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  1. His whole segment in that show was gold. Love his interaction with Hyori, especially when her husband is around Beautiful quote... More please That YTLive was just so lovely - totally my favourite YT Live of his But I think he meant the messages in the fan cafe, not international sites...
  2. I didn't make this thread @U-Çan, it was created by @kaiskloset who is now inactive I love that rendition of The moon Represents My Heart @gumtaek I think one of my favourite moments of his is when he squat down and tied one of the interviewer's (?) shoe lace... He did it like it's the most natural thing in the world Very thoughtful and humble
  3. I dislike that type of characters - the spoiled, arrogant guy who suddenly changed into a nice guy because he fell in love. I hope he takes some roles that are far away from the boyfriend character... How about something dark like a depressed/suicidal person? A flawed hero turning into a villain (maybe in a sageuk drama)? A comedic character is nice too... maybe a new teacher or teaching assistant in a school full of crazy students His name appeared here @U-Çan that's super cute
  4. Eider released Fall/Winter photoshoot BTS: Insta: https://t.co/HR63wpHuOt?amp=1 Facebook: Didn't he play a spoiled playboy son in Wonderful Mama?
  5. I was having a hard time choosing which photo to put on the first page, there are so many good ones from TNGT, Ace bed, Shinhan Bank, Coke Ended up choosing this one from https://www.facebook.com/pg/ShinhanBank/photos/ I really love this one too... If anyone wants to see a particular photo/quote on the first page, just tag me or private message me @willenette They're using 2017 photo for the after photo... I think his body is even more muscular now... Will look for that sleeveless photo from the season's greeting. It was floating around somewhere
  6. Koreaboo version: Park Bo Gum and Suzy May Reunite In A New Drama/Thriller Movie Visual explosion. NEWS Two of Korea’s most popular actors may be set to unite in one movie, as Park Bo Gum is currently carefully considering an offer to join the cast of the movie Wonderland. An exclusive report from Ilgan Sports has detailed how Park Bo Gum has received the offer to join the lineup of Wonderland, and he is currently carefully considering the offer to join the movie. If he does choose to accept the offer, he will play the role of a couple with Suzy. Currently, Suzy and Choi Woo Sik are confirmed to be part of the cast, and actress Tang Wei is also considering joining the cast. Wonderland is directed by Kim Tae Yong, who is also Tang Wei’s husband, and it will be his first full length movie since 2011. While Suzy and Park Bo Gum have not yet worked together in a drama or movie, they have hosted the past two Baeksang Arts Awards together and shown their chemistry as MC’s. Korean source is the same as above: http://isplus.live.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=23586600&cloc=
  7. A Soompi article: Park Bo Gum In Talks To Appear In Upcoming Film With Suzy Sep 25, 2019 by J. Lim We may soon be seeing Park Bo Gum and Suzy on the big screen together! On September 25, it was reported that Park Bo Gum is currently looking over an offer to appear in the upcoming film “Wonderland” (tentative title) by director Kim Tae Yong. He is said to have been given the offer to play the boyfriend of Suzy’s character. In response, Bom Film Production stated, “It’s true that we’ve offered a role to Park Bo Gum, but casting has not been finalized.” A source from his agency Blossom Entertainment also stated, “He has received the offer and is currently looking over it.” If both Suzy and Park Bo Gum accept their roles, it will be their first time working on a production together. Last year, they were in talks to star in the SBS drama “People of Incheon Airport,” which was later changed to “Where Stars Land” and starred Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin. They have already shown their potential chemistry as MCs for the Baeksang Arts Awards for two consecutive years. “Wonderland” is a film that Suzy and Choi Woo Shik are also in talks for, and with Park Bo Gum joining them, the film could have a star-studded cast. Stay tuned for more updates! Korean sources: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002960677 https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=421&aid=0004215057
  8. His new profile in the fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/BOGUMMY Changing the first page with this photo because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy He makes that ball seems so precious
  9. @Floraison he's really rocking that white t-shirt huh Korean and International fans are tweeting this #30DAYS_BG_CHALLENGE And Japanese fans are tweeting this site: http://www.bihann.com/cast/754.html He's currently #10 for the whole male actor category and #4 for the age 20s category. Voting is once every 10 hours or so.
  10. I'm confused... why is he trying to remember fans' names? Is this something expected in Korean Fandom? He has tens of thousands of fans though... Am I misunderstanding that question? More photos
  11. Thanks @rahma92, I'll put that into the discography section. Soompi article: https://www.soompi.com/article/1344698wpp/male-celebs-who-effortlessly-pull-off-the-trendy-comma-hairstyle Of course Bo Gum pulls off all hairstyle... well, almost all...
  12. Thank you @gumtaek, @rahma92, @Sakurafairy @rahma92, do you happen to have any article(s) for the rankings? Random sighting while watching Knowing Bros For the game segment, they have a legendary school club called Seventeen and one of the members is supposedly Park Bo Gum who graduated last year (original members included Won Bin & Kang Dong Won lol)
  13. Bo Gum covered the song Every Day, Every Moment... And Soompi's article on his 8th anniversary https://www.soompi.com/article/1344624wpp/listen-park-bo-gum-thanks-fans-on-8th-anniversary-of-debut-with-heartfelt-cover-of-paul-kim
  14. Happy 8th Anniversary to Bogummy I hope he shines even brighter in the coming years Sorry for the lack of updates everyone I just returned from my trip and plan to catch up for the next few days I've updated the first page with his newest photo and I plan to move the "singer debut" to the discography section + update the CF list with Youtube links in the coming days. If anyone has any suggestions or additional info, please post it here or message me
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