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  1. Just getting into this! Will be watching the 4 episodes for the first time tonight and over the weekend! First came across the male lead in Devilish Joy I'll return to this thread next week when I'm more equipped!
  2. I'd have to say the plot development within the first few episodes was quiiite predictable. I could almost bet on what was going to happen next! But well, now we reach the halfway mark of the show and I'm really hoping for something solid!
  3. Currently watching My Little Happiness! Also my first C-drama. I managed to binge the first 12 episodes over 2 nights too. It has been a really good one to ease me into the world of C-dramas. @ck1Oz Contrary to you, I checked out PYHOMS while waiting for new episodes of MLH and found so hard to get used to the dorky character of Tang Xiao Tian in it. I think I'll stick to MLH for now... P.S Does anyone know what is the opening song of MLH?
  4. Watched Melancholic (part of the Japanese Film Festival offering in my city). I appreciated how it depicts Japan life as-is. The scenes and cinematography are not polished but not in a bad way. The film touched on societal "rite of passage" and expectations. I enjoyed it!
  5. A little bit late to it but currently watching Hospital Playlist! Didn't know it was such a hit when it was released. The plot is slow-paced compared to a blockbuster-esque K-drama but am enjoying the wholesomeness of it.
  6. Something in the Rain was the first K-drama I ever watched, and so naturally my first Korean celeb crush is Jung Hae In!
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