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  1. Really? As far as I know, pmy' just said he was good actor with her previous co star or maybe he was suitable/perfect with his rolex. I didn't see iv pmy' said He ( her previous co star) was best actor pmy' has worked with ' exept psj. Maybe i need alot previous pmy's interview.
  2. Don't forget...she said " psj is the best actor she has worked with". It was the same answer when pmy' was asked about' how did she feel work with Lee min ho? She said Lee min ho is special for her.( We know, at the moments pmy' n Lee min hoo in relationship
  3. Lee Jung sook is very friendly person....i'm not surprise with his friends, even dispatch caught his photo with psh. That's ordinary for me...
  4. As a shipper of pmy n her previous co star....i have to admit that this ship (PPC) Will be my last ship. Psj Will be my last dock for pmy'..kekeke. idk, i have the strong feeling about them...
  5. Yes...i have the same feeling about it...u should remember, when dispatch tried to tease US...the video about departure time..psj went to London n pmy' went to Paris ....dispatch put their video side by side...even they had different departure time
  6. So, i think , I have to prepare my heart, because maybe Will be there ' bed scene' in her private life. I just Saw the cover of Webtoon. I'M between ' excited n jealous'. Psj should go to your neighbour every weekend to make your relationship be stronger. Kekeke
  7. I just can't wait pmy's drama n psj's movie...then their announcement wedding...kekeke. if pmy' doesn't cut her hair for her drama..I guess because she wanna be bride later. Pmy always professional in accting...so if she doesn't cut her hair...i smell something so fishy. (This is my delulu mind)
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