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  1. Hi welcome to the thread These are my highly recommended taeun fanfic for you enjoy reading! pandasbox stories are the best taeun fan fiction https://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view_author_stories/1897965/L Sunshine - my current favorite you will know why haha Tiny Treasures - Taeun as a parents the family are so cuutee Secrets - if you want a lot of bed scenes this is a loooot hahaha (the story is revolving in their present situation) Amor Vincent Omnia - ok this will give you a lot of heartache but do read till the end TT https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1393016/selene-6-23 Selene 6.23 - this is written by another author and it was soo good also
  2. Eunji shii the laugh at the end says alot i know she tried to avoid the topic you don't remember really hahaha
  3. He deleted the account maybe he's shook by the tons of request Lee Taemin you can't hide everything hahaha
  4. @TaeunLUV hi dear i've sent you a private message Whining naeun is so cute i wonder if she's also like this if she misses Taeminiee hahaha
  5. Idk what really happened? Why all of a sudden she gets bashed? Can they just leave her alone?! https://twitter.com/soompi/status/1141949386387144704?s=19
  6. This is the translation of Heaven: Taemin also wrote this song ____________________________ I'll show you Hea-Hea-Heaven l'll make you feel Hea-Hea-Heaven No matter what try your best to smile, No matter what won't you cry What I care about is what makes us stand Talk to me and share your pain, I'm not a person without emotions l'll try to understand and feel you l'll take you along Hea-Hea-Heaven I'll make you feel Hea-Hea-Heaven Baby Woo Baby Woo You can share your worries with me Hea- Hea- Heaven In a world like hell without a way out When you're turning transparently and clear, I will wrap you up, my important one Will you give me your small hand to save you? l'll take you along Hea-Hea-Heaven l'll make you feel Hea-Hea-Heaven Baby Woo Baby Woo You can show me your worries Hea- Hea- Heaven
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