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  1. Whoa!!! So after being absent for a few days here I can't believe that I will be welcomed by a loud bang! LOL. Okay, now for my POV: 1. Since we know (or at least it was mentioned here) that PSJ's agency did not respond to these "allegations" I think it's safe to say that it's nothing but fake news? That other camp is really good at making stuff up and I even had to block some of them on IG because their imaginations are wild and mostly baseless. 2. Why on earth would PSJ go out with his gf on broad daylight and call her his "baby"?? That goes against his nature and unless he did that on purpose to "irk" a certain someone or is on a suicide mission lol I don't see why he would endanger his and his gf's career. He stressed in his interviews that he would not let anyone hurt his significant other so I think that tweet is sheer bogus. 3. If you recall, I was the one who said that PSJ and PMY were on board the same flight to China for Cosmo. I got that "intel" from Chinese shippers but as we know it was nothing but fake news. The said source even assured me that PMY was seen with PSJ but had to hide for a few hours so that the fans won't notice them leave the airport together. Fans can "create" stories to suit their interests and to feed their minds with delusional claims. Nothing completely wrong with that if that floats your boat but the moment someone claims something concocted as truth and spreads malicious rumors on purpose is a whole different story and is completely immature if you ask me. I guess time will tell which is which but I really doubt someone as careful as PSJ would suddenly change his "tactics" right now. So let's just wait and see and also take a chill pill while we're at it.
  2. My thoughts exactly. I'm relatively new to K-ent and I've never heard of PSJ before WWWSK (though I've heard of PMY before) but his answers in his interviews and even his body language in the bts were very telling. Yes, each color has a meaning which I learned recently thanks to my ex lol. *embarrassing*
  3. Hey, @tali58! I gotta admit I'm not exactly a sports enthusiast as I usually just watch NBA and while I get you, I think having BJH's and PMY's birthday on his jersey at the time he was/is rumored to be dating them is definitely more than a "coincidence" don't you think? That's 2 out of 2. LOL. Who knows? Having his gf's birthday on his uniform could be his lucky number as that person is definitely significant to him. And looks like everyone here is saying the same thing too. Yep. None of this is sure proof of course but looking for patterns is definitely more objective than relying on tarot cards and fortune tellers who can guess but never actually determine the future.
  4. I doubt someone "close" would out them. That wouldn't make sense considering they're trying to keep it a secret and even their WWWSK cast members like Chansung denied knowing/noticing anything special going on between them so this person is obviously just someone who possibly saw them together and was brave enough to tag/mention PSJ just like those rumors of Koreans who saw them in a salon.
  5. There you go! So he adopted Simba in Nov 2016. It's safe to say their serious relationship started at least a few months before he adopted Simba. It's possible they had a some relationship in 2015 (as there are some good clues circulating online in 2015) and decided to take things to the next level the following year. Though I'm doubtful why they would risk getting caught "flirting" online in 2015 if it wasn't serious that year yet hmmm... He's a random guy who supposedly saw PSJ with PMY at the time this picture was taken that's why he tagged/mentioned his name in the photo above. His account is a private account (or went private after tagging PSJ) so fans were all the more curious why he would do that when there was no "clear" connection between PSJ & PMY yet since this was pre-WWWSK.
  6. If you like the guy and you are "flirting" with each other then yes! Also, if you are in the initial stage of "getting to know" each other and you want to kind of show the guy where you stand in terms of a potential relationship, that's another yes! One thing is for sure though, if a girl is not comfortable with a guy or isn't at least somehow attracted to him, she will definitely keep her distance especially if the guy is coming on too strong. It's also good if someone could cite when PSJ adopted Simba since that would be a good indicator of when their "serious" relationship started. Adopting dogs is usually a pretty good indicator of how serious a relationship is and even though PMY got Leon in 2015 getting the same breed and naming it in similar fashion is not coincidence imo. I also don't think the jersey number is a mere coincidence since he did the same for his ex and yes, you only do that, if you are in a serious relationship otherwise you will keep changing your jersey number almost like meeting the parents lol.
  7. I'm still having a problem uploading a pic here. Anyway, if you look at the post behind him (the one next to the plants), it's got English letters on it. As far as I remember from my trip to Thailand a couple of years back, they seldom have English signage. Also, lots of Australian cities have a "Southeast Asian" vibe to them such as Brisbane/Brissy for instance. It's also summer there right now so the pic might be from Australia. Just my guess though.
  8. Hear! Hear! My thoughts exactly. This practice is common everywhere. I may sound like a broken record but I do feel Dispatch has PPC pics but has a very good reason not to reveal it...yet (which oftentimes has to do with business/marketing/legal reasons). And unless these people are asexual, humanoid or are prevented by their religion, I’m pretty sure they’re all dating in secret.
