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  1. 6 hours ago, spartaceluv98 said:


    i think he want hug SJH but Haha cover on other side....

    so just side hug... but its give us sweet moment for it...

    i am very happy and cheers for that....




    3 minutes ago, ctfai118 said:

    Hi, i'm usually a silent reader, but afraid for not read this topic, i need to post something, so, i just need to say thank you for any update of SA, i really hope they will marry each other, but i'm ok if not, as long as they happy


    welcome dear shipper...

    let join us as family here....

    happy shipping....

    we waiting for your analysis to... hehe

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  2. 59 minutes ago, YeJin25 said:

    Feel sad about this news...Not about SA but close and like a family to them....


    my only advise now is dont let our KJK and SJH rush to get married though they are already a bit late to get married now...

      Reveal hidden contents
     Song Joong Ki files for divorce with Song Hye Kyo


    On June 27, actor Song Joong Ki's legal representative revealed in an official statement to the press, "On June 26, we filed a request for divorce on behalf of Song Joong Ki with Seoul's family court."


    In addition, Song Joong Ki relayed through his legal rep, "First, I want to deliver my apologies to many of you who love and cherish me, for such unfortunate news. I have decided to move forward in a divorce with Song Hye Kyo

    Rather than lengthening the process by considering each other's faults and deriding each other, I hope to complete the divorce amicably. I ask for your understanding in the fact that it is difficult to reveal the specific details of our personal lives, and I promise to overcome these damages and do my best as an actor in my production roles from now on." 


    Meanwhile, the Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo couple married back on October 31, 2017





    for my behalf ...
    i really hate this news....

  3. On 6/24/2019 at 5:50 AM, Regita M. P said:

    SA Moments RM Eps 457


    - Opening :

    1. LOL . Recently I saw SJH wearing short pants --> in RM this is the 2nd time & outside RM, when SJH atttend in KBEE at Thailand 2019.

    2. HH, YJS, & KJK talking about JSM are proves KJK & JSM nothing happened (maybe some sa shippers still doubt about this, you all know we all always believed what YJS said & we all know HH is SA shippers).

    3. KJK wearing a fancy clothes & another member noticed about it.

    --> IMO : did he look like SJH now who is wearing fancy also in this eps. LOL.

    4. SJH laugh so hard hearing KJK when KJK talk about KJK & Paul Pogba.


    - Bus :

    1. SJH & HH sitting side by side it's seems what KJK want like KJK drawing SJH also side by side with HH.

    2. SJH laugh so hard when hearing JSJ said KJK now crafty.


    - Games 1 :

    1. LOL . I love SA moments even it's just coincidential. Sitting : SJH, female guest, female guest, KJK.

    2. 00:21:44 - 00:21:47 ; SJH is mong. KJK laugh so hard. SJH have a red face.

    3. After that minutes in number 2, that KJK YSC scene. LOL. YSC have a wrong shoot, he shoot the water gun to KJK short pants (to his vital LOL) & make all of people laugh incl. SJH laugh so hard. SJH : Just wet all around it. Wet all around it.

    4. SJH amazed how KJK extinguish the candle from his mouth with a full water.

    --> IMO : yes, she always amazed what KJK did it from early eps & want to pair with a man as strong as KJK .

    5. When SJH & LKS turns the games & then lost. KJK : SJH should do it.

    IMO --> as we all know they know so well toward each other even in a small things like that.

    6. SJH lost the games again, KJK : SJH died while trying to live. SJH : Right. I died while trying to live.

    IMO --> LOL. Always copying each other & always hearing each other.

    7. It's funny when SJH realised every time she with LKS she will lost everything.

    --> IMO : Ofc SJH realised also, every time she with KJK, she will wins for everything.


    - Games 2 :

    1. PD : What do say to seduce someone ?

    KJK : Have my child.

    SJH laugh so hard hearing KJK's answer & KJK slighty looking at SJH directly in 00:45:27 - 00:45:28

    2. SJH & HH standing in the same time, so both of them lost. SA sitting side by side & seems HH let them it.

    3. PD : What do you want to choose as the family motto ?

    KJK who is have a lost in this round games answer to himself : Let's be happy.

    --> IMO : yes that's a truly KJK's answer from his heart I bet.

    4. 00:53:29 : SA mirroring each other.

    5. 00:53:41 : SA sitting side by side in this round in this games.

    6. 00:54:08 : SA mirroring each other.

