way up from here on. As for YJH... she has gotten more attention and interest for this season so I hope more directors and writers notice her
  6. oh right, I forgot about that. They were 1st in the timeslot for non-cable... but i think RDH expected 5% as they promised to dance to Sistar's Touch My Body if they do hit that mark haha... Season 6 or not, it's all fine by me~ Many fans are petitioning for one, so let see what OCN and the casts think about it
  7. Me too, I hope they do. Though I think they won't, to be honest.. as the ratings aren't good as expected. And they've wrapped up the whole series nicely, from the incorporation of the previous seasons and solving the problems in season 5. It would be interesting to see what kind of direction they would go ahead, if they do decide to renew. Though... Dr Han and Det Kang has been through enough in their lives that I think I'm done watching bad stuff keep on happening to them.
  8. Ahh.... This makes a lot of sense to me now. I was wondering how the three were spared, as in one scene TJ is seen to be really sick, and DY too. Any thoughts about HSP though? Him vomiting blood and having his brain degenerated.... Yeah, that's true. Actors wouldn't want their career to be defined by just one character... It's probably time for them to move on. I think they all accepted season 5 due to the unsatisfying ending of season 4 and probably want a good closure as well. RDW has a new drama as 2nd lead, and YJH is playing a small role (she needs bigger roles!) once again. Dr Jo is still on her musical, kudos to her working both sides with the filming and her musical. Haha.. like HJW says: destiny always has to interrupt at the precise moments but it's really a very sweet way of proposing, and matches up with their line of work. Det Kang's reactions are just priceless, and Dr Han's nervousness... haha. Too cute. That's true, with dr jang popping in and out of the season... that's a good idea as well. I totally agree, I will keep on watching as long as they keep filming it. There's so much to learn, especially from the medical perspective. I love learning about the rare diseases and it's just sad there's not as much as the previous seasons (it was one disease per episode, with only a few spanning to two episodes). I'll never get bored!
  9. It's been such an enjoyable season, and well worth the wait. I feel like the story has been written well to conclude the (annoying) ending of Season 4... Though it seemed like the writer was struggling to conclude everything in the last episode. I think nothing was mentioned on how HSP, TJ, DY and HJW escaped Hyeokjeon... and also how HJW managed to get back to his family then onto Prof Jang... and I'd like to know that. Det Kang and Dr Han's love story though... It really captures the beauty of a mature and understanding relationship.. No excessive PDA, cringey scenes... Just a pure, normalized relationship. I would have loved for a little more interactions though, really. But the ending... the writers just wouldn't let them be engaged in peace huh? As much as I really hope there to be a renewal for season 6... I'm not too sure if that's gong to happen. YJH has another work lined up already, and with Dr Jo's retirement... It does feel like an intended conclusion to the whole series. The epilogue at the ending makes it seem that way too. I won't complain if there's a renewal though, it'll be nice finally seeing Dr Han and Det Kang finally getting married, and the dynamics of the autopsy team with MSA leading it. Through the instagram of OCN (I think) I saw a cake for their completion party... and on one of the cakes it said "let's meet again next year". I'm not sure if the cake is by the fans or by the production company, but if it is ordered and designed by OCN then we'll perhaps have hope for a season 6 *cross fingers* Anyways, good season overall with some tiny gaps here and there... and I'll have to search for something new to move on to. Hoping there's more of RDH and YJH's work and for them to gain a little more attention - they're underrated gems in the industry man.
  10. Thank you so much for updating! Will you be updating all the other episodes as well?
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