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  1. Thx booha and all of you who always share news about CJH ...  I like reading the article that CJH who is special MC in SBS MLOB. I once hoped CJH could be a guest there and now it comes true. Hopefully the mothers there can make him open his mouth about the love relationship that he is hiding Im to wanna say hi to Song Hayoon like you, booha  Finally CJH joined to Rugal and it Official confirm. Cant wait for that and i think Rugal story more interesting than Justice... Has anyone read the webtoon or has the link where i can read story?
  2. Hiii chingu... Missing mabbeumi couple alot and thx to we will channel you, im so happy after seen cjh-shy kissing segmen and cjh subconscious mind that adding facts about their relathionship... And when cjh interview in taiwan media, he so happy for answer the questions about their kissing scene in DJ... I've question chingu, why nothing article about cjh answer for kissing segmen while so many articles about jang nara and oh aa rin. Doesn't that make us wonder what behind it??
  3. I seen it too many times he tried to stretch his leg. First time i think he just tired but it turned out that his knee had a problem again. His knee cracked when conscription right? Get well soon, oppaaa... And take vocation to recharging ur energy Huuuuaaaaa giant baby, that suit for him even though he is rather quiet and private it seems like he is more open now. One of taiwan fan who attent FM said when the Q&A session he answered fans' questions openly but remained shy and when played videos made by Taiwan fans, especially DJ's kissing scene he looked shy
  4. Hiii all chingu... Long times im not here... I read new news that g-tree take a legal action agains to malicious comments for CJH, it that right??? And what malicious comments spread?
  5. If there arent something abt them, why chj looked so shy??
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