    7. 00:55:02 - 00:55:03 : KJK & SJH sitting face to face (opposite).


    just add @Regita M. P
    in minute :22:36 SJH try shoot water to KJK pants.

    in minute 1:02:16
    after haha talk "those who are in love sholud go"
    look stand body posture SJH it seems nervous about its..
    LKS ,YSJ also seems like want cut it....

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  4. 3 hours ago, Regita M. P said:

    RM Eps 454


    - Opening :

    1. KJK seems surprised prostate eps was airing & SJh also like that (we all can look JSM seems talking about that eps / something like that related about it with SJH.

    --> IMO : not every eps they watched it.

    2. I like HH's style when he became Haroro / Pororo again.

    3. LOL when KJK said to Haha your restaurant (history repeated again like MUD a few eps ago).

    --> IMO : Haha try so hard to make KJK really confident to admit it the restaurant's owner are both. Yeah, now I know, even for business, KJK really shy & not want to admit it, KJK didn't want to declare, indeed ! KJK is really low profile & it's same situation about his love life, KJk didn't want to declare it, KJK just want people seeing it.


    - Drawing :

    1. KJK & HH seems watching Avenger's End Game together (based on KJK talking about HH's reaction for that movie).

    2. 00:07:00 - 00:07:01 : SJh look directly to KJK. KJK seems look at SJH for a while also.

    3. LOL when KJK laugh so hard looking YJS's picture. KJK really know so well about SJH. Indeed ! KJK auto remember SJH when he looking YJS's picture.

    4. 00:07:59 & 00:08:13 : SA mirroring each other & just both of them looking in their mobile phone.

    5. KJK draw SJH's figure for the first & it seems only SJH's figure who is smile.

    6. SJH & HH sidy by side drawing by KJK.

    --> IMO : that's a prove enough to saying this : KJK more comfortable look SJH side by side with HH.

    7. LOL when HH yawning when JSJ presentation .

    8. LOL when KJK forgot to drawing YSC .

    9. SJH's drawing & a presentation really simple & always simple but always make me touched . KJK seems understand SJH like that (simple woman with a simple treat but always touched & always remembered by SJH).

    10. 00:19:05 : SA mirroring each other when looking & pay attention when HH presentation (excluding SJH's hand).


    - Games 1 :

    1. 00:23:47 : SA mirroring each other.

    2 When KJK said to YJS : You know, I don't like unnatural things.

    --> IMO : this is proves KJK SJH didn't want to get a teasing, they just want to look like natural. It's the same situation with this game also.

    3. 00:25:09 : SA mirroring each other about both of them in back step. SJH sit while KJK stand.

    4. 00:25:12 SA mirroring each other. SJH stand & seems want to walk to in front line KJK also walk to in front line.

    5. When SJH turns the game, as always KJK suddenly more pay attention.

    6. 00:26:47 : SA mirroring each other.


    - Decide Team :

    1. When everybody want to KJk's partner, SJH also want it . LOL.

    2. It's been a long time not seeing CandyAlliance became 1 partner.

    3. It's so funny when KJK JSJ & SJH YJS. LOL I always thinking JSJ is SJH's father & YJS is KJK's father. LOL. And They end up together as a partner.


    # Ok I will continues my post later . I'm still busy :) 



    thank so much..

    I really waiting this....

    really great job....


    our episode SA still continue.... 

    please cheer even small moment...


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  5. 37 minutes ago, Ligercouple7681 said:

    Yes the problem is sbs blocks videos so it's been blocked. I can confirm she did say that and pd was surprised and asked again. It was in today's episode! 


    Here's visual stills as sbs blocked my video 

    hehehe... i liked this .....
    how SJH know KJK wears like that at home?
    you all can answer already.....

    my answer : because their spend a lot of time together at home.... 

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  6. welcome to our family @Adora Dark

    I waiting for your next analysis about SA..


    I totaly agree 1000% what @Regita M. P write... what we see on TV not same in real life...we totaly agree our SA very good chermisty.. but its no mean every episode their must do skinship its so weird....our SA still human same us... and one more thing our SA adult person their become 40++ aged.. so their relationship very matured include love.... 


    happy shipper all..

    dont always sad

    but always happy


    personaly I ship them with happines..

    I dont care about what happen in TV because its variety show not drama 

    but I always care in real life both of them.. I glad and enjoy all moment about them....


    p/s : we have a lot analyst in this forum about SA... you can read slowly and enjoy its...take positive and kick negative... because we are shipper we can select anything or trust anything or kick out anything because we still shipper....

