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  1. Yes yes I know this thread is finally resting for good but I just need to write down my thoughts. The scene where JH 'proposes' to DS only to retract the proposal later. He should have noticed DS keeps checking on her beeper and staring at the entrance door but he confesses anyway when DR says "It's my wish to see you confess before I die." He doesn't mean to DS, of course, but it prodes JH to confess anyway even when he knows the 'moment' has long passed and he will never get a 'reply'. JH never says his proposal is a joke, after his confession he just turns his head to DR and says he confesses to fulfill DR's 'dying' wish. But DR and SW assume he is joking and he goes along with their assumption. When he notices DS once again checking on the entrance, he knows this time it (whatever 'it' means) really ends. Which bring us back to DS narration in ep (?). "A line indicates a limit saying: ‘That’s as far as you get.’ Protecting a line is remaining in that comfortable space you have used to and maintain those rules, that world, those relationships. Not crossing the line also means that you will never see a new world with new rules & relationships. If you dream of a new relationship, if you dream of love – you have to cross that line." Then she continues on, “Of course there are some lines that should never be crossed.” There's no point for JH to cross that line now, it will only severe their friendship. That 'fiancee ring' is a symbol for his 'first love'. It is left there to symbolize JH has moved on and left his first love without a second glance. Thus the only title in which JH's narrating is "Farewell, first love." His next love will have a different ring, not the ring which he associates with his failed first love. And I think we don't see JH looks as happy and at peace with himself as he does in the last 2.5 episodes.
  2. I'm coming super late to the kdrama land. I've watched several kdramas and mostly enjoyed them but never to a point where I actually browse the internet to find out more. Reply 1988 is the first to make me realize that kdrama can also offer some depths. Anyway, I have to chirp in for this. I think Taek has a more layered feelings in regard to this love-triangle. His first instinct when he realizes JH likes DS is to immediately ask her for a date. But the more he thinks of it and even more so after he sees the photograph, he realizes he can't go to DS if it means hurting JH. JH, on the other hand, immediately lets go of DS when TK says he likes her. At this point, although TK is stronger candidate, nobody 'wins'. The writer and director repeatedly purposely shows the subtle difference between TK's and JH's feelings toward DS. After JH decides to stop pursuing DS, she pretended her foot hurt but JH was reluctant to even support her walking although DS repeatedly asked him to. Despite already decides to stop going after DS, when she can't walk, TK carries her, princess-style, after DS declines his offer to carry her on his back. The peak is in ep 18, when it is TK -- who doesn't even know how to get to the concert venue, gets lost easily, can't even park his car -- who arrives first. JH is left again, brooding until he finds out that TK forfeits his game because he can't stand the thought of DS going to the concert alone. This brings back to Bora's narration: "To love is not just wanting to give but a desperate desire to give." Then JH remarks: "The punk is more desperate and I should have been more courageous." Game over. JH is clearly defeated. Also it's been established that JH's love for DS is that type of high school love, a first love that hasn't matured yet and focused solely on himself. Remember when he learns SW 'rejects' DS? DS is heartbroken and ashamed but JH laughs, even gives SW sympathetic pat when DS is clearly still mad at SW. Years later, after TK reads DS' diary entry and finds out how SW breaks her heart, TK hits SW hard on the back. JH's love for TK, though, is a more mature one. Bora narrations: "Loving someone means you can't hate them." Compare JH reactions when he thinks SW likes DS to when he knows TK likes DS.
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