  9. Yep. The V sign and yes I’m aware that it’s common to flash it in Asia. I see it a lot in pictures and I’m familiar with it. But it’s more like the timing of the posts as they were only a few minutes apart otherwise I would have ignored it... Before the Cosmo event, PMY posted a pic with a letter envelope as a caption. I don’t know if that was before or after PSJ’s Weibo pic with a message to the Chinese fans but people quickly assumed that it was some sort of message or clue and then after that PSJ’s attendance at Cosmo was confirmed. This was followed by PMY accidentally liking a PSJ-related message on social media. And of course, we all enjoyed the “See YOU” cryptic messages that they exchanged on IG after that. In this day and age, subtweeting/”sub-messaging” is considered a common occurrence (I know of an ex couple who exchanged secret messages on Twitter via songs) so it’s not at all impossible if that was exactly their intention. And if you want to be secretive about your relationship yet leave breadcrumbs for the fans I think this is a good way since it’s telling but “sneaky” at the same time. I’ve heard several K-celebs have done this before. Of course, I cannot say for sure if that is truly what I think it is but the timing of the posts was pretty interesting especially if you saw it in real time.
  10. There were IG pics where they posed with the peace sign. They also posted the pics only a few minutes apart so some fans think it's some sort of a secret message. Unfortunately, PPC (or at least PSJ) deleted the pic/s but I'll try to find them and upload them. Just teach me how to do that coz I'm a noob on here.
  11. Hey, @twoparkcouple! I really appreciate the way you analyze things and the way you present your opinion so hi! Hmmmm...I'm not sure who Leon's father is (hahaha) but I really think the #Daddy&Son is a bit curious considering the timing of the post which was my main basis. I also know that names could have been coincidental but given all of the factors around them and how she "dodged" that question about Leon...I realized they can't be purely coincidental. Even before I got too involved in shipping PPC, I already took the name Leon as another "hint" since it's a Spanish word and Spanish is a language I'm quite familiar with. And we all know a certain someone had that nickname when he was in Spain. Thanks for clarifying what she said in that interview by the way. Yes, I noticed PSJ's baseball jersey number too. At first, I was a little skeptical about it but when I discovered that PSJ's jersey had BJH's birthdate around the time they were rumored to be dating, I started to consider it as a clue. And you're right, just like what that female reporter said, if that number isn't proof that they're together, it's a sign that they should at least date each other. By the way, do you know the peace sign pictures? They were posted in the same year as "Hello"/"Hi, there" which is 2015.
  12. I concur with most of the things you said. As a non-Korean fan who's shipping a K-celeb couple for the first time, I find couple items to be a ridiculous and shallow way to confirm whether a couple is dating or not. In fact, I had to ask my Korean and Japanese friends what the fuss is when it comes to these things. And for celebrities who are known to be secretive about their relationship, buying similar/matching items would be a DEAD GIVEAWAY and would defeat the very purpose of hiding the relationship... I also had the same initial reaction to their travels to the US and to other countries. These are celebs which means that they have photo shoots and other possible commitments so being in the same country at around the same time (especially in the US) does not necessarily mean they're dating. I mean, I see a lot of Koreans in my neighborhood and I even had a Korean schoolmate who is now a member of a famous Girl Group. HOWEVER, I would like to disagree about the dog thing. Yes, PMY adopted Leon in 2015 and Simba was adopted by PSJ in 2016 but on December 17, 2016 (literally just a day after PSJ's birthday) PMY posted two pics of Bichon Frise dogs on IG with the caption #Daddy&Son. We know both dogs are male and one (Leon) is older so the probability of this just being a mere coincidence is highly unlikely. In fact, there was an interview where PMY said that she didn't know that Simba is a character from a famous Disney animated film when she was asked about PSJ's dog which made me laugh hard. Also, I'm not sure if adopting dogs together is a thing in Korea but it is big here and is oftentimes the yardstick that a couple is serious. We take dog custody in a similar vein as child custody in case the couple breaks up or files for divorce. The cryptic messages on IG (e.g. "Hi", "Hello, there" and another pair of pics with the peace sign) which happened at around the same time are also interesting although we can't fully consider them as proof of course. Only time will tell what the true situation is between them.
  13. Because the more conscious and careful you are, the more "careless" and "clumsy" you become. Add the PMY factor to the equation and the chances of accidents like that occurring triples LOL. I think we've all experienced making mistakes particularly when we're curious about something on social media but trying our best to pretend that we're not (e.g. Justin Bieber's fiancée accidentally followed a Selena Gomez Fan account on IG a couple of months back). I've accidentally followed and liked things on social media myself and it's more embarrassing when you're using your real account as opposed to the secret/fake one. Her slip-ups show that PMY reads comments just like ordinary people and "snoops around" to see if there are PPC-related comments on social media.
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