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  1. I am so grateful that we will get the DVD. I have a feeling it has to do with ratings, and if it does its total BS. IMO Every show aired should have their own director's cut DVD. Its a shame I am not a robot did not get a director's cut DVD. It was a big international hit even though it wasn't as well received domestically. On a different topic, has anyone seen the english translation of Moo Youngs letter that SIG read during his fan event?
  2. No problem. I am still confused about this too. I am curious to know the answer to this question too. Does anyone know when the beauty inside director's blu ray dvd available for purchase and if other shows had to pre-order the DVD's as well with a minimum of 1000 purchases. I would imagine the TSHLYE cast would have to do the cast interview/commentaries soon because the director will be shooting the new drama with PBY. In addition to these features I just really want to see more deleted mookang scenes and more unaired footage that will be included, especially the last episode.
  3. I just wanted to give an update for those who pre-ordered the director's cut of TSHLYE DVD I contacted Yes24 to see when they expect the DVD will be shipped out. They just informed me it usually takes a year to produce so it will come out November 2019!
  4. Aww that last picture is so cute! And its nice to know TSHLYE cast and crew have met up after the series wrapped up. It seems like they had so much fun. Okay for those who purchased TSHLYE DVD I contacted Yes24 a few days ago to see when they expect the DVD will be shipped out. They just informed me it usually takes a year to produce so it will come out November 2019! Honestly I am so stunned. I wish I had found out sooner. I would have still purchased it but I didn't think it would take an entire year to produce, especially for the amount of money we paid for it. Anyways I know its a little early but wishing you all a wonderful and safe New Year. I hope 2019 is a year filled with a lot of love, light and joy. Its been wonderful chatting with TSHLYE and Mookang fans on the soompi forums and I look forward to news/discussions we will continue to have in 2019, especially around November/December 2019 when the DVD comes out
  5. I'm not sure if this is applicable for only those who purchased the DVD but anyone who understands and is able to write in Korean please go to and register at the cafe daum website and post questions for the actors, director and writer about TSHLYE. Hopefully they will address your questions on the Bluray Cafedaum website
  6. Hey guys, dramabeans has their annual 2018 favorites list 100 million stars and Mookang are nominated in a few categories. Go vote! 2018 beanie awards. Vote now Also, as Teachermok mentioned there is a post on dramabeans about Jung so min. If you haven't already send some love her way after voting
  7. I initially had issues purchasing it so If anyone is having issues or has any questions about purchasing it send me a message and I will be happy to assist you
  8. Hey guys, Last chance to pre-order the BluRay Directors cut of TSHLYE. You have less than 48 hours to purchase it. Deadline is Sunday 16th December. Below is the link. Hopefully we can reach 1000 orders so we can see deleted scenes and everything else related to Mookang. Link to Directors cut BluRay DVD
  9. Hey guys, Last chance to pre-order the BluRay Directors cut of TSHLYE. You have less than 48 hours to purchase it. Deadline is Sunday 16th December. Below is the link. Link to Directors cut BluRay DVD
  10. They didn't post anything that we haven't seen before. The video showing them singing in the studio that is shown on this page is below The other video doesn't feature either SIG or JSM and the 3rd video is the promo for episode 14.
  11. Dramacurrent weekly discussion is TSHLYE! Below is the link. Dramacurrent weekly discussion: The smile has left your eyes Questions to post answers to in the comments section include: How did you like “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes? What do you think attracted Jin Kang and Moo Young to each other? Which scene(s) stood out as your favorite(s)? Why do you think Yoo Jin Kook hated Moo Young so much? Was Moo Young a monster? Why or why not? What did you think of how “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes ended In addition to posting your answers there you can post it here too because there are so any good questions and so much we still have to discuss. Enjoy
  12. I can't!!! SIG is so freakin adorakable!!! Just when I think I couldn't love him anymore That's so considerate of his fans. Anyways after the event I hope they will post more vids and translate them. I am dying to know what else he said about TSHLYE.
  13. I miss everything about Mookang. They were so precious, beautiful, complicated and one of a kind. I enjoyed and appreciated all of their scenes, including the most painful, angsty and tragic ones. I rewatched some of the episodes and some of my favorite scenes are the ones which involve Jin Kang forcing Moo Young to do something that is so out of his comfort zone (episode 11, shopping scene involving the stuffed kitty toy and buying more stuff and the brief but so adorable and hilarious pre-rollercoaster bunny ears scenes). *sighs* Really need SIG and JSM to do a rom-com one day. I am so happy that Park Bo Young is reuniting with the director and PD team. Wishful thinking but here's to hoping for a brief JSM and SIG cameo in his new Kdrama.
  14. I was finally able to purchase the pre-order DC Blu Ray The smile has left your eyes The site (global.yes24.com) is not the most user-friendly site but it is safe. I had issues with the addresses so when putting your address details in manually fill in both lines. For those who have a suite # or apt # it will work fine but for those who only need to use 1 line for the address just repeat the same address you provided in line 1 in line 2. Even though its duplicate the postal service will understand. That's the only way you can proceed with to billing. I know its on the pricier end ($228 + shipping) but its will be worth it for those who loved the show. Because Christmas is around the corner think of it as an early gift to yourself or if a family or friend is willing to get it for you give them the details. Please click on the link I provided below as the title of the smile has left your eyes does not appear on their search page THE SMILE HAS LEFT YOUR EYES DIRCTORS CUT BLURAY LINK There are two lines for the address and if no one has a suite number or apt number just type in the same address in line 1 and 2. DEADLINE: MIN 1000 PRE-ORDERS BEFORE 16TH DECEMBER 18
  15. Thanks for the link to the article. I'm surprised. I thought this would be a short-term gig but it seems like this might be something she will do for a long time. I had no idea this was a dream of hers but I am happy she is able to achieve one of her dreams. Its times like this I really wish I could understand Korean. She has one of those voices that is captivating and has a soothing healing quality. One of the things I loved about Because this is our first life is Ji-Ho's voice-overs and I didn't realize how much I missed it until TSHLYE in which Jin Kan described a warm home to Moo Young in episode 14. I wonder what this will mean for her future roles as an actor in Kdramas. I know she might be doing a movie with JunHo but the shooting schedule for a movie in Korea seems shorter than a tv drama. I don't have an instagram IG account so I can't access pictures but cutefairy2017 posted new pictures of her from DJSsomin Youngstreet on 4/12/18.
  16. PWS final scene was so gut wrenching and to do multiple takes would have been so emotionally exhausting. For all of them it was probably one of the most difficult days of shooting. It was difficult for us to say goodbye to characters so I can't imagine how hard it would be for the actors to say goodbye to their characters so abruptly with no additional scene for closures.
  17. Thank you so much for translating hoyund. JSM looks so cute. Does anyone know how long she will be hosting? I thought it would just for a few shows. LOL Loving the bromance between Soo-Hyun and SIG. It sounds like all of them are close irl. If so I hope all of them stay close friends for a very long time. As for Seo Eun-Soo she is one lucky girl. First she acts opposite to SIG and now she is working opposite to Cha Eun-Woo.
  18. This is everything!! You described it perfectly. I understand people's reactions to the ending. Its tragic but to say its ruined makes no sense to me. I wish they could think of what you said because it would give them a better understanding of this drama. Yes, the acting and chemistry between the leads was way better than original. I also think the way the characters were much better written than 100 million. While the characters and relationships in both shows had a lot of depth, layers, and complexity I was more emotionally connected and invested with the characters of TSHLYE.
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