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  1. @TaeunLUV hi dear i've sent you a private message Whining naeun is so cute i wonder if she's also like this if she misses Taeminiee hahaha
  2. Idk what really happened? Why all of a sudden she gets bashed? Can they just leave her alone?! https://twitter.com/soompi/status/1141949386387144704?s=19
  3. This is the translation of Heaven: Taemin also wrote this song ____________________________ I'll show you Hea-Hea-Heaven l'll make you feel Hea-Hea-Heaven No matter what try your best to smile, No matter what won't you cry What I care about is what makes us stand Talk to me and share your pain, I'm not a person without emotions l'll try to understand and feel you l'll take you along Hea-Hea-Heaven I'll make you feel Hea-Hea-Heaven Baby Woo Baby Woo You can share your worries with me Hea- Hea- Heaven In a world like hell without a way out When you're turning transparently and clear, I will wrap you up, my important one Will you give me your small hand to save you? l'll take you along Hea-Hea-Heaven l'll make you feel Hea-Hea-Heaven Baby Woo Baby Woo You can show me your worries Hea- Hea- Heaven
  4. Im getting delulu by this omg taemin hahaha the way you think then smile is something i know nangni already seen it hahaha
  5. [Naeun’s Instagram] From a novel by Lee Do Woo: “Why does that Hyung hate Eunsub?” After a moment of hesitation Jang Woo let out a low sigh. “Well, there’s always that type of person. He’s basically saying you have to return the favor of our family letting you live with us. I heard he bothered him ever since the first day they met when they were young.” Will never-ending hostility eventually lead to a twist? This is how people who have trouble being happy easily confront themselves. Tenaciously hating on, envying, and resenting someone who is near.. Hyewon was afraid that she may be changing into someone like that. Attempting to get rid of these thoughts, she bitterly said, “Eunsub never talks to me about deep things. He must not really want to.” Then a while ago i remember the new self written song of Taemin "HEAVEN" this is his answer Naeunie from your Forever Husband
  6. Hmm.. I wanna know why too how did she know it was Dispatch? I ship Dispatch and Naeun they seems so close hahaha
  7. Taemin and Eunji will attend Korea Times Music Festival in LA on April 27 Lee Seobang and Taem's sister in law fighting!! How i wish there would be Apink too because you know haha
  8. Filipino Taemint!! It's still a rumor guys but watdpakdhskslslgdjs i stalked one Filipino shawol account in twitter whom i followed, they went to Taemin's concert and they are confident that Taem's will go to the Philippines in August and they are teasing each other of what if Taem will go to the newly Shinee's theme cafe in Cavite, and yes those group of friends and one of them is the owner of the cafe and yes again they went to taemin's concert
  9. This is just random but yeah.. i'm thinking if naeun would give an update yesterday on ig after a week, because you know it's her man's first concert on that day and she did. Out of no where she also changed her ig profile pic guess what it's the picture on her bday fanmeet wearing yellow yas girl
  10. This boy look at his phone poor iphone X haha i know taemin ah you can't replace this i know.. the product of magic hand and righty hand maybe? Hahaha
  11. I choked on the comment when the one says that taeun didn't have an interaction so why are we shipping them? Lol what is WGM then? obviously they don't know anything haha
  12. guys just chill it for a while i have some good news don't waste our energy to them haha anyway.. This is a good news i think omgg can you guys see what i see?? Haha Omg taemins rosary rings are back and.. and for the first time he didn't hide the cross!! and guysss it looks likes naeun gold rosary ring but taem is in silver i need a clearer photo of this omg haha is this a sign?? Hahaha
  13. She looks like preggy hereee hahaha now i know what she will look like carrying a baby but deym still gorgeous kyaaa hahaha >°<
  14. @chantaljaey naeun be like: "aegi.. you'll GET what you WANT when i come home.." Waaah Ok i'll stop it now too much fanfic hahaha
  15. " I am showing my feelings better these days, ALSO to my fans. " awww are you thinking what im thinking? uwuwu haahaha the feels lel
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