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Regita M. P said:



    KJK I do it all the time.

    That's why I'm good at it.


    LOL . KJK admit it have a gf ?

    Since I'm sa shippers my mind directly to SJH.

    ok maybe did a shower together really jokes but KJK admit it by himself about I do it all the time make my imagination it's sooooo :P:lol: 


    indirectly kjk want to said i and my gf spent a lot of time in home (secret home) . LOL


    ok i 'll stop in here :P

    agree with @Regita M. P 1000% hihihi

    and we know for doing that(dry hair he girlfriend) they must be long years relationship...


    lot of time in secrect home => really agree with that....

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  8. Hong Jin Young gives clear answer on her relationship with Kim Jong Kook

    Hong Jin Young talked about her love line with Kim Jong Kook.

    On April 16, Hong Jin Young guested on SBS Power FM's 'Kim Young Chul's Power FM.' During the show, the DJ asked, "What's your relationship with Kim Jong Kook 

    Hong Jin Young and Kim Jong Kook had an on-screen romance on 'Running Man' and 'My Ugly Duckling.'

    Hong Jin Young replied, "That's a story of the past. We've already become just close sunbae-hoobae. He's not my type. I like someone who I can be comfortable with," and emphasized their love line is old news.  

    source ALLKPOP

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  9. 10 hours ago, Regita M. P said:

    RM Eps 447


    SA Moments as I mentioned above.

    I want to add another moments.


    1. Some of JSM part reminded us to SA moments

      Reveal hidden contents

    - Jenga : PJF with KJK as a special guest & RM Jenga eps when SJH sleep on the top of Jenga but when the others members try to wake up her, KJK the 1 & only man who isn't & just say let her sleep.

    - Take a picture : RM eps when KJK & SJH take a picture together with KJK's mobile phone & never ever revealed about that picture (KJK & SJH eat together at White Jajjang restaurant).


    2. Dance Scene :

    - reminded us to KG's dance

    - KJK & HH sync dance each other for a few second + reminded us to KG's dance when fan meet a few years ago between KJK, SJH, & HH

    - It's cute moments when just both of them (KJK & SJH) wearing a yellow jacket, the others members take off the jacket

    - Reminded us to RM dance team work eps, esp when Dancing Queen Dance eps & when KJK help SJH to jump about piano on the top eps


    3. Roller Skate Scene :

    - It's funny moments from the beginning until finished


    4. Point No. 3 & 4 reminded us how best they're as a RM family & team work

    i would like point number 2
    why KJK and SJH do not take off the jacket? i think that room very hot....especialy they try hard many time to dance .....
    and look at SJH and KJK their really sweat that time...
    maybe they want show something? or wearing clothes as couple sometimes?hahaha just my delulu...

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    just old moment... look style SJH begged JK..... 


    so far I think I really understand what KJK act... I know its love because for someone watching for firts episode in RM,variety show and some linked with SJH and KJK...I can complete surely KJK lot a love with SJH... I dont talk about moment but I talked about their act and behaviour....for KJK I know him surely because I am man huhuhu hiding feelling very important to us.. huhu


    lately we know in concert about KJK letter it very touch about woman in he love,he complete in love with someone...

    and I assured its SJH...in RM KJK role still tiger so no matter he act very  aggressive plus hide their feeling(remember what SJH talked in MUD) " their cannot have feeling each other time shooting RM"


    lastly so many clue or conflune about this couple outside or inside RM....for me I just enjoy all moment happy,lover,sadly and etc about them.. I trust because I believe with my hearts it love...

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Regita M P said:

    RM Eps 446


    Part I - Continued RM Eps 445


    Tug of War Games :

      Hide contents

    - When the other members said KJK's team too strong, they walk look alike KJK, they're too confident,

    KJK : We choose the modelling major.

    SJH : We had the modelling major. (as always, KJK SJH copying each other, LOL).

    - KJK SJH KJY team is win, as usual.

    - LKS scene when he want to reached the bell to announce their team is win it's funny moment, unlucky members (still, LOL).



    After Tug of War Games :

      Hide contents

    - PD : Secret couple failed doing the mission at this time, so I'll inform you a hints about them.

    KJK : Why did you failed ? (talking & looking directly to SJH, while touching SJH's hand. KJK really playfully / teasing / suspect SJH. KJK's face is laugh).

