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  1. HI @Changsky, thanks for the recommendation, although I have been their fans since it was aired last year but undecisive to join shipping "company" like this hahaha..yup, an Indonesian who are currently residing in NZ...thank you for the wish for my PhD, I do really need lotssss of that...:)...Let's make this ship stronger in speed...
  2. i knew it is a bit late, but where I can buy the DVD? I live in New Zealand now...kindly need your recommendation...thanks
  3. so hopefully it means she is enjoying the once a month meeting with Uri Ji Wook when he has his off days, and take it slowly...wow if it is true, it is more than 1 year,,,our couple is a strong one with LDR....
  4. wow...I dont expect his mom would that humble, but even Wookie took a cab too well adjusted with his current role as an ordinary military soldier. Yes, HDH several times she even a bit reserved in kissing scene...nothing wrong in hoping and praying, this is fun indeed...for me just like preparing myself to support my kids dating in the next 17 years ...hehehhe I guess I will not be a conservative mom at all....hwaiting...let's go sailing....
  5. this was a rehearsal right?? ohhhh Wookie you did enjoy the comfortable skinship with Ji Hyunah..Ji Hyun's personality is really outstanding, she is humble and considerate towards others, including the crews....and the one I like is she is back to a normal college student when the drama is over, swithcing immediately like no worries all normal...no star syndrome at all... that is why probably why JCW feels comfortable with her...probably mirroring his mom, a modest and gentle individual..
  6. I know that to be able moving this ship to our dreamed island requires perseverance and faith, but from my humble opinion let's make it as a fun and encouraging journey while we are sailing as I am sure the legendary shippers of this ship had this in their mind. No matter how many ships are trying to pair uri couple JiJi with other leads, we can politely answer by posting their undeniable chemistry, rather than being trapped into hatred speech and argumentation. Honestly, I as a new comer I followed several JiJi accounts cos I do really want to have my daily instagram threads to be filled with JiJi romantic and soft moments, but sadly when I see the captions, some shippers tend to get trapped into hatred and vicious circle of badmouthing with the JiJi's opponents. Probably, we can encourage each others to be stronger in faith that uri couple is trying to fulfilling their journey with hardwork and will be able to meet again in a more comfortable and promising future...only until JCWssi will finish his military service, we should hang on to this ship with smile and happiness ( geez this sounds like preaching, mianhae...). As an adult shippers (hehehe I am 38 yo mother with 2 children and still a PhD student in a farawayyy land in NZ), I do also understand that sometimes maturity requires experience and I do hope we can support those who are in the verge of bursting to calm down and keep our ship pace...cos the time is near, Chingu..be holddddd....(damn I can write this long, why can't I write at least half if this to begin my chapter....blame me...blame me...건강하세요all
  7. Ahhh so JCW has denied all the dating rumors with previous female leads, I am not following other ships so I dont know hahahha (I guess I dont care too if there is any as this ship is on the right direction).For Hyunie, JCW has confirmed in various way, from joking to hidden hints on public (both in interviews and even his last concert), this is I am holding on...until there is their agency's confirmation that this couple indeed in a relationship ...or when Hyunie and Chang Wook confirm that they are only friends, that is when I have to go banck to my hiatus, working in the dark room in the library contemplating whyyyyyy I have to be distracted from my thesis...:P
  8. I am new to this ship, but ain't a fake believer ...something in their eyes, gestures and moves throughout the drama (both reel and real) are romantically suspicious...ahhhh I am procrastinating now, as I am in the middle of my PhD thesis and I am stuck with this couple....Won Deuk or Chang Wook, Hyunie?? both are in the military now, how come even the new drama put such a line....ahhhhh I am so distracted now...
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