    SJH : I told u, it's not me.

    U'll know once u get the hint.

    (KJK suspect SJH & her secret couple must failed of tug of war games but had no choice, so their mission is failed).

    - PD : The hint about guy secret couple is uses his real name in entertainment industry. (automaticly HH isn't).

    - KJK : Everyone, Shouldn't I get the hint ?

    SJH : I agree with u.

    I'm really not a couple.

    KJK : Just to be safe, I'll take a look. I can share with u. There's no need for you to get it.

    SJH : You'll really share it with me ? (looking directly to KJK).

    KJK : Ofc.

    - 12:28 : KJK slighty hold SJH's hand when KJK talking.

    - 12:38 : SJH touch KJK's hand when SJH talking.

    - The hints : guys is taller than 175 cm. (automaticly YSC isn't).


    Final Games :

      Hide contents

    - KJK SJH sitting side by side.

    - The another hints : the female of the secret couple is in her 30s. (automaticly Bona isn't).

    - The another hints : the male secret couple is actor. (LKS & KJY are suspect by the hints).

    - KJY the male secret couple.

    - SJH find the another hints : the relationship virgin is a male in his 40s excl. JSJ LKS, YSC, KJY. (YJS & KJK are suspect by the hints).

    - Library scene :

    KJK : I'll be susceptible to attacks if I'm in remote places.

    Let me see / Wait,. There's someone over there.


    SJH : Waaaa (peek a boo to KJK).

    KJK : (surprised & then laugh + biting his lip) Wait. You're strange. I should be here. It's dangerous.

    SJH : I was joking around. (While KJK SJH walking separate).

    KJK : No. Aren't you dying to eliminate me since I've been accusing you?

    *KJK open the doors in the library & then suddenly look around, KJK found SJH*

    KJK : (Smile & then laugh) Loot at her face. How strange. Walk past me. Go. Pass. Whom did you call?

    - KJY found KJK, KJY eliminated KJK. (KJK isn't involved).

    - YJS is single members / Solo / Relationship virgin.

    - The another hints : the male secret couple debuted as a model.

    - LKS suspected by members, LKS eliminated & he isn't involved.

    - 40:34 : SJH hold a mobile phone & keep checking it.

    - The another hints : the female secret couple is regular member.

    - KJY is eliminated by YJS.

    - SJH suspected by members, SJH eliminated & she isn't involved.


    Part II


    Opening :

      Reveal hidden contents

    - KJK SJH standing side by side.

    - YJS : Why don't you two get ready ? (pointer KJK SJH).

    KJK : Get ready for what ? (KJK push YJS with laugh shyly)

    YJS : Get ready for the dating race.

    KJK : Get ready for what ?

    Well, she's ready.

    KJK : Stop it.

    ?? : She wants to do it.

    YSC : She's drawing her hair back.

    YJS : Ji hyo, get ready.

    KJK : Stop it.

    YJS : Get ready for your love race.

    HH : He's going to LA.


    thanks @Regita M P for great job...


    I waiting this before watch rm with subs... 

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  12. 5 minutes ago, linzer03 said:

    Does anyone else find it interesting that no one tried to accuse KJk and SJH of being the secret couple in the beginning? They're the new love line, so it seems like an obvious choice to tease them, but instead YJS goes for LKS who's in apublic relationship. (Because spartace is the actual relationship).


    Even when KJK and SJH are paired due to the spoon game, no one tries to accuse them of being the secret couple. 


    I just found it interesting.

    agree with @linzer03.....


    just my opinion
    honestly i think they are secrect couple in this episode..... maybe KJK and SJH try to fight each other to prevent 
    all member suspect about them...

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  13. 3 minutes ago, CI0 said:

    @spartaceluv98 I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't go to be honest. Most of the time when celebrities/idols go to a concert or events to show support they do it secretly as they don't not take any attention away from the the idol(s). I believe Yoo Jae Suk and Kwang Soo (maybe somin?) appearance in the crowd had been already planned to be that way. Which is why they were hyping up the crowd at times.


    Let's not forget Jihyo drove all the way to Daegu just to be a part of JK's concert before. They always support each other, even if we don't see it at times.


    dont wory about SJH not attend KJK concert...
    we already know how supportive SJH toward KJK....
    maybe she busy with scheulde....
    and she do not prove anything because 

    their build love in their own world...

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